Industrial PCs

Courtesy: Motoaki Bamba, Kyoto University
Industrial PCs June 5, 2021

Odd angles make for strong spin-spin coupling for quantum technology

Rice University researchers have found an orthoferrite material showing uniquely tunable interactions that could have a major impact on quantum technology and sensing.

By Mike Williams
Courtesy: Bharath Kannan, MIT
System Integration May 21, 2021

Turning “magic” material into versatile electronic devices

Work on three graphene-based devices may yield new insights into superconductivity and usher in a new generation of quantum electronic devices.

By Elizabeth A. Thomson
Courtesy: Dongxue Du, UW-Madison
Discrete Manufacturing May 14, 2021

Technique induces magnetism in nanoscale materials

Engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have produced a free-standing membrane of the Heusler compound gadolinium-platinum-antimony and can induce magnetism in the thin membrane by straining it.

By Jason Daley
Courtesy: Beckhoff
Industrial PCs May 4, 2021

Connected distribution center takes control of intralogistics challenges

Cover Story: A connected distribution center boosts device connectivity and networking capabilities with PC control and EtherCAT while cutting controller hardware costs by 50%.

By James Figy
Courtesy: SEMI
Electrical April 24, 2021

Semiconductor industry fab spending expected to reach new highs

The global semiconductor industry is on track to register three consecutive years of record highs in fab equipment spending thanks to demand fueled by COVID-19.

By Christian G. Dieseldorff
Courtesy: Dr. Miladin Radovic, Texas A&M University
AI and Machine Learning April 15, 2021

Computational tool evaluates material suitability for harsh conditions

A computational framework has been developed tool to evaluate a material’s suitability for harsh conditions and high-temperature applications such as gas turbines for jet engines and electrical power generators. See video.

By Vandana Suresh
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Discrete Manufacturing March 22, 2021

The time is now to move to smarter manufacturing

Many chip manufacturers lack an overall digital transformation strategy and cannot make the move to smart manufacturing.

By Ricco Walter
Courtesy: Nathan R. Finney and Sanghoon Chae, Columbia Engineering
Sensors, Vision March 20, 2021

Nonlinear optical process developed

Columbia researchers engineered a technique to exploit the tunable symmetry of 2D materials for nonlinear optical applications, including laser, optical spectroscopy, imaging, and metrology systems, as well as next-generation optical quantum information processing and computing.

By Holly Evarts
Purdue University researchers are building a probabilistic computer that could bridge the gap between classical and quantum computing to more efficiently solve problems in areas such as drug research, encryption and cybersecurity, financial services, data analysis and supply chain logistics. Courtesy: Gwen Keraval, Purdue University
Industrial PCs March 15, 2021

Computer developed to act more in tune with nature

Purdue University engineers are building a probabilistic computer designed to act more like quantum computers rather than traditional computers.

By Kayla Wiles
Researchers have developed a data transfer system that pairs high-frequency silicon chips with a polymer cable as thin a strand of hair. Courtesy: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Info Management March 4, 2021

Data transfer system connects silicon chips

A data transfer system that pairs high-frequency silicon chips with a polymer cable as thin a strand of hair has been developed by MIT researchers.

By Daniel Ackerman