Case Studies

Case Studies February 1, 2008

Top 20 of 2007

Think Again: Review these most-read Control Engineering articles posted online at during 2007. High-ranking topics include: PID, control valve actuators, encoders, stepper motors, control design for clean in place (CIP) applications, industrial Ethernet hardware, and security.

By Mark T. Hoske, Editor-in-Chief
Case Studies January 1, 2008

Closing the Skills Gap

The U.S. industrial sector has seen its fair share of changes and challenges during the past several decades. Throughout it all, however, manufacturers have been able to rely on a steady supply of fresh talent — particularly in the engineering sector — to fuel innovation and hone our competitive edge.

By Marc Moschetto, Control Engineering
Case Studies September 1, 2007

On Track with Machine Vision

Want to increase inspection time by factor of 10, raise quality, lower costs, augment worker satisfaction, improve safety, and lower variability? Advanced machine vision technologies can help. Users, system integrators, and vision vendors have tracked these results: Get on track with benefits machine vision can bring to you..

By Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering
Case Studies August 1, 2007

Supercritical Control

Because of its abundance and affordability, coal continues to be a major energy source for power producers worldwide. However, as carbon consciousness becomes more prominent, technologies for gaining efficiency and reducing emissions from coal-fired plants become more critical. As boiler technologies grow more sophisticated, their control strategies must keep pace to take advantage of increased...

By Charlie Menten, Emerson Process Management