Oliver Wang

Oliver Wang is the product marketing manager for edge connectivity at Moxa.


End-to-end connectivity enables visibility of the production process, giving accessibility to traditionally black-boxed legacy machines and devices.
IIoT, Industrie 4.0 February 9, 2022

Connectivity enables smart production lines

Before reaping the benefits of IIoT, operators need to gain visibility of the production floor

By Oliver Wang
Wireless August 19, 2014

Technology and services inside High Roller Observation Wheel communications

Technology and services update on engineering the communications for the project includes more diagrams, more application and project details, and a list of Moxa communication equipment used, from the engineering experts involved. See related application update article.

By Oliver Wang
Wireless August 19, 2014

World’s tallest observation wheel: industrial communications

Case study: The world’s tallest observation wheel, the 55-story High Roller in Las Vegas, leverages industrial wireless and self-healing fiber-optic networking equipment for position tracking and control. No ordinary Ferris wheel, High Roller is part of a $550 million complex and can carry 40 people per cabin in the 30 minute ride, more than 2200 passengers per hour. Engineering design experts involved included leaders from theme park, bridge-building, gondola, and civil engineering industries. See related technology and services update article with diagrams.

By Oliver Wang
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