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Process Safety April 22, 2016

Physical security meets OT

In operational technology (OT) cyber security situations, the purpose is to protect the process and keep it running in high-value applications such as factories, pipelines and jets rather than protecting data.

By Nate Kube
Process Safety March 24, 2016

The need for critical infrastructure specialists

Specialized experts for specific critical infrastructure projects are becoming more and more common as projects become more complex and more demanding.

By Nate Kube
Process Safety December 22, 2015

Making control system standards work

Understanding a company’s operational technology (OT) security posture and the developments from IEC 62443-2-4 have added security program requirements and benefits for industrial automation and control systems (IACS) security and are key in protecting a company’s infrastructure.

By Nate Kube
Process Safety June 24, 2015

Time for OT, IT to align priorities

One of the most difficult aspects of cyber security lifecycle for ICS engineers is the maintain phase. Here are some tips to establish a good baseline before getting to the maintain level.

By Nate Kube
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