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AI and Machine Learning April 24, 2020

Reducing AI’s carbon footprint

MIT researchers have developed an automated AI system for training and running certain neural networks that also cuts down the pounds of carbon emissions involved.

By Rob Matheson
Industrial PCs March 21, 2020

Method for easier scaling of quantum computing devices developed

An MIT research team has developed a method to “recruit” neighboring quantum bits that may help researchers scale up quantum computing devices.

By Rob Matheson
AI and Machine Learning March 15, 2020

Doing machine learning the right way

MIT Professor Aleksander Madry strives to build machine-learning models that are more reliable, understandable and robust.

By Rob Matheson
System Integration March 6, 2020

Breadboards integrated onto physical products

MIT researchers have invented a way to integrate “breadboards” — flat platforms used for electronics prototyping to quickly test circuit functions and user interactions with products such as smart devices and flexible electronics.

By Rob Matheson
Safety Standards February 20, 2020

Cryptographic ID tag developed to stop supply chain counterfeiting

MIT researchers have invented a cryptographic ID tag that’s small enough to fit on virtually any product and verify its authenticity, which could help stop supply chain counterfeiting.

By Rob Matheson
Robotics February 16, 2020

Soft robotic arm uses flexible sensors to understand its position

MIT researchers have developed flexible sensors and an artificial intelligence model that tell deformable robots how their bodies are positioned in a 3D environment.

By Rob Matheson
Industrial PCs January 16, 2020

Machine-learning tool predicts code’s speed on computer chips

MIT researchers have invented a machine-learning tool called Ithemal, which predicts how fast computer chips will execute code from various applications.  

By Rob Matheson
AI and Machine Learning December 5, 2019

Helping machines perceive some laws of physics

MIT researchers have designed a model that demonstrates an understanding of some basic “intuitive physics” about how objects should behave, which could improve artificial intelligence.

By Rob Matheson
Robotics November 23, 2019

Design and control robots with stretchy, flexible bodies

MIT researchers have found a way top optimize soft robots to perform specific tasks with a new model that make their bodies flexible.

By Rob Matheson
AI and Machine Learning November 14, 2019

Model developed to help autonomous vehicles navigate traffic safely

MIT and Toyota researchers have designed a model designed to help autonomous vehicles determine when it’s safe to merge into traffic when the view is obstructed.

By Rob Matheson
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