Ryan Courtney, MEM, PMP, is project manager, Matrix Technologies Inc. Courtesy: Matrix Technologies Inc.

Ryan Courtney

Ryan Courtney, MEM, PMP, is project manager in the PM division of Matrix Technologies Inc. He is responsible for successful completion of projects across various divisions within the corporation from initiation to closure. With extensive background across industries, he has implemented many successful projects globally, as client and consultant in Electrical Engineering and Project Management roles. He joined Matrix in 2018.


System Integrators December 13, 2020

How to build a business case

Achieve that go/no-go decision and avoid killing a project before it begins

By Ryan Courtney
System Integration August 8, 2020

How to build a system integration business case for automation, controls

When starting any system integration project, consider four fundamental components to business case development: business needs, situational analysis, recommendation and evaluation to create due diligence for project management.

By Ryan Courtney
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