Norm O'Leary, executive director, CSIA


Project Management December 15, 2002

Raising the Bar for Control System Integrators

Control System Integration, as a dedicated professional field, was conceived and born back in the 1970s. During its teenage era in the 1980s, there was an identifiable group of companies specializing in providing integration of control systems. With adulthood in the 1990s, it grew in numbers and became firmly established and accepted as a recognized industry market segment.

By Norm O'Leary, executive director, CSIA
Project Management December 15, 2001

The Control System Integrator Quest

Where can the control engineer find a really good, competent Control System Integrator? That is a great question, and the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) believes it has an answer. Even though most control engineers know what control system integrators (CSI) do and that their participation in a project can add tangible value, clarification of a CSI's function might be approp...

By Norm O'Leary, executive director, CSIA
Project Management December 15, 2000

Take Chance, Guesswork out of Selecting a Control System Integrator

Benchmarking and registration programs aim to maximize investments and minimize hassle. One axiom that seems to apply to the control system integrators' (CSI) industry is, "Find a really good integrator and you'll also find a very good businessperson." Conversely, those integrators with weak business skills usually end up providing marginal systems to dissatisfied clients.

By Norm O'Leary, executive director, CSIA
HMI, OI December 15, 1999

How to Find the Right Control System Integrator

Let's assume you're familiar with the many benefits a control system integrator (CSI) could contribute to your next automation project. You may need a CSI to supplement your in-house engineering resources, or for their extensive hardware, software, or application expertise. Perhaps you want to contract a guaranteed turnkey installation.

By Norm O'Leary, executive director, CSIA
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