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Mobility July 5, 2016

Time-sensitive networking and Industrial IoT

The future of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is built upon the foundation of time-sensitive networking (TSN). IIoT creates a smart system of systems where smarter, hyper-connected devices and infrastructure of manufacturing machines, transportation systems, and the electrical grid will embed sensing, processing, control, and analysis capabilities. Here’s how TSN will help.

By Todd Walter
Process Safety October 16, 2015

The coming changes to standard Ethernet: Extra answers from the webcast

Todd Walter, National Instruments, AVnu Alliance Industrial segment chair and board of directors, answered additional questions after the Sept. 30 webcast, "The Coming Changes to Standard Ethernet: Industrial IoT Convergence with the Control System." Learn more about TSN, IIoT, and standardization.

By Todd Walter
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