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Steve Kuhlmann, Texas A&M University


Robotics November 19, 2021

Adaptive swarm robotics can improve smart agriculture

Using swarm robotics, can lead to reduced waste through better logistics, optimal use of water and fertilizer, and a reduction of pesticides

By Steve Kuhlmann
Discrete Manufacturing April 3, 2020

3D-printed diffuser designed to help hospitals treat COVID-19 patients

Texas A&M University has delivered 200 3D-printed diffusers for metered dose inhalers (MDI) to a Houston hospital to help with the demand for medical supplies brought on by the increasing number of confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases.

By Steve Kuhlmann
Energy, Power January 24, 2020

Research into next-generation rechargeable batteries supported

The National Science Foundation is supporting Texas A&M researcher Dr. Matt Pharr in his work on developing improved rechargeable batteries.

By Steve Kuhlmann
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