Discrete Manufacturing May 8, 2016

Ultrasonic sensor for detecting layers and splices

Sick's UD18-2 ultrasonic sensor is designed to check for double layers and splices and is designed for applications in the packaging, print and paper, electronics and solar, automotive, and metal and steel industries.

Discrete Manufacturing April 24, 2016

Safety laser scanner for area and access guarding

Sick's microScan3 Core safety laser scanner features a 5.5-m range and a 275-deg scanning angle ideal for area and access guarding and is designed to improve scan accuracy when faced with dirty environments, weld sparks, or cross talk for less downtime.

Discrete Manufacturing March 25, 2016

Image-based code reader for food and beverage, manufacturing applications

Sick's Lector63x is an image-based code reader is designed for applications such as identification in manual parcel sorting in a presentation camera function, automated sorting systems and serialization and end-of-line aggregation for the food packaging and pharmaceutical industries.

Discrete Manufacturing March 23, 2016

Safety light curtain for harsh environments

Sick's deTec4 Prime safety light curtain is designed for tough environments and features a built-in laser alignment aid that is designed to provide a visible laser that saves time when setting up or readjusting the light curtain.

Mobility March 20, 2016

Incremental encoder for functional safety applications

Sick's DFS60S Pro incremental encoder for functional safety is designed for mobile and stationary applications that require safe motion monitoring.

Discrete Manufacturing January 17, 2016

Photoelectric sensor series for detecting fast-moving objects

Sick's PowerProx photoelectric sensor series uses time-of-flight laser scanning technology and features four variants that can be used in automotive and packaging applications.

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