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Process Instrumentation and Sensors July 14, 2022

313 Overflow Trap

Warren Controls' 313 Overflow Trap traps steam and relieves condensate as developed in a deaerator’s overflow drain line. A Deaerator tank scrubs dissolved gasses out of the water, before entering a boiler as those gasses would otherwise be damaging. The DA tank ‘scrubs’ out these gasses via a steam blanket above the water line in the DA tank.

Warren Controls
Process Instrumentation and Sensors May 16, 2022

ARIA Series electrically actuated, modulating, globe control valves

By Al Gunnarson, VP of Sales and Marketing Warren Controls, Inc. Maintaining complex systems in the OEM industry can oftentimes be a challenge, particularly when something goes wrong that causes automatic systems to leak. This not only creates burdensome operational downtime, it drains economic resources -- lost time means lost money. Historically OEMs have relied on control valves that are pneumatically actuated.

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