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Opto 22 designs and manufactures industrial control products and Internet of Things platforms that bridge the gap between information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT). Based on a core design philosophy of leveraging open, standards-based technology, Opto 22 products are deployed worldwide in industrial automation, process control, building automation, industrial refrigeration, remote monitoring, and data acquisition applications. Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., Opto 22 products have a worldwide reputation for ease-of-use, innovation, quality, and reliability. For over 40 years OEMs, machine builders, automation end-users, and information technology and operations personnel have and continue to trust Opto 22 to deliver high-quality products with superior reliability. The company was founded in 1974 and is privately held in Temecula, California, U.S.A. Opto 22 products are available through a global network of distributors and system integrators. For more information, contact Opto 22 headquarters at +1-951-695-3000 or visit www.opto22.com.


I/O Systems, I/O Modules April 1, 2020

GRV-R7-MM1001-10 by Opto 22

The GRV-R7-MM1001-10 is an intelligent, Ethernet-based input/output unit designed to combine multi-signal, multifunction sensing with PoE-powered edge data processing for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connection to real-world signals.

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Manufacturing IT, MES January 1, 2020

groov EPIC by Opto 22

Opto 22 has release version 1.5.0 of its firmware for the groov EPIC platform.

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Sponsored April 30, 2019

Meet the Future: Edge Programmable Industrial Controllers

This white paper explains a programmable industrial controller designed to reduce project costs.

By Opto 22
PLCs, PACs April 1, 2019

groov EPIC Learning Center by Opto 22

Opto 22’s groov EPIC Learning Center is a hardware and software benchtop system for learning and development.

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I/O Systems, I/O Modules November 6, 2018

Four-port serial communication module

Opto 22's groov serial I/O module, the GRV-CSERI-4, is designed to plug into a groov EPIC chassis alongside the groov Edge Programmable Industrial Controller (EPIC) and discrete and analog I/O modules.

By Opto 22
Industrial Networking March 9, 2017

Companies announce strategic partnership for the IoT

Opto 22 and IBM have agreed to a partnership to bridge the gap between existing industrial assets and infrastructure, and the digital world of mobile, cloud, and information technology.

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Mobility March 19, 2016

Mobile interface system updated with graphics capabilities, OEM customization

Opto 22's groov 3.1 is designed to help engineers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) build custom mobile smartphone and tablet interfaces for their automation systems and IoT applications.

By Opto 22
Wireless February 1, 2016

IO breakout boards for simplified wiring

Opto 22's SNAP-UDC-HDB-G4 breakout board provides 32-point SNAP digital I/O modules with fused outputs and isolated inputs and the compact SNAP-UDC-HDB board saves panel space and simplifies field wiring.

By Opto 22
Mobility September 18, 2015

Mobile operator interface for control systems, automation

Opto 22's groov action plan authorizes automation end-users and machine OEMs to monitor and control systems and equipment from smartphones and tablets in industrial automation, control, and remote monitoring.

By Opto 22
Wireless April 2, 2015

Mobile app platform updates include email notification, simulated tag database, low-cost enhancements

Opto 22's groov 3.0 is an update to the platform with added features like email event notifications, enhancements to the interface development environment, and options to select the platform most suitable for the user.

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