Info Management - Industrial PCs

Fog computing for industrial automation

How to develop a secure, distributed automation architecture in a data-driven world: Two examples... » more

How to get started with edge computing

Implementing edge devices into a system is powerful, easy to use and install, cost-effective, and... » more

Defining the value of edge computing

Explore the three important factors of deploying an edge computing solution.  » more

Energy efficient encryption for the IoT

Special-purpose chip developed by MIT researchers is designed to reduce power consumption of... » more

Cloud computing challenges and fears for manufacturers

Cloud computing is changing the world of manufacturing, but many companies are concerned about... » more

Engineering system design software

National Instruments' LabVIEW NXG is the next generation of LabVIEW engineering system design...

Selecting an automation controller

Consider these criteria when selecting an automation controller for motion, robotics, machines, and... » more

Embedded PC devices with multiple cores

Beckhoff's CX20x2 Embedded PC devices integrate Intel Xeon D processors, each with 4, 8, or 12 CPU...

How to select the correct factory automation controller for your application

Picking the right hardware is critical, but users also need to make sure they include controller... » more

Data management software suite

National Instruments' Data Management Software Suite is designed to provide a complete workflow to...

Embedded computer with DIN-rail mounting

Advantech’s MIC-1800 embedded computer is designed to acquire analog signals and also provide...

Semi-industrial panel PC for automation applications

The AFL3-W22-ULT3 panel PC from ICP Deutschland enables entering and visualization of...

Rack mount systems for complex control, computing tasks

Kontron's ZINC19 2U/4U rack mount systems support Intel Core and Intel Xeon processors and are...

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