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Robotics September 30, 2016

Workcell for welding applications

Yaskawa Motoman's ArcWorld C-30 workcell is designed for welding of small- to medium-sized parts that are typical in many job shop applications.

By Yaskawa Motoman
Process Safety September 29, 2016

Arc welding robot for high-density layouts

Yaskawa Motoman's 6-axis MA1440 arc welding robot features a 6 kg payload and a large 50 mm wrist hole and is optimal for welding large workpieces and reaching over jigs.

By Yaskawa Motoman
Robotics September 28, 2016

Six-axis robot for assembly, material handling applications

Yaskawa Motoman's MH12 six-axis robot is designed for assembly, dispensing, material handling, machine tending and packaging applications.

By Yaskawa Motoman
Robotics October 16, 2015

Robot series for palletizing applications

Yaskawa Motoman's MPL-series of robots are designed specifically for end-of-line operations and are available with an 80-800 kg payload capacity to suit a wide range of applications and are compatible with controllers for additional maintenance features.

By Yaskawa Motoman
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