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Process Instrumentation and Sensors October 23, 2018

Eight factors for process automation project success

Process automation projects are complex and can go through many challenges before completion. Remaining open, honest, and demanding high expectations from everyone can help ensure the project will be successful.

By Robbie Peoples, Cross Company
PLM, Control Design August 25, 2018

Process control safety and compliance advice

Process safety regulations, standards, and loss prevention practices are derived from a tangled web of documents and it's vital for a company to know the different agencies, standards, and other groups involved to reduce potential confusion.

By Robbie Peoples, Cross Company
Discrete Manufacturing August 3, 2018

Four guidelines for successful skid integration of batching operations

Successful skid integration for batch manufacturing operations can be challenging. Following best practices such as standardized communications and defining status feedback can make the process a much smoother one.

By Robbie Peoples, Cross Company
Cybersecurity October 11, 2017

Stopping industrial control system network threats

Threats to the industrial control system (ICS) network infrastructure are at an all-time high and the sophistication of these are easy for perpetrators because of its aging infrastructure, lack of security planning/design, and minimal focus to protect ICS assets.

By Robbie Peoples, Cross Company
Info Management September 12, 2017

Ten control system programming best practices

Best practices for programmers include defining their structure, knowing the system resources and tools, consistency, and keeping track of changes during a project.

By Robbie Peoples, Cross Company
System Integration September 6, 2017

Four steps to secure an automation system from potential threats

Companies looking to secure their automation system need to define their architecture and assets, assess the site, implementing a security plan, and consistently review their assets for potential threats.

By Robbie Peoples, Cross Company
System Integration June 14, 2017

Eight things to avoid in control system automation projects

Identifying missteps such as not building a cross-functional team and not defining responsibilities early in a project can help ensure that a control system automation project is successful.

By Robbie Peoples, Cross Company
Info Management June 24, 2015

Specification documents: Pay now or pay later

Back to Basics: Planning a control system can be implemented using specification documents that are formatted very simply and easily understood by the non-control system engineers.

By Robbie Peoples, Cross Company
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