Process Instrumentation and Sensors November 2, 2016

Laboratory pH series for challenging environments

Sensorex’s Basic, Advanced, and Research-Grade pH1000 laboratory sensor series offer a range of options to maximize measurement accuracy and sensor lifetime for challenging environments.

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Process Instrumentation and Sensors July 11, 2016

Process transmitters for monitoring and control applications

Sensorex has expanded its water quality and online process transmitters with four models that are designed for applications such as water quality, chemical, electronics, food production, environmental, and wastewater treatment.

By Sensorex
Process Safety May 3, 2016

Transmittance monitor for UV disinfection dosing

Sensorex's UVT-LED-PW transmittance monitor is designed to provides continuous monitoring for accurate UV disinfection dosing. The compact monitor delivers fast, accurate, in-line transmittance readings in industrial process settings where UV disinfection is used.

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