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Courtesy: Jaimee Janiga, Andrew Sproles, Satoshi Okamoto/ORNL, U.S. Dept. of Energy
Industrial PCs October 23, 2021

Correlated electrons ‘tango’ in a perovskite oxide at the extreme quantum limit

A rare quantum material has been found by the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which could help accelerate quantum computing research and development.

By Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Discrete Manufacturing July 27, 2021

Structural alloys strengthened with precipitates

Researchers have found a way to simultaneously increase the strength and ductility of an alloy by introducing tiny precipitates into its matrix, which can open avenues for advancing structural materials for manufacturing.

By Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Energy, Power June 30, 2020

Spectrometry research advances could lead to safer rechargeable batteries

Researchers have found a way to advance safer rechargeable batteries with spectrometry. Their findings could improve batteries used for consumer electronics such as laptops and cellphones.

By Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Energy Efficiency June 27, 2020

Nanomaterial process may aid energy, information technology development

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers used a nanomaterial process to develop Janus structures, which may be useful in developing energy and information technologies.

By Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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