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Nanotec Electronic specializes in precise, high-performance drive solutions. We offer a broad range of integrated motors, brushless DC motors and stepper motors, as well as motor controllers and linear actuators that are primarily used in automation systems, automatic laboratory equipment and medical devices. As an R&D driven company, we strive to create drive solutions that closely meet the needs and requirements of our customers – from standard solutions to customer-specific designs. In addition to our sales office in the US, Nanotec employs a nationwide network of sales partners who will provide expert technical support to your company.


Motors and Drives April 9, 2018

NP5 Motor Controller

Nanotec introduced a new controller specifically for integration into devices: the NP5 plug-in motor controller, which is suitable for brushless DC motors as well as for stepper motors. A PCI Express connector allows for fast and easy integration into a customer-specific board – thus offering a compact and affordable solution that reduces the wiring effort, particularly for multi-axis applications.

Nanotec Electronic
Process Instrumentation and Sensors March 27, 2023

linear actuator LSA14 (NEMA 6)

With the LSA14, Nanotec introduces its first linear actuator with 14mm flange (NEMA 6). As one of the smallest linear actuators with stepper motor on the market, this compact unit is ideal for applications with space restrictions, such as medical or analytical instruments, or lab automation and optical applications.   This external actuator has a resolution of up to 5 µm per step and allows precise positioning. In combination with an anti-backlash nut, the LSA14 provides high accuracy without backlash.

Nanotec Electronic
Control Systems March 12, 2023

CPB Series Plug-In Controllers

The small plug-in motor controllers of the CPB series from Nanotec are easy to integrate into existing applications and customer boards. Available in three sizes with rated power of 150, 300, and 750 watts, they have the same features and identical pin assignments on the logic connector. As a result, several performance classes of a customized carrier board or multi-axis board can be realized. In combination with extended features such as the acceleration feed-forward and jerk-limited ramps, the field-oriented torque, speed and position control provides optimum dynamic performance and thus cycle time.

Nanotec Electronic
Motors and Drives November 28, 2022

PD6 motor, controller and encoder

The intelligent compact drives from Nanotec combine motor, controller and encoder in a space-saving package. With its 80 mm flange and a rated power of 942 W, the new PD6-EB is the most powerful BLDC motor of this product family. The stepper motor PD6-E has a max.

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