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Sarah Small, Penn State University


Process Instrumentation and Sensors July 6, 2022

Waterproof sensors improve temperature and motion sensitivity, wearability

Waterproof sensor devices could be used for health monitoring and to help with human-robot interactions

By Sarah Small
Courtesy: Penn State University
AI and Machine Learning April 28, 2021

Artificial intelligence center for engineered systems launched

The Center for Artificial Intelligence Foundations and Engineered Systems (CAFE) at Penn State University is designed to further foundational and applied artificial intelligence (AI).

By Sarah Small
Electrical October 29, 2020

Tailoring 2D materials to improve electronic and optical devices

Altering thin 2D materials atomically and physically for applications in many optical and electronic devices allows them to enhance light emission and increase signal strength.

By Sarah Small
AI and Machine Learning October 28, 2020

Quantum computing used to discover possible COVID-19 treatments

Quantum machine learning could help researchers discover faster and more economical ways of treating COVID-19 than the current methods used for drug discovery.

By Sarah Small
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