Discrete Manufacturing January 2, 2017

Multi-axis calibrator for measuring linear axes

The Renishaw XM-60 multi-axis calibrator is designed to measure machine errors directly, reducing the inaccuracies that may result from complex mathematics used in some alternative measurement techniques.

By Renishaw
Process Instrumentation and Sensors July 22, 2016

Measurement probe for coordinate measuring machines.

Renishaw's measurement is designed probe for use with the REVO 5-axis measurement system on coordinate measuring machines.

By Renishaw
PLM, Control Design September 9, 2015

Company breaks ground on product testing and office headquarters

Renishaw is building a 133,000-sq.-ft. office and warehouse facility that will be the company's North American headquarters upon its scheduled completion in June 2016. It also will include areas for product testing and training.

By Renishaw
Process Safety January 28, 2015

Miniature magnetic encoders for embedded OEM applications

Renishaw's RLS series of three high-performance miniature magnetic encoders for embedded OEM motion control applications and can also be integrated into small motion systems.

By Renishaw
Mechatronics and Motion Control December 9, 2014

Additive manufacturing project for industrial use

Renishaw's EVO Project is an additive manufacturing system designed for single material industrial production for applications like automation, monitoring technologies and reduced operator interaction.

By Renishaw
Mechatronics and Motion Control April 23, 2014

Metrology company is acquired; programming appreciated

Renishaw has purchased Advanced Consulting & Engineering Inc. (ACE), a U.S.-based supplier of dimensional measurement products and services in an attempt to enhance its programming capabilities.

By Renishaw
Motors and Drives January 16, 2013

Encoder manufacturer moves to new, larger, facility

Renishaw's associate company, RLS d.o.o., which specializes in the manufacture of solid-state encoders, has moved to a new facility in Komenda, Slovenia, that is three times larger than the old one.

By Renishaw
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