Machine Safety February 9, 2017

Control panel series for hazardous, non-hazardous locations

The Watconnect line of control panels from Watlow are now certified for hazardous and non-hazardous locations.

By Watlow
Data Acquisition, DAQ November 21, 2016

Data logger with field removable IO modules

Watlow's D4T with Intuition is a data logger that features field removable input/output (I/O) modules for design flexibility.

By Watlow
Process Instrumentation and Sensors May 6, 2016

Temperature process controller with data logging, graphical trend charts

Watlow's F4T has added Intuition version 3.0, which features advanced data logging and allows users to create up to four trend screens.

By Watlow
Energy Efficiency January 19, 2016

In-line heater for fluid heating applications

Watlow's Fluent is an in-line heater ideal designed for use in fluid heating applications and can replace an immersion-type heater or a heater wrapped around a tube as part of a thermal system.

By Watlow
Process Instrumentation and Sensors December 13, 2015

Generation heat exchanger with proprietary technologies

Watlow's Optimax is a generation heat exchanger that features proprietary technologies and enhanced fluid dynamics (EFD) and optimized film temperature (OFT) technology in the heating elements for an accelerated heat transfer rate.

By Watlow
PLM, Control Design December 4, 2015

Graphical software for controller configuration

Composer is Watlow’s graphical software that is designed to configure and customize the company’s F4T and EZ-Zone RM controllers as well as help users visualize and implement control and automation solutions.

By Watlow
DCS, SCADA, Controllers May 21, 2015

Process controller with touch-screen technology

Watlow's F4T with Intuition temperature process controller is designed to provide intuitive navigation and screen personalization and combines the functionality of multiple devices such as temperature PID, over/under temperature limit, power switching, math, logic, timers, and counters into one integrated system.

By Watlow
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