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Nigel Smith is managing director at TM Robotics, a Toshiba Machine partner.


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Robotics March 7, 2022

Robots look to be more creative, flexible

Some of the main trends for robotics in 2022 include a greater emphasis on flexibility as well as developments in artificial intelligence (AI).

By Nigel Smith
Courtesy: TM Robotics
Robotics September 30, 2021

Three reasons to robotize soldering operations

The soldering process has remained the same since 1896 when the patent was granted for an “electric heating apparatus” automation could change all that.

By Nigel Smith
Programming June 14, 2021

Keeping robot programming simple

As companies look to diversify to help improve sustainability, robot programming that is simple enough to be refigured to any kind of manufacturing environment is critical.

By Nigel Smith
Robotics January 13, 2021

What OEMs look for in a robot supplier

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need to consider their plant floor, the type of robot and more when choosing a robot supplier.

By Nigel Smith
Robotics February 20, 2020

Human impact: Role of workers with robotics

A manufacturer that saves money on labor by using automation can increase investments and demand and create more opportunity for employment. Factory floor workers can manage tasks that require skills that automation cannot replicate, leading to further innovation.

By Nigel Smith
Robotics August 4, 2019

Collaborative robot safety misconceptions

A survey from the Global Robotics Report 2019 highlights a general lack of knowledge about collaborative robot safety requirements, which can be dangerous for workers on the plant floor.

By Nigel Smith
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