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Digital Transformation March 12, 2023

Digitalization, open automation cuts commissioning time 30%, creates services

Using digitalization and open automation provides opportunities and challenges for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) offering faster technology iteration and redefining customer value.

By Stone Shi
Stone Shi is executive editor-in-chief, Control Engineering China. Courtesy: Control Engineering China
Environmental Health December 8, 2022

Solve intelligent manufacturing challenges in three dimensions

Industrial robots become smarter when integrating peripheral control, drives and other industrial control products, combined with machine vision, force sensing and other sensing technologies. Software helps.

By Stone Shi
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Industrial Networking September 9, 2022

Industrial software utility, useability, future

How can providers and users of industrial software advance software usefulness and ease of use, so software and its benefits can be more widely adopted? Control Engineering China provides some thoughts.

By Stone Shi
Industrial Networking July 21, 2022

Industrial 5G fieldbus in R15 enhanced mobile broadband

5G technologies are in three parts; even in the first, it’s possible to communicate with industrial communications protocols. A fieldbus protocol can be used for industrial 5G, over the 5G R15 enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB).

By Stone Shi
Courtesy: Schneider Electric and CFE Media’s New Products for Engineers Database
Programming May 14, 2022

Demystify the newly-released open automation platform

How open is your automation? Openness for industrial automation varies. Review history of open in automation and how IEC 61499 standard for distributed control system can help.

By Stone Shi
Courtesy: New Products for Engineers from CFE Media and Endress+Hauser
Digital Transformation April 9, 2022

Digital field instruments accelerate petrochemical, process industries

Digital innovation of field instruments opens a new chapter of digitalization in the petrochemical and other process manufacturing industries.

By Stone Shi
Stone Shi is executive editor-in-chief, Control Engineering China. Courtesy: Control Engineering China
DCS, SCADA, Controllers March 6, 2022

From DCS to OCS: A change in process control system

Compared to a traditional distributed control system (DCS), an industrial optical bus control system (OCS) has a lower investment cost of automation, shorter installation time and reduces control system maintenance costs.

By Stone Shi
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Wireless February 5, 2022

How industrial 5G supports the metallurgical industry

Industrial wireless using 5G provides real-time communication between an airborne control system and a remote-control center, for automated operation of the stacker reclaimer, reducing the safety risk and the labor cost.

By Stone Shi
Courtesy: Control Engineering China
Info Management January 8, 2022

Embrace SaaS, reap benefits, says industrial software giant PTC

Software as a service (SaaS) brings faster-than-local software performance without installation or versioning hassles, for CAD, PLM, IIoT and augmented reality development, according to PTC at the LiveWorx 2021 conference.

By Stone Shi
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media and Technology
Industrial Networking November 27, 2021

Open automation with plug and play

Plug-and-play and non-proprietary open automation system designs have become the goal of users. Many interoperability efforts include the O-PAS standard for control system architecture, time-sensitive networking (TSN) for industrial Ethernet and IEC 61499 for programming.

By Stone Shi
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