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Discrete Manufacturing November 9, 2018

Machine vision software advances are enhancing innovation

Companies are using software to help realize many machine vision software developments such as ultra-high-dynamic-range imaging and self-analyzing algorithms.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Robotics October 25, 2018

Robotic machine vision systems help automotive manufacturers

Integrators have developed sophisticated robotic machine vision systems comprising numerous cameras mounted on a fixed frame to capture many images of an automotive product for quality assurance purposes.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Vision and Discrete Sensors October 6, 2018

Military, machine vision interfaces converge for mutual benefit

Machine vision standards bring benefits in image data delivery and compatibility while helping keep soldiers safe as well as reducing the cost of upgrading militaries to the newest technologies.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
System Integration September 21, 2018

Machine vision challenges for system integrators

Vision system integrators are looking to stay a step ahead of emerging technologies such as deep learning and other smart technologies.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Process Safety July 3, 2018

Global vision standards drive industry’s success

Machine vision standards are designed to guarantee component interoperability and it allows component manufacturers to develop better overall products.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Robotics June 21, 2018

Deep learning leading to second machine vision revolution

Deep learning machine vision software essentially allows machines to learn from data representations instead of task-specific algorithms, which could enhance capabilities on the plant floor far beyond what is currently possible.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Virtualization, Cloud Analytics March 16, 2018

Machine vision applications integrating with the cloud

Advances in cloud computing have improved the quality of service (QoS) for machine vision enough to the point where it is viable for industrial applications.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Discrete Manufacturing February 2, 2018

Machine vision comes of age

As machine vision crests a new wave of visibility across mainstream engineering communities, the exceptional growth of 2017 may one day be seen as a threshold moment—the year when everything changed and the only recalibration necessary might be what the industry expects is possible tomorrow.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Discrete Manufacturing January 19, 2018

Track and trace offers opportunities for machine vision vendors

Track and trace allows machine vision users to prevent counterfeit products by helping them determine the current and past locations of items and to determine which companies or customers have come into contact with them along the supply chain.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Process Safety December 17, 2017

Pattern matching improves object location and reduces image-processing overhead

There are two main approaches to pattern matching: those based on correlation, and geometric pattern matching and both approaches rely on first locating a region or regions of a template image to provide reference data.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
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