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Wireless March 7, 2014

Connectivity of things: Wireless for the last 100 m of IoT

Internet of things (IoT) has huge potential for wireless as 90% of the market will be in the last 100 meters, according to some estimates. Which wireless technologies suit what applications?

By Rolf Nilsson
Mobility February 25, 2013

Industrial wireless: Bluetooth can be robust, easy to use

Technology Update: Bluetooth offers optimal features to satisfy industrial requirements of robustness, reliability, and seamless, coexistent operation with Wireless LAN networks. In addition to low power consumption, Bluetooth allows for multiple wireless links, offers fast connections, and has easier configuration and setup than many other wireless technologies.

By Rolf Nilsson
Wireless March 21, 2012

Wireless LAN for industrial applications

Back to Basics: What are the differences between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless LAN in industrial applications?

By Rolf Nilsson
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