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Case Studies

Total project savings for using a Profinet-based industrial Ethernet system rather than hard wiring was $106,654, said Mike Prokop, CMSE, LSO (certified machinery safety expert, laser safety officer) and chief electrical engineer with Taylor Winfield Tech
Case Studies April 12, 2017

Ethernet cuts automation hardware, labor costs, errors

Think Again about digital networks: A redesigned automated industrial process with the goal of improving safety and efficiency saved $106,654 in hardware, design, and installation costs by using an industrial Ethernet protocol instead of hard wiring, not counting a two-thirds reduction in potential errors or other project benefits.

By Mark T. Hoske
The travelling batcher drive is designed for unloading the batch into each load out silo. Courtesy: Yaskawa America Inc.
Case Studies April 7, 2017

Matrix drives reduce energy consumption for transporter system

Inside Machines: Industrial matrix drives were used for a transporter system retrofit to reduce energy consumption and costs by creating a more maintenance-free mechanically integral distribution system. New system regeneration capabilities for two motors saves an estimated $1,500 per year.

By Mike Grant
Figure 3: Inside the control panel: Each test stand is controlled via a PLC (center left) and a Delta Computer Systems RMC75P motion controller (center right). The PLC and motion controller are connected via Profibus (the purple cable).
Case Studies December 4, 2016

Controller for crane testing

Inside Machines, hydraulic control: Verifying load parameters when testing mobile cranes is important to verify quality, which matters for functionality and safety. New testing systems included installing new proportional servo valves and high-performance, electro-hydraulic motion controllers.

By Richard Meyerhoefer
Case Studies September 9, 2016

Packaging operation increases by half with planning, wireless, mobility

Cover Story: System integrator upgrades a cherry packaging operation at Prima Frutta, for a 50% production increase, using Ethernet, wireless, and mobility technologies, along with extensive planning and simulation.

By Laura Kelm and Jason Kieffer
Jason Kieffer, project manager for Industrial Automation Group (IAG), holds the electrical schematics for one of the electrical panels used in the Prima Frutta Linden cherry packing facility upgrade. Image courtesy: Echo Media Productions
Case Studies September 9, 2016

Prima Frutta Linden cherry packing facility: Project and installation technology details

Project and product details follow in a major Industrial Automation Group (IAG) and Prima Frutta upgrade to Prima Frutta’s Linden cherry packing facility. Questions and answers cover controllers, sensors, actuators, Ethernet, wireless, timeline, and advice.

By Jason Kieffer and Mark T. Hoske
Figure 3: Flexible support programs offer agreed service levels rather than prescribed quantities of materials and labor. Courtesy: Honeywell Process Solutions
Case Studies July 11, 2016

Surviving a control system migration project

Control system migration projects can provide significant value to industrial operations by ensuring a smooth transition to newer technology with virtually no changes to physical wiring or intellectual property.

By John Rudolph
Case Studies July 2, 2016

Information from wireless transmitters saves energy

Cover Story: Wireless transmitters provide process information and increase energy efficiency in facilities.

By Jesse Dodge
Energy usage is a major factor associated with manufacturing facilities. Tracking energy usage at the plant, production line, and equipment level can help monitor and reduce energy usage, saving valuable resources. Courtesy: Alex Marcy, Corso Systems
Case Studies June 28, 2016

Energy saving control projects

Energy usage is a major factor associated with manufacturing facilities. Tracking energy usage at the plant, production line, and equipment level can help monitor and reduce energy usage, saving valuable resources.

By Alex Marcy
Automation benefits were described by, (left to right) Rocky Rowland, a Mazak production manager; Keith Holliday, president and CEO of Global Drilling Support; and Michiel Tijsseling, Dow Chemical process automation leader at the ARC Group Industry Forum,
Case Studies April 22, 2016

Integration, prediction, 2020 control room

Think Again application summaries: Machine data integration saves time, predictive maintenance avoids unplanned downtime, and a control room designed for 2020 attracts young engineering prospects, among other benefits.

By Mark T. Hoske
Mazak said machine monitoring benefits include efficiency improvements of 17% by analyzing downtime data, as explained at the ARC Group Industry Forum, in Orlando, Fla. Courtesy: Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering, CFE Media
Case Studies April 21, 2016

Think Again: System integration, networking for machine tools

Application examples: Machine data integration saves time and increases throughput, according to Mazak; technologies being demonstrated in the plant may be offered on future machines for better asset utilization, among other benefits.

By Mark T. Hoske