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Robotics April 12, 2024

Soft robotics manufacturing research advances design

Quantitative framework enables tunable elastomer curing via temperature control, which could improve soft robotics manufacturing design.

By Silvia Cernea Clark
Robotics April 9, 2024

How cables and wires play a key role in robotics

Robotics are a growing part of manufacturing and the cables and wires under the hood play a key role in helping them function properly. Learn more in this panel discussion.

By Helukabel
Robotics April 5, 2024

Algorithm helps robots navigate efficiently in uncertain environments

A new algorithm reduces travel time by identifying shortcuts a robot could take on the way to its destination.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics April 1, 2024

Squishy, metal-free magnets powers robots and medical implants

A metal-free magnetic gel developed by researchers is a carbon-based, magnetic molecules are chemically bonded, creating a flexible, long-lived magnet for soft robotics.

By Derek Smith
Robotics March 22, 2024

Collaborative robots, AI and machine vision boost agricultural and manufacturing capabilities

The combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine vision is generating more practical applications for collaborative robots (cobots), particularly in modern agricultural and manufacturing scenarios.

By Yvonne Zhang
Robotics March 21, 2024

Physicists develop a modular robot with liquid and solid properties

Granulobot, which was developed by University of Chicago physicists, can reassemble and reorganize to adapt to its environment.

By Maureen Searcy
Robotics February 21, 2024

Patch developed to help control robotic exoskeletons

Engineers from Korea and the University of Colorado have developed a wearable, stretchy patch that could help to bridge the divide between people and machines.

By Daniel Strain
Robotics February 15, 2024

Top 5 industrial robot trends for 2024

Growing demand for robotics is driven by several technological innovations. The five biggest trends in the industry are highlighted.

By International Federation of Robotics (IFR)
Robotics February 13, 2024

North America robot orders decline in 2023

North American robot sales decline by 30% in 2023 after back-to-back records, but the future looks bright for the industry.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics January 23, 2024

Squishy, metal-free magnets power robots, medical implants

Researchers have developed a metal-free magnetic gel could help soft robots such as medical devices and implants.

By James Lynch
Robotics January 17, 2024

Robots are becoming more versatile and human

Robotics technology is getting more sophisticated and capable of performing more tasks while also making them more human in their behavior and movement.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics January 11, 2024

Soft robots developed to move easily in unknown terrain

North Carolina State researchers have developed a soft robot called a ringbot that can roll forward, spin like a record and follow a path that orbits around a central point. See video.

By Matt Shipman
Robotics December 8, 2023

Mobile robot industry showing strong overall growth

Despite consumer concerns and economic issues, mobile robot sales and demand remains very high, according to Interact Analysis research.

By Ash Sharma
Robotics December 2, 2023

Robot and robot controller safety best practices

There are several steps that need to be taken to ensure safe and reliable robotic solutions for industrial applications.

By Stewart Robinson
Robotics December 2, 2023

RAMP tackles labor shortage and supply chain complexity

Robotics technology eliminates repetition, lifts all productivity boats by helping workers on value-added tasks and enhancing productivity.

By Mike Balzan
Robotics November 27, 2023

Robotic cell alleviates labor shortages for Tier 1 automotive supplier

Challenges addressed ranged from design through development, implementation and start up

By L. John Shipley, PE, CAP
Robotics November 21, 2023

How language gives robots a better grasp of an open-ended world

By blending 2D images with foundation models to build 3D feature fields, a new MIT method helps robots understand and manipulate nearby objects with open-ended language prompts.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics November 17, 2023

Future of robot manufacturing trends and innovation

Robots are helping change and transform the manufacturing industry and helping companies realize their potential in an Industry 4.0 world.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics November 15, 2023

Accelerate EV battery manufacturing by integrating servo motors, robotics

Electric vehicles (EVs) require more efficient manufacturing to meet increased demands and use of robotics and servo motors can help. See table on battery types, information on cell housing types.

By Jeff Willis
Robotics November 3, 2023

Add bin-picking robots to increase throughput, using same software, 3D vision

Need more throughput on a line? Add another robot or two with same controller and machine vision; redesigned robot pendant adds tablet form factor, ease of use capabilities.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics November 3, 2023

Mobile cobots deliver savings for cosmetics company

Coty is a worldwide cosmetics company behind such well-known brands as Sally Hansen, Rimmel and CoverGirl. At the company’s factory in Maryland, eight Universal Robots on four mobile carts now automate the picking and packing of products at the powder presses. See video.

By Bryan Bird
Robotics October 27, 2023

Fabtech Interview: Collaborative robot for paint inspection applications

Collaborative robots can be employed in conjunction with vision systems used to detect imperfections and deviations to examine painted surfaces for defects. See video.

By David Miller
Robotics October 26, 2023

Coordinated external axis control for welding applications

Coordinated motion between a moving part on a rotary axis and an external collaborative robot can allow for more complex welding operations to be performed without the need for assistance from manual operators. See video.

By David Miller
Robotics October 26, 2023

CRX-10iA/L collaborative robot arc welding application

The CRX-10iA/L offers end-users more intuitive setup, programming and operation while aiming to achieve the same reliability as a traditional industrial robot. See video.

By David Miller
Robotics October 19, 2023

Components in industrial robots market forecasting strong growth

The market for industrial robots components is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.8% from 2022 to 2027 thanks to collaborative and SCARA robots.

By Samantha Mou
Robotics October 17, 2023

Finger-shaped sensor enables more dexterous robots

MIT engineers develop a long, curved touch sensor that could enable a robot to grasp and manipulate objects in multiple ways.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics October 10, 2023

Safety standard for industrial mobile robot systems and applications available

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) released the second installment of its safety standard for industrial mobile robots, R15.08-2.

By The Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics October 6, 2023

Self-driving robot powered only by light and radio waves

University of Washington researchers have created MilliMobile, a tiny, self-driving robot powered only by surrounding light or radio waves and can run indefinitely on harvested energy. See video.

By Stefan Milne
Robotics September 23, 2023

Soft robot developed to navigate complex obstacles

North Carolina State University researchers have created a “brainless” soft robot that can navigate more complex and dynamic environments. See video.

By Matt Shipman
Robotics September 11, 2023

How robotics-as-a-service can help manufacturers with operations challenges

Manufacturers are being forced to rely on automation to overcome skills gap and quality challenges and robotics as a service (RaaS) can be a viable solution.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics September 7, 2023

Stretchable soft robotics use strain sensors

USC researchers have developed an innovative solution to measure the motion of soft components in robotics.

By Matilda Bathurst
Robotics September 6, 2023

AI technique helps robots manipulate objects with their whole bodies

A technique has been developed that lets a robot to reason efficiently about moving objects using more than just its fingertips. See video.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics September 4, 2023

Tiny, shape-shifting robot can squish itself into tight spaces

CU Boulder researchers have developed the Compliant Legged Articulated Robotic Insect (CLARI), which is designed to passively change its shape to work in tight environments, which could make it useful in emergency situations.

By Daniel Strain
Robotics August 31, 2023

Robot orders decline in Q2 2023

Robot orders in North America declined for the second quarter in a row after record highs in 2021 and 2022.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics August 19, 2023

Robotic grippers developed to pick up delicate, heavy objects

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a robotic gripping device that can pick up delicate and heavy objects.

By Mick Kulikowski
Robotics August 3, 2023

Machine-learning method developed to make controlling robots easier

Researchers developed a machine-learning technique that can efficiently learn to control a robot, leading to better performance with less data required.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics July 25, 2023

Teaching robots to perform tasks faster

MIT researchers developed a framework that helps a nontechnical user understand why a robot failed and fine-tune it with minimal effort to perform a task effectively.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics July 20, 2023

How cobots have changed and improved the robotics industry

The introduction of collaborative robots (cobots) has revolutionized the robot industry and improved access to industrial robotic systems.

By Barry Weller
Robotics July 11, 2023

Industrial robot component market value projected at $18 billion

Interact Analysis reported the industrial robot component market will be worth $18 billion by 2027 with Japan and China being the largest markets.

By Interact Analysis
Robotics June 28, 2023

Global robot market growth projected to be steady

Interact Analysis reports robot revenues and industry growth will remain steady over the next five years thanks to high demand, particularly for robots in the electric vehicle (EV) market.

By Interact Analysis
Robotics June 27, 2023

Robotics are picking up the pace

Researcher considers why developments in robotics are gathering pace and highlights some of the most recent advances.

By Steve Sands
Robotics June 20, 2023

AI-enabled approach helps make autonomous robots safe, reliable

Researchers have developed an AI-based approach for controlling autonomous robots that satisfies the often-conflicting goals of safety and stability.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics June 19, 2023

Industrial robot value comes from servo motors, servo drives and gearboxes

Servo motors, servo drives, and precision gearboxes for industrial robots equaled over a third of the global industrial robot market sales.

By Samantha Mou
Robotics June 13, 2023

Robotic picking market rapidly growing due to increased automation adoption

The robotic picking market, which is still in the early stages of growth and development, is expected to grow to an almost $7 billion industry by 2030.

By Interact Analysis
Robotics June 8, 2023

Manufacturer opens packaging and logistics headquarters

ABB Robotics’ dedicated Packaging and Logistics facility in Atlanta will develop AI-enabled robotic skills to help U.S. customers remain competitive.

By ABB Robotics
Robotics June 8, 2023

Click beetle-inspired robots jump using elastic energy

A series of click beetle-sized robots small enough to fit into tight spaces have been developed to explore large machines such as turbines and jet engines.

By Lois Yoksoulian
Robotics June 8, 2023

Hot Control Engineering robotics articles in 2023

Control Engineering top 5 articles online about robotics posted over the last year covered industrial robot trends, logistics and robotics, what to look for in an integration partner and more.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics June 7, 2023

Motion control and robotics troubleshooting and maintenance advice

Motion control and robotics troubleshooting requires the user to understand many ways machines operate.

By Frank Lamb
Robotics June 6, 2023

Simulation tool developed to help robots handle fluids

MIT researchers have created a simulation tool for robots to manipulate complex fluids in a step toward helping them more effortlessly assist with daily tasks.

By Rachel Gordon
Robotics June 1, 2023

Mobile robot components market projecting strong growth

Interact Analysis research shows mobile robot components are expected to rapidly grow to 2027 due to a high demand for order fulfillment robots.

By Interact Analysis
Robotics May 31, 2023

North America robot sales rise in 2022

Strong demand for North American robotic sales in 2022 from car makers helped drive robotics sales more than 10% in 2022.

By International Federation of Robotics (IFR)
Robotics May 24, 2023

Industrial robots powered by AI improve manufacturing

Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are coming together and can enhance manufacturing by going beyond traditional routes. AI-enabled robotics can act more like humans and automate tasks. See AI-enabled robot video.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics May 24, 2023

Application scenarios key to collaborative robot market success

The collaborative robot market will enjoy modest growth out to 2032, with annual growth rates sitting at around 20%.

By Interact Analysis
Robotics May 19, 2023

Collaborative robot market has strong long-term future

The market for collaborative robots is forecast to show strong growth, with rising sales and new application scenarios being developed.

By Maya Xiao
Robotics May 16, 2023

Robot orders down in first quarter of 2023

Robot sales dropped more than 20% in total units in the first quarter of 2023 compared to 2022 according to an A3 report.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics May 9, 2023

Robo-gripper reflexively organizes cluttered spaces

MIT researchers have developed a pick-and-place robot that adapts in the moment to get a better grip on objects in cluttered spaces. See video.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics May 8, 2023

Top 5 Control Engineering content: May 1-7, 2023

The top 5 articles from the past week include robotics, variable frequency drives and pump control.

By David Miller
Robotics April 28, 2023

Drones navigate unseen environments with liquid neural networks

MIT researchers exhibit autonomous drone navigation by using brain-inspired liquid neural networks that excel in out-of-distribution scenarios.

By Rachel Gordon
Robotics April 18, 2023

Robotic hand identifies objects after one grasp

MIT researchers have developed a three-fingered robotic gripper that can “feel” with great sensitivity along the full length of each finger.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics April 17, 2023

Manufacturer wins Hermes Award for third time

Bosch Rexroth wins the Hermes Award for the third time for their Smart Flex Effector project; Dutch company MantiSpectra wins the startup award.

By Hannover Messe
Robotics April 11, 2023

Picking robots’ role in manufacturing facilities expected to grow

Interact Analysis reports there will be more than 150,000 picking robots installed by 2030 as companies are using them to fill labor gaps.

By Irene Zhang
Robotics April 11, 2023

Four-legged robotic system developed for navigating uneven terrain

DribbleBot is a four-legged robot that can maneuver a soccer ball on landscapes such as sand, gravel, mud, and snow, using reinforcement learning to adapt to varying ball dynamics. See video.

By Rachel Gordon
Robotics April 3, 2023

Robots making farming more sustainable and flexible

Farmwise uses large autonomous machines and robots to snip weeds while preserving crops, eliminating the need for herbicides.

By Zach Winn
Robotics March 29, 2023

Robot caterpillar demonstrates approach to locomotion for soft robotics

A caterpillar-like soft robot that can move forward, backward and dip under narrow spaces has been developed.

By Matt Shipman
Robotics March 27, 2023

Learning what is possible in warehouse robotics

A panel from The Robotics Group of MHI discussed “What’s possible now in warehouse robotics” at ProMat 2023, covering topics including workforce training and implementation, system integration, safety and cost.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics March 23, 2023

How software helps manufacturers better manage mobile robot fleets

Mobile robots and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are helping manufacturing, distribution centers and warehousing applications move materials more effectively. Software can help manufacturers with design, implementation and management of mobile robots and AGVs fleets.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics March 23, 2023

One million robots working in automotive industry

One million robots are working in the automotive industry, which represents about a third of all robotics in all industries, according to a report by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR).

By International Federation of Robotics (IFR)
Robotics March 22, 2023

Industrial robotics market growth expected to remain strong

A research report by Future Market Insights indicates the industrial robotics industry will have double-digit throughout the next decade.

By Future Market Insights
Robotics March 19, 2023

How collaborative robots’ flexibility benefits manufacturers

Collaborative robots (cobots) are growing in industrial manufacturing applications because of their flexibility and their ability to work alongside humans whereas traditional robots cannot.

By Suzanne Gill
Robotics March 18, 2023

Grant awarded to increase artificial intelligence and robotics use in poultry processing

Researchers in two states were awarded a $5 million grant to increase use of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics in chicken processing.

By Fred Miller
Robotics March 16, 2023

Robotics factory expanded in Michigan

ABB started construction starting on the expansion of its robotics headquarters and manufacturing facility in Michigan, which will create 72 highly-skilled new jobs.

Robotics March 16, 2023

Model developed to help synchronize robots, drones

Cornell University researchers have developed a model called a swarmalator to help drones, tiny robots and more synchronize.

By Krishna Ramanujan
Robotics March 15, 2023

Wheeled robot measures leaf angles to help corn plants

Researchers have demonstrated an automated technology capable of accurately measuring the angle of leaves on corn plants in the field, providing farmers with useful data more quickly.

By Matt Shipman
Robotics March 13, 2023

Five robot trends for 2023

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) analyzes the top five trends shaping robotics and automation in 2023.

By International Federation of Robotics (IFR)
Robotics March 13, 2023

Robots are becoming more mobile and autonomous

The rise of robot technology and the recent introduction of cobots is changing how robotics are utilized in manufacturing.

By Simon Jenkins
Robotics March 8, 2023

Two selected for annual robotics award

Roberta Nelson Shea of Universal Robots and Jeff Burnstein of A3 are selected for the 2023 Joseph F. Engelberger Robotics Awards.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics March 2, 2023

Service robot market expected to soar

The global service robotics market is expected to be worth more than $40 billion in 2023, with a total valuation of $267 billion by 2033.

By Future Market Insights
Robotics February 10, 2023

North American robot sales reach record high in 2022

More than 44,000 robots were ordered in 2022, up 11% over 2021, as automotive companies are turning to robots to help boost electric vehicle (EV) production.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics February 9, 2023

When will the mobile robot vendor base consolidate?

While acquisitions are occurring in the autonomous mobile robot (AMR) space, a consistent stream of new entrants is preventing overall consolidation.

By Ash Sharma
Robotics February 7, 2023

AMR multi-fleet orchestration software market growing

While multi-fleet orchestration platforms continue to grow in popularity, the jury is still out on whether high-level control (or low-level control will be more effective in the long-term.

By Rueben Scriven
Robotics February 3, 2023

Key Trends and Takeaways: Industrial and Collaborative Robots

New market insight by Interact Analysis outlines some key takeaways from 2022 for the industrial and collaborative robot market.

By Maya Xiao
Robotics February 2, 2023

AMRs help eliminate manual processes in autonomous RFID inventory system

Self-navigating mobile robotic technologies, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), can help support a variety of payloads and provide a foundation to verify contents of warehouse containers.

By Kyle O'Brien
Robotics January 30, 2023

Top 5 Control Engineering content: January 23-29, 2023

The top 5 articles from the past week covered industrial robot trends, control systems, electrical safety hazards and more.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics January 28, 2023

Soft robots use viscous fluids for complex motions

Cornell researchers have developed a system of fluid-driven actuators that enable soft robots to achieve more complex motions.

By David Nutt
Robotics January 24, 2023

Grasshopper-like material designed to leap 200 times its own thickness

The material developed by University of Colorado researchers uses elastic instability to store energy that can be released upon exposure to heat.

By Daniel Strain
Robotics January 23, 2023

Top 5 Control Engineering content: January 16-22, 2023

The top 5 articles from the past week covered industrial robot trends, hot Control Engineering topics, MQTT and more.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics January 20, 2023

Six industrial robotics trends for 2023

Robotics are becoming more important and manufacturers are recognizing their growing role in many different industries and applications. Six industry trends are highlighted.

By Emmet Cole
Robotics January 16, 2023

Cameras give industrial vision-guided robots human-like functions

Using cameras can help give vision-guided robots (VGRs) the tools needed to be real assets on the plant floor.

By Henry Martel
Robotics January 6, 2023

Smart robotics, AI fueling industrial automation growth

Industrial automation is being propelled by artificial intelligence (AI) and smart robotics, which are helping bring jobs back to the U.S.

By Emmet Cole
Robotics January 3, 2023

Robots driving oil and gas industry growth

Robotics, thanks to automation and technology advances, is expected to be a key driver in oil and gas industry growth according to a report by GlobalData.

By GlobalData
Robotics December 23, 2022

Autonomous crawling ringbots navigate narrow gaps

Researchers at North Carolina State University have created a ring-shaped soft robot capable of pulling a small payload across the surface – in ambient air or under water, as well as passing through a gap narrower than its ring size. See video

By Matt Shipman
Robotics December 15, 2022

Mobile robot shipments grow in 2022

The mobile robot market enjoyed strong growth in 2022, driven by increasing e-commerce and shifts to more flexible manufacturing.

By Ash Sharma
Robotics December 7, 2022

Robotic welding system enables more welding applications for collaborative robots

Collaborative robots (cobots) can improve weld times and inefficiencies on the plant floor.

By Josh Pawley
Robotics December 7, 2022

China overtakes United States in robot density

China has passed the United States in robot density according to a report from the International Federation of Robotics. Asia dominates overall with four countries representing the top 5.

By International Federation of Robotics (IFR)
Robotics December 5, 2022

Robots are becoming more flexible and resilient

Advances in robotics and automation are making manufacturing and logistics companies of all sizes more productive, flexible and resilient.

By Julian Ware
Robotics November 30, 2022

Assembler robot groups have potential for making larger structures

MIT researchers are showing how groups of robots can work together to build almost anything from buildings, vehicles and larger robots.

By David L. Chandler
Robotics November 10, 2022

Robotic process automation market projected to reach $70 billion by 2032

The robotic process automation market is projected to have strong growth over the next decade, jumping from more than $2 billion in 2022 to almost $70 billion by 2032.

By Future Market Insights
Robotics October 4, 2022

Soft robots grip with the right amount of force

MIT researchers created a system that lets robots effectively use grasped tools with the correct amount of force.

By Rachel Gordon
Robotics September 25, 2022

Walking and slithering aren’t as different as you think

A mathematical model links up slithering with some kinds of swimming and walking, and it could make programming many-legged robots easier.

By Kate McAlpine
Robotics September 23, 2022

Robot installations in China grew in 2021

The International Federation of Robotics reported the industrial robotics market grew by 44% compared in 2021.

By International Federation of Robotics (IFR)
Robotics September 17, 2022

Teaching, preparing university students for the future with robotics

The Department of Technology at Illinois State University (ISU) is training students to program and operate industrial robots in preparation for careers in industry.

By ABB Robotics
Robotics September 15, 2022

Successfully implementing robots in an unpredictable future

Manufacturing has gone through many changes in recent years and the rising labor gap and the need for continued productivity has companies turning toward robotics. Three robotic myths and five steps for successful implementation are highlighted.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics September 13, 2022

Robots deployed to improve on-the-job safety for retail workers

West Virginia University engineers are deploying robots to help workers by saving them from potential slips, falls and workplace hazards.

By West Virginia University
Robotics August 30, 2022

Robot sales reach record high in North America for third straight quarter

The Association for Advancing Automation reports a record high for robot sales in the second quarter of 2022 thanks to a rebound in automotive sales.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics August 22, 2022

Robot integration ease of use a priority

The market for robots is growing rapidly. However, integrating them into the automation world can be very laborious and correspondingly slow. A new robot integration profile now provides a remedy.

By Xaver Schmidt
Robotics August 18, 2022

Autonomous mobile robots’ role growing in industrial operations

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are increasingly finding applications in the mobile robotics ecosystem as automation becomes the new normal.

By GlobalData
Robotics August 13, 2022

Robot workers can help humans in manufacturing jobs

Researchers are developing methods to show how collaborative robots (cobots) can help and even improve human workers' roles in manufacturing.

By Tom Ziemer
Robotics August 4, 2022

Helping assembly-line robots pick up objects

University of Washington researchers created a tool that can design a 3D-printable passive gripper and calculate the best path to pick up an object, which could help improve robots in their day-to-day tasks. See video.

By Sarah McQuate
Robotics July 31, 2022

Spiders used as mechanical grippers for soft robotics

Researchers are showing how to repurpose deceased spiders as mechanical grippers that can pick up objects, which can be used for soft robotics.

By Mike Williams
Robotics July 29, 2022

Improving usability is growing trend in industrial robotics

As collaborative and industrial robots grow in manufacturing, enhancing their usability so anyone can use them is a growing trend and priority for companies.

By Emmet Cole
Robotics July 20, 2022

Method developed for improving autonomous robotic systems

MIT researchers have developed a general-purpose optimizer that can speed up the design of walking robots, self-driving vehicles, and other autonomous systems.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics July 16, 2022

Unleashing the magic of robotic automation

While the many benefits that robots can bring in manufacturing applications are widely understood, misconceptions around complexity have deterred many manufacturers from investing in robotic automation.

By ABB Robotics
Robotics July 15, 2022

Robots-as-a-service creates opportunities, lowers automation adoption barriers

Robots-as-a-service (RaaS) is a lets companies deploy automation and related services such as engineering, maintenance and remote monitoring.

By Emmet Cole
Robotics June 29, 2022

Industrial robot market worth over $11 billion in 2021

After a 2-year period of contraction, industrial robot shipments saw a year-on-year (YoY) increase of over 30% in 2021, according to new research published by Interact Analysis.

By Interact Analysis
Robotics June 25, 2022

Graffiti-painting robot mimics human movement

Graduate students at the Georgia Institute of Technology have built the first graffiti-painting robot system that mimics the fluidity of human movement. Watch video.

By Catherine Barzler
Robotics June 15, 2022

Taking robotics automation out of the building with AGVs

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are being used by companies for outdoor applications in a variety of different industries and can provide a strong return on investment (ROI).

By Matt Wade
Robotics June 14, 2022

Double-digit growth for robot sales in North America

The North American robotics market experienced its best quarter ever to begin 2022 as companies from the US, Canada and Mexico ordered almost 30% more robots compared to the first quarter of 2021.

By International Federation of Robotics (IFR)
Robotics June 9, 2022

Twisted soft robots navigate mazes without human or computer guidance

Researchers have developed soft robots that are capable of navigating complex environments without input from humans or computer software. See video.

By Matt Shipman
Robotics June 8, 2022

Six mistakes to avoid with AMR technology

Taking a conservative and fiscally-sensible approach to AMR technology goes a long way in making sure to avoid disasters.

By Luke Goodwin
Robotics June 1, 2022

China to ship majority of collaborative robots in 2023

Collaborative robot growth remains strong worldwide and China will be shipping more than 50% of the robots by 2023.

By Interact Analysis
Robotics May 31, 2022

Robot sales achieve record high in Q1 2022

North American companies started the year by purchasing the most robots ever in a single quarter, with 11,595 robots sold at a value of $646 million.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics May 20, 2022

Collaborative market rebounds in 2021

Traditional industrial robots will maintain their presence, but opportunities exist for the cobot market to grow in automotive spaces.

By Maya Xiao
Robotics May 16, 2022

Soft assistive robotic wearables benefit from rapid design tool

MIT researchers have created a design and fabrication tool for soft pneumatic actuators for integrated sensing, which can power personalized health care, smart homes, and gaming.

By Rachel Gordon
Robotics May 13, 2022

Microrobot collectives display versatile movement patterns

Researchers have developed collectives of microrobots, which they can move in every formation they wish.

By Max Planck Institute
Robotics May 6, 2022

Industrial robot market growth accelerating

Industrial robots used to be a mature market, but COVID-19 has turbo-charged factory automation and is attracting considerable new investment.

By Maya Xiao
Robotics May 2, 2022

Easier ways to teach robots new skills

MIT researchers have developed a technique that enables a robot to learn a pick-and-place task with only a handful of human demonstrations.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics April 27, 2022

How eye imaging technology could help robots and cars see better

Researchers from Duke University are applying lessons learned from decades of perfecting eye-imaging technologies to tomorrow’s autonomous systems sensor technologies.

By Ken Kingery
Robotics April 26, 2022

Six winners announced for annual robotics award

Six winners were named for the 2022 Engelberger Robotics Awards and will be honored at Automate 2022 and Automatica in June.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics April 14, 2022

Teaching robots to manipulate soft objects

Researchers have developed a technique that could enable a robot to manipulate squishy objects like pizza dough or soft materials like clothing.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics April 13, 2022

Cobot market set for double-digit annual growth rates

The pandemic has encouraged more companies to try a cobot as a solution to virus-related disruption, on-going labor shortages and more.

By Maya Xiao
Robotics March 27, 2022

Mobile robot sales poised for large increase

In 2021, global autonomous mobile robot (AMR) revenues surpassed 100,000 units and overall sales are expected to increase to more than 600,000 by 2025.

By Ash Sharma
Robotics March 22, 2022

How AMRs change the safety equation

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have evolved quickly, and safety guidelines are catching up, forcing manufacturers to adjust.

By Laura Moretz
Robotics March 18, 2022

Mobile robot use on the rise in manufacturing

Mobile robot options offer many potential benefits for manufacturing and are being used in a growing range of applications.

By Jordi Artigas
Robotics March 17, 2022

How fire ant rafts could help engineers design swarming robots

A study by CU Boulder researchers lays out the simple physics-based rules that govern how these ant rafts morph over time, which could help engineers design robots that work together in swarms.

By Daniel Strain
Robotics March 17, 2022

Three robotic automation trends in 2022

Post-pandemic acceleration continues for robots in new sectors like logistics and retail, and speeds up for EV production as well as increased robotic adoption by manufacturers.

Robotics March 14, 2022

Robotic trends in the manufacturing sector

Robots, particularly collaborative robots, are taking a large role in manufacturing and offer badly-needed flexibility.

By Stuart Coulton
Robotics March 14, 2022

Top 5 Control Engineering articles March 7-13, 2022

Articles about Engineers' Choice winners, advanced process controls, VFDs basics, HMIs and tuning a PM motor with a VFD were Control Engineering’s five most-viewed articles from March 7-13, 2022. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics March 14, 2022

Helping humans understand robots

Researchers from MIT and Harvard suggest that applying theories from cognitive science and educational psychology to the area of human-robot interaction can help humans build more accurate mental models of their robot collaborators.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics March 11, 2022

Technology trends in machine vision, motion, robotics, supply chain

Advancements in industrial networking, machine vision, motion control, robotics, supply chain, and simulation were among Pack Expo Las Vegas developments.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics March 7, 2022

Robots look to be more creative, flexible

Some of the main trends for robotics in 2022 include a greater emphasis on flexibility as well as developments in artificial intelligence (AI).

By Nigel Smith
Robotics March 4, 2022

Research teams receive funding for robotic manufacturing technologies

Two research projects from RPI have been selected by the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute to receive funding to develop tools that will address critical aspects of robotic manufacturing technologies.

By Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
Robotics February 17, 2022

Five robot trends for 2022

Robots' role in manufacturing and everyday life is growing and the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) highlights five trends involving robots.

By International Federation of Robotics (IFR)
Robotics February 7, 2022

Sensing method developed for soft robots

University of Wisconsin researchers have developed a system of passive sensors that can sense the entire state of a soft robot with less cost and complexity. See video.

By Adam Malecek
Robotics February 4, 2022

Robot safety standard updates, advice

Carole Franklin, director of robotic standards development at A3, answers common questions regarding Robot Safety Standards.

By Carole Franklin
Robotics January 26, 2022

Logistics company makes investment in robotics solutions

DHL Supply Chain announced a $15 million investment in robotics solutions from Boston Dynamics to further automate warehousing in North America.

By Boston Dynamics
Robotics January 25, 2022

Robots taught to hike treacherous, uneven terrain

ETH Zurich researchers have developed a new control approach that enables a legged robot, called ANYmal, to move quickly and robustly over difficult terrain.

By Christoph Elhardt
Robotics January 14, 2022

Four-legged robot designed to deliver packages

USC Viterbi researchers created a control algorithm that allows quadruped robots to adapt to unknowns in their environment, making them better-suited for delivering packages and other items in warehouse and other areas. See video.

By Avni Shah
Robotics January 12, 2022

Higher payload collaborative robot, AI-enabled robotics, laboratory integration

Larger payload collaborative robot, artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced robotics, laboratory-robotics integration, robotic order fulfillment, and virtual reality robotic software were among advances at Pack Expo 2021 Las Vegas.

By ABB Robotics
Robotics December 29, 2021

Technique speeds up thermal actuation for soft robotics

A new design for thermal actuators has been developed to help create rapid movement in soft robotic devices.

By Matt Shipman
Robotics December 2, 2021

Industrial robot component revenues to exceed $9 billion by 2025

The industrial robot industry is expected to exceed $9 billion by 2025 and show a healthy rebound after a tumultuous period due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Interact Analysis
Robotics November 26, 2021

Dexterous robotic hands manipulate objects with ease

Model-free framework reorients over 2,000 diverse objects with a hand facing both upward and downward, in a step toward more human-like manipulation. See video.

By Rachel Gordon
Robotics November 25, 2021

Robotics can help create upskilled jobs

Adopting robotics in the manufacturing sector can not only affect jobs, but it can result in the creation of new and upskilled jobs.

By Stuart Coulton
Robotics November 23, 2021

Robot pollinator developed as backup for declining insect populations

Researchers at West Virginia University (WVU) have developed a robot pollinator to care for individual crops efficiently, improve food security during insect declines and more.

By West Virginia University
Robotics November 20, 2021

Giving robots social skills

A machine-learning system developed by MIT researchers can help robots understand and perform certain social interactions.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics November 20, 2021

Why AMRs are being adopted on factory floors

The autonomous mobile robot (AMR) market has been heavily driven by logistics customers and will overtake manufacturing as the largest user in 2022.

By Jan Zhang
Robotics November 19, 2021

Adaptive swarm robotics can improve smart agriculture

Using swarm robotics, can lead to reduced waste through better logistics, optimal use of water and fertilizer, and a reduction of pesticides

By Steve Kuhlmann
Robotics November 8, 2021

Plug-and-play robot ecosystems on the rise

Robot ecosystems are bringing plug-and-play ease to compatible hardware and software peripherals while adding greater value and functionality to robots.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics October 22, 2021

Control system enables four-legged robot to manage uneven terrain

MIT researchers have developed a system that improves the speed and agility of four-legged robots as they jump across gaps in the terrain. See video.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics October 21, 2021

Mobile robot market revenues rise despite COVID-19 delays

Mobile robot revenues and shipments grew in 2020 compared to 2019 by more than 25% in spite of troubles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Interact Analysis
Robotics October 19, 2021

Robot orders rise to pre-pandemic levels

Robot orders in the second quarter of 2021 were up 67% over the same period in 2020, indicating a return to levels before COVID-19.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics October 8, 2021

Using blockchain technology to protect robots

Blockchain technology as a communication tool for a team of robots could provide security and safeguard against deception.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics October 5, 2021

Robot digs, finds objects under piles

An integrated robotic arm fuses visual data from a camera and radio frequency (RF) information from an antenna to find and retrieve objects, even when they are buried under a pile and fully out of view. See video.

By Adam Zewe
Robotics October 3, 2021

Micro-robots propelled by air bubbles, ultrasound

A Cornell University team has created cell-size robots that can be powered and steered by ultrasound waves, which could be used for targeted drug delivery and other sensitive applications.

By David Nutt
Robotics September 30, 2021

Three reasons to robotize soldering operations

The soldering process has remained the same since 1896 when the patent was granted for an “electric heating apparatus” automation could change all that.

By Nigel Smith
Robotics September 21, 2021

Robotic assistants helping in wilderness areas and disaster zones

A University of Michigan research project aims to equip walking robots to adapt on the fly to treacherous ground, which could enable them to go into areas that are too dangerous for humans such as collapsed buildings, disaster areas and other hazardous situations.

By Gabe Cherry
Robotics September 14, 2021

Five ways to improve operational excellence in robotic welding automation

Robotic welding automation, more common for many manufacturers, but it is fraught with potential issues that takes time and effort to resolve. See five methods for operational excellence in robotic welding in the short- and long-term.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics September 7, 2021

Teaching robots to learn in the construction industry

A grant from the National Science Foundation will help robots learn like human apprentices to make construction work less dangerous and strenuous for humans.

By Gabe Cherry
Robotics August 23, 2021

Inflatable robotic hand provides real-time tactile control for amputees

Engineers at MIT and Shanghai Jiao Tong University have designed a soft, lightweight, and potentially low-cost neuroprosthetic hand that has better dexterity and could be useful for amputees and other robotic applications. See video.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics August 12, 2021

Faster path planning for rubble-roving robots

An algorithm has been developed to speed up path planning for robots designed to traverse treacherous terrain such as disaster areas or construction sites.

By Dan Newman
Robotics August 11, 2021

System trains drones to fly around obstacles at high speeds

Aerospace engineers at MIT have devised an algorithm that helps drones fly around obstacles without crashing, which could help in search-and-rescue missions and other applications that use drones in time-sensitive situations. See video.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics August 4, 2021

7 things required for a successful cobot deployment

Choosing a collaborative robot (cobot) involves many aspects and manufacturers will need to decide on many things including whether to hire an integrator and what risks may be involved.

By Joe Campbell
Robotics August 3, 2021

AMRs have a big future in manufacturing production

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have a big future in the industrial sector and the buyers may come from unexpected places as manufacturing itself changes and evolves.

By Ash Sharma
Robotics August 3, 2021

Three ways to ensure collaborative robot success

Cover Story: Collaborative robots offer a lot of potential for manufacturers, but they will only be successful long-term if companies are diligent in education, assessment and overall design.

By Kelly Chalmers
Robotics July 24, 2021

AI being used in real-world robotics applications

Robots are getting smarter all the time and it's thanks to artificial intelligence- (AI) related systems.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics July 22, 2021

Mobile robotics group acquired

ABB announced it will acquire ASTI Mobile Robotics Group (ASTI), a global autonomous mobile robot (AMR) manufacturer to expand their robot and automation portfolio.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics July 22, 2021

Autonomous UV robot developed to sanitize classrooms

Texas A&M University capstone team designs efficient way to sanitize classrooms with an autonomous ultraviolet (UV) robot.

By Jennifer Reiley
Robotics July 20, 2021

Robot algorithm improves safe motion around humans

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have created an algorithm to help a robot find efficient motion plans to ensure physical safety of its human counterpart. See video.

By Rachel Gordon
Robotics July 12, 2021

Impact of Zebra’s acquisition of robotics company

Zebra Technologies has acquired Fetch Robotics for almost $300 million, but what does this mean for the company and for other robotics companies? Content partner Interact Analysis offers some insights.

By Ash Sharma
Robotics July 9, 2021

Better gripping with intelligent picking robots

Researchers from Germany and Canada work on new AI methods for picking robots.

By Festo Corporation
Robotics July 9, 2021

Bird-like wings could help drones keep stable in gusts

3D morphing wings developed by University of Michigan researchers could help small aircraft safely navigate windy streets and other close-corridor situations.

By Kate McAlpine
Robotics June 27, 2021

Collaborative robots’ role in high-mix, low-volume production

The rise of high-mix, low-volume (HMLV) production has become commonplace with more customized items being produced. Collaborative robots can be a key enabler in this process.

By Control Engineering Europe
Robotics May 26, 2021

Robotic finger uses tactile sensing to find buried items

MIT researchers developed a robot that digs through granular material, like sand and gravel, and find the shapes of buried objects with tactile sensing, which could help inspect cables and more. See video.

By Daniel Ackerman
Robotics May 17, 2021

Algorithm helps robots collaborate on difficult tasks

MIT researchers have designed an algorithm to ensure the fruitful cooperation of information-gathering robot teams, which could be vital for robot teams’ success in complex, unpredictable environments.

By Daniel Ackerman
Robotics May 6, 2021

Robot sales have strong start for 2021

Robot sales rose over 20% in the first quarter of 2021 compared to 2020 with non-automotive sales leading the way.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics May 6, 2021

Robot sensor market growth expected

Demand for robot vision sensors are very high all over the world and will keep the global robot sensor market strong for the next several years.

By Graphical Research
Robotics May 4, 2021

Robots learning to grasp friction

A new law of physics that accounts for how robots grip objects, particularly web ones, has been discovered by North Carolina State University researchers.

By Matt Shipman
Robotics May 4, 2021

Benefits of PLC-controlled robots

PLC-controlled robots, companies were given the opportunity to manage a robotic automation solution with a single, unified point-of-control between industrial robots and controllers.

By Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT)
Robotics May 2, 2021

Mobile collaborative robot growth buoyed by changing market

Growth in e-commerce and logistics require mobile and flexible robots and collaborative robots will play a key role in their growth as well as other industries.

By Maya Xiao
Robotics April 12, 2021

Robot industry trends and potential for the future

The last year has been a trying one for many industries, but robotics manufacturers and distributors are using the current climate to develop new and innovative ways for robots to help in manufacturing.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics April 10, 2021

How robotic process automation helps digitally transform businesses

Robotic process automation (RPA) can help drive business transformation forward, but only if it is implemented correctly.

By Paul Rivers
Robotics March 30, 2021

Control system helps drones team up to deliver heavy packages

A research team at the Georgia Institute of Technology has developed a modular solution for handling larger packages without the need for a complex fleet of drones of varying sizes. See video.

By John Toon
Robotics March 29, 2021

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By Keagan Gay
Robotics March 24, 2021

Developing robotic safety standards and compliance

Robotic safety standards have been around for a few decades and their importance is growing as they became more common in manufacturing.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics March 24, 2021

Eight lessons for robotics startups

Robotics companies are experiencing major growth, but what separates the successful companies from the pretenders? See eight tips on how to succeed and video examples.

By Andra Keay
Robotics March 23, 2021

Researchers’ algorithm designs soft robots that sense

Deep-learning technique optimizes the arrangement of sensors on a robot’s body to ensure efficient operation. See video.

By Daniel Ackerman
Robotics March 23, 2021

Robots digging deep underground, finding new depths

Robots are being used in oil and gas operations to dig underground, which is often undulating and challenging. Companies are finding innovative ways to overcome the problem.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics March 16, 2021

Aerial robotics used for above-ground oil and gas assets

Remotely-operated aerial robots can operate in dangerous conditions, which make them ideal for certain oil and gas operations.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics March 9, 2021

Autonomous underwater robots used for deep-sea drilling operations

Many of the world's oil and natural gas resource lie beneath the oceans. Autonomous robots can help explore and dig them out.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics March 7, 2021

Helping soft robots turn rigid on demand

A new control system developed by MIT researchers may broaden robots’ range of tasks and allow safer interactions with people.

By Daniel Ackerman
Robotics March 7, 2021

Harnessing the power of AI for robotics

As a part of Cyber Valley, the AI Innovation Center “Learning Systems” operated by Fraunhofer IAO and Fraunhofer IPA supports companies in their efforts to exploit the economic potential of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).

By Fraunhofer IPMS
Robotics March 2, 2021

Tiny drones developed with an insect’s agility

Insect-sized drones have been developed with a soft actuator that allows them to withstand the physical travails of real-world flight, which could help their overall movement in many applications. See video.

By Daniel Ackerman
Robotics January 31, 2021

Non-automotive robotic orders surpass automotive orders in 2020

Robotic orders for 2020 were 3.5% higher than 2019 with non-automotive robotic orders surpassing automotive orders for the first time ever, according to the Robotic Industries Association. 

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 28, 2021

Mobile safety standard for robots published

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) published a national safety standard that provides technical requirements for the design of industrial mobile robots to support worker safety.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 27, 2021

Disinfection robot developed to halt COVID-19 spread

A team of USC master’s students created a disinfection robot called LASER-D to use on COVID-19 prevention. See video.

By Avni Shah
Robotics January 22, 2021

Collaborative robot market predicted to surge

The collaborative robot market, led by China and the United States, is predicted to thrive over the next several years after a difficult period due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Interact Analysis
Robotics January 21, 2021

Designing customized robot brains for critical applications

A system has been developed that devises hardware architectures to hasten robots’ response time so they can operate in critical situations.

By Daniel Ackerman
Robotics January 16, 2021

Robot displays empathy to a partner robot

A robot has learned to visually predict how its partner robot will behave, displaying a glimmer of empathy, which could help robots get along with other robots and humans more intuitively.

By Holly Evarts
Robotics January 13, 2021

What OEMs look for in a robot supplier

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) need to consider their plant floor, the type of robot and more when choosing a robot supplier.

By Nigel Smith
Robotics January 10, 2021

Predicting robot movement, collective behavior

Engineers have proposed a principle where active matter systems can spontaneously order, without need for higher level instructions or even programmed interaction among the agents, which has been shown in shape-changing robots.

By John Toon
Robotics January 7, 2021

How robots help additive manufacturers add precision

Robotics and other technology advances increase accuracy and allow robots to improve precision and make larger parts for additive manufacturing applications.

By Laura Moretz
Robotics December 16, 2020

Robots helping manufacture overflow health care, quarantine structures

A group of self-aware, human-directed robots to assist in manufacturing rapidly deployed structures to help with COVID-19 overflow.

By Torie Wells
Robotics December 8, 2020

The need for robotic offline programming in a COVID-19 world

Offline robot programming platforms are increasingly being used during the COVID-19 pandemic. Four scenarios, key programming features and perks are highlighted.

By Michael Castor
Robotics December 7, 2020

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By Keagan Gay
Robotics December 7, 2020

How collaborative robots’ role is growing on the plant floor

A key factor behind the growth in collaborative robot deployment is the ready availability of simpler and more cost-effective systems comprising standard hardware, tooling and ancillary components

By Suzanne Gill
Robotics December 2, 2020

Benefits of an open-source language for robots

A robot operating system (ROS) delivers the services that would be expected from an OS – such as hardware abstraction, low-level device control, implementation of commonly used functionality, message-passing between processes and package management.

By Neil Ballinger
Robotics November 30, 2020

Computer-aided creativity for robot design

A system called RoboGrammar allows designers to simulate potential robot designs to find a system that works best for particular terrains.

By Daniel Ackerman
Robotics November 22, 2020

How robotics engineers are taking on COVID-19

Methods used to help robots walk and autonomous cars drive can help epidemiologists predict COVID-19's spread

By California Institute of Technology
Robotics November 10, 2020

Integrating technology and talent with collaborative robots

Robots can augment and enhance the plant floor by handling the dirty, dull and dangerous tasks and work safely alongside humans.

By Leah Zitter
Robotics November 6, 2020

Robot inspired by pufferfish could improve drone safety

A team of engineers have designed a robot called PufferBot, which blows up like a pufferfish and is designed to make flying drones safer.

By Daniel Strain
Robotics November 2, 2020

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By Keagan Gay
Robotics October 28, 2020

Robot sales rise due to increased automation, COVID-19 pandemic

Professional service robot sales increased by 32% worldwide from 2018 to 2019 and the impact from the COVID-19 pandemic is expected to increase sales even more.

By International Federation of Robotics (IFR)
Robotics October 8, 2020

Mobile docking system developed for underwater robots

A mobile docking system for autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) has been developed to allow vehicles to perform longer tasks without the need for human intervention.

By Kayla Wiles
Robotics October 6, 2020

Reducing COVID-19 worker risks with robots

Focusing on COVID-19 risks in the workplace has shed new light on the benefits of automation and robots and their benefits on the plant floor and manifesting in multiple ways.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics October 5, 2020

New industrial mobile robot safety standard, R15.08

Mobile robots are going to be everywhere soon. Here's how to keep workers safe around them: R15.08, American National Standard for Industrial Mobile Robots -- Safety Requirements -- Part 1: Requirements for the Industrial Mobile Robot.

By Jackie Rose
Robotics October 1, 2020

Control Engineering hot topics, September 2020

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By Keagan Gay
Robotics September 30, 2020

Five tips for specifying mobile robots

Before investing in an industrial mobile robot, get answers for these five questions.

By Matt Wade
Robotics September 16, 2020

Do cobots replace people in manufacturing?

The debate has been long — and shall continue — whether automation replaces humans or increases productivity, quality and safety

By Joseph H. Schwartz
Robotics September 15, 2020

Robots, know-how driving COVID lab’s massive testing effort

Cornell University is using robots and batch testing to ensure thousands of tests can be processed to ensure the university can safely operate during the school year.

By Melanie Lefkowitz
Robotics September 2, 2020

Robots remotely measure patients’ vitals for COVID-19

Robots can remotely measure patients' vital signs, which could reduce health care workers’ exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

By Anne Trafton
Robotics September 2, 2020

Robotics help a post-pandemic world

Despite death and economic destruction from COVID-19, robots are effective tools to create social distancing, reduce touches, disinfect the workplace, safeguard hospital staff and keep companies running when workers are unavailable.

By Jeff Burnstein
Robotics August 31, 2020

Robotics, machine and motion control market outlook positive for 2021

While the market is down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the market outlook for 2021 is positive according to a report by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) and ITR Economics.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics August 25, 2020

How biomorphic batteries can provide more power for robots

Rechargeable batteries that store energy the way animals store fat could help robots operate for longer periods according to a research team at the University of Michigan.

By Kate McAlpine
Robotics August 17, 2020

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By Keagan Gay
Robotics August 10, 2020

Automation helps with COVID-19, energy efficiency, robotics, non-contact motion control, STEM

Automation innovation has opportunities to help with COVID-19 pandemic response, energy efficiency, robotics, non-contact motion control using superconductivity, training and by creating increased interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics August 2, 2020

Robotic software improves robot health

Industrial robotic software, industrial networks and cloud-based technologies are helping to improve industrial robotic health, improve robotic uptime and better manage robotic assets.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics July 18, 2020

Researchers giving robots human-like perception of their physical environments

3D Dynamic Scene Graphs gives robots spatial abilities that could enable them to work with people on the plant floor or in other dangerous environments.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics July 14, 2020

Coordinating complex behaviors among hundreds of robots

Duke University researchers have developed an approach to designing motion plans for multiple robots grows "trees" in the search space to solve complex problems in a fraction of the time.

By Ken Kingery
Robotics July 9, 2020

Project collaboration for robot applications in outer space

Maxar Technologies has announced over $2 million in funding for the Robotic Technology Center at West Virginia University for a project called Space Infrastructure Dexterous Robot (SPIDER), which will be a part of NASA's OSAM-1 mission.

By Paige Nesbit
Robotics July 2, 2020

Cockroach-inspired robot designed to work in applications with limited space

A University of Colorado researcher has created HAMR-Jr, a robot modeled after cockroaches and designed to crawl and easily move into dangerous places such as airplane engines or other spaces where mechanics can’t reach to conduct needed inspections.

By University of Colorado Boulder
Robotics June 29, 2020

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By Keagan Gay
Robotics June 29, 2020

Robotic system developed to neutralize aerosolized forms of COVID-19

Researchers MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) collaborated with Ava Robotics and the Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB) to design a robotic system that disinfects surfaces and neutralizes aerosolized forms of COVID-19.

By Rachel Gordon
Robotics June 24, 2020

Building resilience with robotics

Will the COVID-19 pandemic accelerate the speed adoption of robotic and automation across the industrial sector? There are many factors at play.

By Suzanne Gill
Robotics June 18, 2020

Electro-sensitive protective equipment testing is crucial for collaborative robots

Electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE), such as light guards and laser scanners, are crucial for collaborative robots, but inspection and testing is often neglected.

By Lee Ray
Robotics June 17, 2020

Automated system developed to accelerate R&D, manufacturing of materials

North Carolina State and University of Buffalo researchers have developed Artificial Chemist, which is a technology that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and an automated system for performing chemical reactions to accelerate R&D and manufacturing of commercially desirable materials.

By Matt Shipman
Robotics June 16, 2020

Lab makes 4D printing more practical for robotics, biomedical implant applications

Rice University researchers have advanced the manufacture of complex shapeshifters for soft robots, biomedical implants with 4D printing.

By Mike Williams
Robotics June 5, 2020

The role of collaborative robots in Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0 will emphasize collaborative robotics as well as human input while encouraging many of the positive aspects that Industry 4.0 brought to the plant floor.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics May 29, 2020

Researchers incorporate computer vision, uncertainty into AI for robotic prosthetics

Researchers at North Carolina State University have developed software to enable people using robotic prosthetics or exoskeletons to walk in a safer, more natural manner on different types of terrain.

By Matt Shipman
Robotics May 17, 2020

Soft robot movement speed inspired by cheetahs

North Carolina State University researchers have developed a type of soft robot capable of moving more quickly on solid surfaces or in the water, which was inspired by how cheetahs move.

By Matt Shipman
Robotics May 16, 2020

Improvements in robot-assisted surgery driven by haptic feedback systems

Robot-assisted surgery has various benefits such as less pain and a faster recovery time for the patient, higher degree of precision for the surgeon, and more. However, one challenge the industry is facing is lack of quality haptic feedback.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics May 13, 2020

Study finds robots help some manufacturers even while workers struggle

A study co-authored by an MIT professor shows firms that move quickly to use robots tend to add workers to their payroll, but overall employment drops.

By Peter Dizikes
Robotics May 12, 2020

The rise of robots-as-a-service in manufacturing operations

Robots-as-a-Service uses a cloud-based system which allows for easier requirement changes.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics May 7, 2020

Identify and mitigate robotic hazards

Robot safety: In areas with robotic process automation (RPA), identify and enforce safeguards and practices to mitigate workplace incidents. Heed appropriate standards. Do risk assessments.

By Prasanna Shukla
Robotics May 6, 2020

Study examines how many jobs robots replace

A study co-authored by an MIT professor finds that in the U.S., the impact of robots varies widely by industry and region, and may play a notable role in exacerbating income inequality.

By Peter Dizikes
Robotics May 2, 2020

Muscle signals can help pilot a robot, improve human-robot interaction

MIT researchers' Conduct-A-Bot system uses muscle signals to cue a drone’s movement, which could enable more natural human-robot communication.

By Rachel Gordon
Robotics May 2, 2020

Robots provide surgeons with superhuman stability and precision

Robotics are being used in various surgical sectors to aid in precision, efficiency, and much more. Orthopedic surgery is currently the most developed market.

By IDTechEx
Robotics May 1, 2020

Compliance for robotic companies

Making robots compliant regardless of the environment is a challenge, but there are several things companies can look out for. See three questions companies should ask.

By Roberta Nelson Shea
Robotics April 30, 2020

How to quickly start a robotic pick-and-place application

Moving parts from a bin to a precise location has required repetitive human agility or talent to address vision, programming and robotic integration challenges. A pre-integrated kit can shorten time to productivity, helping machine tending and pick-and-place robotic applications. See May 12 live webcast and 7 tips below.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics April 23, 2020

Solving the U.K.’s productivity problems with robotics

It is time for the manufacturing sector in the U.K. to look seriously at the adoption of automation, and robotics in particular, to help improve productivity figures.

By Mike Wilson
Robotics April 18, 2020

How robots are helping medical professionals combat COVID-19

Robots can help medical professionals dealing with COVID-19 and potentially reduce their exposure to the pandemic.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 16, 2020

Researchers use magnetic fields to control soft robotics

University of Wisconsin researchers have developed a method for using magnetic fields to remotely induce soft composite materials to rearrange their internal structure into a variety of new patterns.

By Adam Malecek
Robotics April 15, 2020

Robots and automation are fighting the COVID-19 pandemic

Robots and automation are on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle and are helping manufacturers, health care officials and many more.

By Keith Shaw
Robotics April 12, 2020

Signs of hope for manufacturing amid COVID-19

While manufacturing has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, there are signs and reasons to be optimistic about a recovery in the months and years to come.

By John Gallagher
Robotics April 12, 2020

University details process for using robotics, AI to produce polymers for advanced materials

Engineers have developed an automated process for creating polymers that make it easier to produce advanced materials used to treat humans thanks to robotics and AI.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 10, 2020

COVID-19’s impact on mobile robotics growth

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating the opportunity for mobile robots to be used for various markets and could lead to a reassessment of supply chains in the future.

By Gregory Hale
Robotics April 9, 2020

Looking closer at the impact of robots on labor and employment

Robots are creating jobs outside of the ones replaced by automation, but the picture remains murky on the overall impact robots have had.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 5, 2020

Collaborative robots create jobs for manufacturers

Collaborative robots won't necessarily take away humans jobs; they will assist in worker productivity, company growth and much more.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 1, 2020

3FG15 three-finger gripper by OnRobot

OnRobot’s large-stroke 3FG15 three-finger gripper is designed to make automated precision handling of cylindrical parts easy to program and deploy.

By OnRobot
Robotics March 29, 2020

Construction businesses value AI and robotics

Artificial intelligence and robots have the ability to help workers in the construction field improve productivity, enhance safety, and much more.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 26, 2020

Hospitality industry looking to AI for improved service, security and more

The hospitality industry is adopting artificial intelligence to enhance guests experience, safety, security, and service while staying at hotels.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 23, 2020

Better safety practices for collaborative robot operations

Manufacturers have developed solutions to keep human workers safe from the potential risks collaborative robots bring on the plant floor.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 19, 2020

Robots developed to 3D-print complex shapes

USC researchers have built robots that can 3D print complicated shapes without compromising on quality or accuracy.

By Avni Shah
Robotics March 19, 2020

Three ways to start a career in the robotics industry

When choosing to start a career in robotics and engineering, it's important to know the various fields and specialties within the industry.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 18, 2020

More answers about robotic applications

Success of robotic applications requires putting the right robot with the right application. Learn more from system integrators from the webcast, “Robotic applications: What robots should and shouldn’t be doing,” including collaborative robots, motion, pitfalls, and more.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics March 15, 2020

Three misconceptions about service robots

There are concerns about service robots, but a majority of them regarding design, automation and safety are inaccurate.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 14, 2020

Robotics’ growing impact on the healthcare industry

Robotics, although still under the control of humans, are becoming a more frequent option in health care for assistance in surgeries and other medical treatments.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 10, 2020

Collaborative robots cutting operation and manufacturing costs for healthcare companies

Collaborative robots, artificial intelligence and Industry 4.0's potential can help cut operation and manufacturing costs for healthcare companies.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 9, 2020

Algorithm helps swarming robots avoid collisions, traffic jams

Northwestern University researchers have developed a decentralized algorithm that allow robots to move with a collision-free, deadlock-free guarantee.

By Amanda Morris
Robotics March 7, 2020

Collaborative robots help manufacturers address worker gaps, improve efficiency

Collaborative robots work with humans to do the most boring of tasks and let human workers focus on meaningful jobs, improving job satisfaction.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 7, 2020

Robots work to aid humans

The industry is moving toward using collaborative robots (cobots) with force-sensing technology that work alongside people

By Steve Alexander
Robotics March 5, 2020

Collaborative robot market growing along with their popularity

The rise of collaborative robots is expected to continue as manufacturers and people become more comfortable with their presence in everyday situations and the market reflects that.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics February 27, 2020

Collaborative robot benefits for local manufacturers

Collaborative robots help local manufacturers meet the customer's demand for immediate products and can help control long-term costs.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics February 20, 2020

Human impact: Role of workers with robotics

A manufacturer that saves money on labor by using automation can increase investments and demand and create more opportunity for employment. Factory floor workers can manage tasks that require skills that automation cannot replicate, leading to further innovation.

By Nigel Smith
Robotics February 19, 2020

Autonomous mobile robot market expanding at record pace

The market for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) is growing fast, and there is a lot of demand globally for them in traditional automation, in non-automotive sectors.

By Michael Majchrzak
Robotics February 16, 2020

Soft robotic arm uses flexible sensors to understand its position

MIT researchers have developed flexible sensors and an artificial intelligence model that tell deformable robots how their bodies are positioned in a 3D environment.

By Rob Matheson
Robotics February 14, 2020

North American robot orders up in 2019

Robot sales increased compared to 2018 thanks to increases in orders from automotive OEMs and the plastics and rubber industry.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics February 11, 2020

Autonomous, intelligent materials transport advantages

Inside machines and robotics: Mobile robots are adding flexibility and space-efficiency in complex industrial applications. Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are adding efficiencies, especially electronics and semiconductor industries.

By Christoph Wimmer
Robotics February 10, 2020

Autonomous mobile robots improve logistics

At Ford Motor’s body and stamping plant in Valencia, Spain, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) improved overall logistics and allowed human workers to work on more complex tasks.

By Ed Mullen
Robotics February 8, 2020

Four robotic process automation challenges to consider

Companies are already using robotic process automation (RPA) to improve operations, but they also need to consider costs and the need for constant maintenance when implementing the program.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics February 8, 2020

The future of the industrial and collaborative robot markets for 2020 and beyond

The industrial and collaborative market has a bright future ahead as companies look to make robots faster, smarter and more efficient. See three market trends and two technology trends for the 2020s.

By Jan Zhang
Robotics February 7, 2020

Getting the best from your robot investment

Investing in a robot for an automation project is an ongoing process and requires the user to perform risk assessments and get a clear picture of what the robot’s purpose is in the project.

By Mark Howard
Robotics February 6, 2020

Exoskeleton helps arm-based physical therapy

Inside machines and robotics: Looking inside an exoskeleton shows advanced robotics technologies used to help physical therapy related to loss of arm movement. It’s a high-technology motion control application.

By Rohit John Varghese
Robotics February 5, 2020

Researchers create 3D-printed, sweating robot muscle

Cornell researchers have created a soft robot muscle that can regulate its temperature through sweating, which can enable high-powered robots to operate for long periods of time without overheating.

By David Nutt
Robotics February 5, 2020

Deploying robots and drones in process plants and facilities

Robots have long been used in discrete manufacturing and machine automation applications, and their use is now spreading to address process industry applications.

By Dr. Penny Chen
Robotics February 5, 2020

Robotics group elects 2020 Board of Directors

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) is pleased to announce the results of the recent Board of Directors election with Matt Wicks, Chief Robotics Solution Architect, Honeywell Intelligrated, being named Chairperson.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics February 4, 2020

Mobile robots are getting smarter and going new places

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are working alongside humans and providing help in applications such as hospitals and warehouses thanks to advances in mobility and mapping technology.

By Laura Moretz
Robotics February 3, 2020

Cartesian robots have value on the manufacturing floor

Cartesian robots offer space and cost savings, wide dynamic range, and are simpler compared to other industrial robots.

By Sandro Quintero
Robotics February 3, 2020

Top 5 Control Engineering articles January 27 to February 2

Articles about the System Integrator Giants, advanced process control, robotics and AI in agriculture, improved process control engineering, and revamped HMIs were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from January 27 to February 2. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics January 28, 2020

Make collaborative robots safer for human interaction

Worker safety is always top priority, especially when it comes to robots and collaborative robots may be the key.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 22, 2020

Service robot market growing in automotive, non-automotive applications

Service robots, whether its in professional or personal use, are growing by leaps and bounds and that doesn't appear to be slowing anytime soon as robots become more sophisticated.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 15, 2020

Popular applications for collaborative robots

Collaborative robots are growing in many industries and are being increasingly used in applications including, pick and place, packaging and quality inspection.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 7, 2020

Exoskeletons boost productivity and safety for manufacturers

Exoskeletons can make workers safer on the manufacturing floor, and they will become more common as mobility and cost concerns become less of an issue.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 4, 2020

AI robotic pills can help cows improve milk production

A tiny AI robotic pill may soon help farmers improve their cows’ milk production if they are feeling anxiety or stress. The technology behind this pill might be used to improve human surgeries in the future.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 1, 2020

CRX-10iA and CRX-10iA/L by Fanuc America Corporation 

Fanuc’s 10kg payload CRX-10iA and CRX-10iA/L (long arm version) collaborative robots provide a reach of 1249mm and 1418mm respectively. 

By Fanuc America Corporation
Robotics January 1, 2020

Robotic offline programming increases manufacturing production

Robotic offline programming (OLP) reduces initial setup time, programming time, and changeover and alteration time for manufacturers.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics December 28, 2019

Proximity-based safety improves robot movement and efficiency

Moving to proximity-based safety can release space and improve production efficiency by allowing robots and workers more freedom of movement on the shop floor.

By Oliver Giertz
Robotics December 26, 2019

Collaborative robots designed for space navigation

NASA believes collaborative robots are better suited for a mission to Titan, which is Saturn's largest moon, as they try to learn more about its surface and atmosphere.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics December 16, 2019

System integrators and autonomous mobile robots working together

System integrators should know an autonomous mobile robot's (AMR’s) programming and implementation capabilities make them attractive to end users.

By Bob Doyle
Robotics December 13, 2019

Buying, specifying robotics

2019 Robotics Research Report: Respondents to the Control Engineering and Plant Engineering 2019 Robotics Research survey identified use, trends, and purchasing habits of industrial robots and related hardware, software, peripherals, robotic safety, training, installation, integration, and maintenance.

By Mark T. Hoske, Hemdeep Kaur, and Amanda Pelliccione
Robotics December 10, 2019

Using robots to achieve consistent year-round success

How year-round automation eliminated inconsistencies on stock products and boosted output by cutting cycle time by 50%.

By Josh Leath
Robotics December 10, 2019

Collaborative robot market rapidly expanding according to report

Interact Analysis projects strong growth for the collaborative robot market as non-automotive industries become more invested in the technology.

By Interact Analysis
Robotics December 9, 2019

Six use cases for collaborative robots

Robotics special report: The six most common collaborative robot applications are pick and place, machine tending, packaging and palletizing, process tasks, finishing tasks, and quality.

By Joe Campbell
Robotics December 6, 2019

Five ideal robotic gripper features

Cover Story: The ideal robotic gripper should be flexible for multiple applications and easy to use. Manufacturers should also choose robotic grippers that can help with their long-term data needs.

By Michael Guelker
Robotics November 23, 2019

Design and control robots with stretchy, flexible bodies

MIT researchers have found a way top optimize soft robots to perform specific tasks with a new model that make their bodies flexible.

By Rob Matheson
Robotics November 21, 2019

Robotic sales show overall growth

Robotic sales are up over 5% compared to 2018 results according to the Robotic Industries Association (RIA).

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics November 20, 2019

Four types of collaborative robot operation

The ISO 10218-1 safety standard classifies the four types of collaborative robot operation: Safety monitored stop, hand guiding, speed and separation monitoring, and power and force limiting.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics November 16, 2019

Algorithm developed to help automate robots for more complex workspaces

Researchers at the USC Viterbi Center for Advanced Manufacturing have identified an algorithm designed to provide robots short, collision-free solutions in complex manufacturing spaces.

By Avni Shah
Robotics November 16, 2019

Robot designed to “grow” like a plant

MIT engineers have developed a robot designed to extend a chain-like appendage that can twist and turn in any necessary configuration and can then retract the appendage when a task is completed.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics November 13, 2019

Robotic laser marking benefits for the automotive industry

Laser marking involves a technique where a laser etches, stains, or otherwise engraves a material and is extremely useful for the automotive industry, which demands precision marking.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics November 9, 2019

Technique helps robots find the front door

MIT engineers, along with the Ford Motor Company, have developed a navigation method for robots that enables a robot to use clues in its environment to plan out a route to its destination, which can be described in general semantic terms rather than coordinates on a map.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics October 31, 2019

Self-transforming robot blocks can move and identify each other

A team from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed self-assembling robotic cubes that can climb over and around one another, leap through the air, roll across the ground, and identify each other.

By Rachel Gordon
Robotics October 28, 2019

Researchers win grant to study workplace human-robot interaction

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) researchers have secured a five-year, $3 million National Science Foundation (NSF) grant focusing on research and training related to the adoption of robotic assistants in the workplace.

By Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
Robotics October 25, 2019

Mobile robotics company acquired

Teradyne, Inc. announced they have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately held AutoGuide Mobile Robots for $165 million.

By Teradyne, Inc.
Robotics October 24, 2019

Robots are suited for the dull, dirty and dangerous jobs

Robots are well-suited for handling the dull, dirty and dangerous jobs humans shouldn't be doing. They can improve efficiency and reduce downtime and lower risk for humans.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 23, 2019

Robots learn the fundamentals of object manipulation and pushing

Researchers at MIT have developed a system where robots “learn” from a dataset called Omnipush that captures how pushed objects move to improve their physical interactions with new objects.

By Rob Matheson
Robotics October 22, 2019

Robots’ impact on manufacturing jobs

New robots will be able to create savings in manufacturing and plug short-term gaps while also help creating future jobs.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 18, 2019

Collaborative robots bringing automation to aviation industry

Collaborative robots are improving aircraft construction, testing and maintenance as the aviation industry adopts Industry 4.0 and automates aircraft operation.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 17, 2019

Autonomous robotic system developed to monitor underground mines

West Virginia University engineers have developed an autonomous robotic system designed to monitor the structural integrity and safety of underground maps, which could prevent mining accidents.

By Olivia Miller
Robotics October 16, 2019

Assembler robots make large structures from little pieces

MIT researchers are working on developing systems of tiny robots that may someday build high-performance structures, from airplanes to space settlements.

By David L. Chandler
Robotics October 15, 2019

Shape-shifting robots show new locomotion strategy

Georgia Tech and Northwestern University researchers have built a robot entirely from smaller robots known as “smarticles” to unlock the principles of a potentially new locomotion technique.

By John Toon
Robotics October 14, 2019

Benefits of adding exoskeletons to supply chains

Workers and companies receive increased safety and productivity by using exoskeletons for supply chain operations.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 4, 2019

Mesh-like structures morph into predetermined shapes

MIT mechanical engineers have designed 3-D-printed mesh-like structures that morph from flat layers into predetermined shapes, which could lead to developments such as adaptive robotic fins.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics October 2, 2019

Benefits of robotics-as-a-service for manufacturers

Robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) is an emerging trend in manufacturing as companies look to deal with rising automation and tighter global competition. RaaS allows companies to use robots for short-term needs without a long-term investment. One application reduced overall manufacturing costs by 30%.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics September 24, 2019

Technology developed that computes and responds without centralized processing

North Carolina State researchers have developed a structure called soft tactile logic, which senses, computes and responds without any centralized processing and has the characteristics of a robot and computer.

By Matt Shipman
Robotics September 24, 2019

Tiny robot developed to sense environmental changes, repair human injuries

Researchers have created a 3-D printed robot called the micro-bristle bot designed to sense environmental changes, move materials, and, maybe one day, help to repair injuries within the human body.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics September 20, 2019

Optical lace developed to heighten robots’ sensors

Cornell University researchers are using optical lace to create a linked sensory network similar to a biological nervous system for robots to improve their actions.

By David Nutt
Robotics September 19, 2019

Robot cybersecurity threats: What to watch for

In order for a robot to be safe, it should be protected against cyberattacks and possible security breaches and there are several ways this can happen.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics September 16, 2019

Research looking to give robots a second impression

Cornell University researchers, along with MIT, are studying how humans form and update impressions of robots with the goal of creating a computational model allowing robots to adjust their nonverbal behavior accordingly.

By Melanie Lefkowitz
Robotics September 13, 2019

Keep workers safe, costs low

Why Ameren Missouri is leveraging the power of robotics.

By Kristi Martindale
Robotics August 28, 2019

AI-driven controller developed for hybrid drones

A team of researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have developed an AI-driven controller to control hybrid drones.

By Gregory Hale
Robotics August 23, 2019

Robots need to understand and think more

Robots, according to a paper from the University of Birmingham, will need to think in the right context as economies embrace automation, connectivity and digitization and as levels of human-robot interaction increase.

By Suzanne Gill
Robotics August 18, 2019

Robotics team wins NASA competition for second time in three years

West Virginia University’s robotic drilling team won NASA’s Moon to Mars Ice & Prospecting Challenge for the second time in three years with the Mountaineer Ice Drilling Automated System III (MIDAS III).

By Paige Nesbit
Robotics August 18, 2019

Teaching industrial robots with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an efficient method of teaching an industrial robot new skills.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics August 16, 2019

Collaborative robotics open doors for manufacturing

In labor-constrained industries, collaborative robots could boost productivity.

By Tom Kurowski
Robotics August 15, 2019

Do-it-yourself collaborative robotic project

Case study: Collaborative robots at a thermal wrap manufacturing company deliver a zero-defect rate while doubling production output. Installation, integration and use has been a do-it-yourself (DIY) project.

By Joe Campbell
Robotics August 15, 2019

Probabilistic roadmaps and how they impact collaborative robot safety

Probabilistic roadmaps (PRMs) help to create collision-free paths for collaborative robots and refers to the set of random points in the configuration space within which the planner knows the collaborative robot can safely move.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics August 13, 2019

Mobile collaborative robot benefits on the plant floor

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are turning to collaborative robots to increase flexibility on the plant floor, and companies are looking to improve the technology behind the robots. In a flexible robot cell, the installation and commissioning time is reduced by up to 90%.

By Bryan Sellars
Robotics August 13, 2019

Putting safety first with collaborative robots

While collaborative robots are starting to be accepted within the manufacturing sector, safety is still a concern for many. Learn how several companies are working to address the safety issue and address misconceptions.

By Suzanne Gill
Robotics August 11, 2019

Collaborative robotics deliver faster ROI

Technology update: Collaborative robots used in industrial applications can be easier than traditional robotics for set up and redeployment, producing rapid return on investments (ROIs) in many diverse applications, according to one robot manufacturer.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics August 9, 2019

Controlling soft robot movements with light, magnets

Researchers have developed a technique that allows them to remotely control the movement of soft robots using light and magnetic fields.

By Matt Shipman
Robotics August 8, 2019

Collaborative robots’ growing role in aerospace

Collaborative robots are playing a key role in aerospace engineering as manufacturers look to meet increased demand.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics August 6, 2019

Collaborative robot application benefits for manufacturers

Collaborative robotic applications, a relatively new innovation in the robotic industry, are designed to team up with a human operator to flexibly perform a wide variety of tasks.

By Tina Hull
Robotics August 4, 2019

Collaborative robot safety misconceptions

A survey from the Global Robotics Report 2019 highlights a general lack of knowledge about collaborative robot safety requirements, which can be dangerous for workers on the plant floor.

By Nigel Smith
Robotics July 27, 2019

Construction robotics trends for generating industry growth

Collaborative and industrial robots are becoming more common on construction sites and are helping human workers with some of the dull and dangerous tasks.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics July 25, 2019

Students using drones to detect crop diseases for agricultural industry

A team of Cornell University undergraduates is aiming to use the tools of digital agriculture such as drones to spot Northern leaf blight and other agricultural diseases before they take hold.

By Melanie Lefkowitz
Robotics July 24, 2019

Factors driving robotic growth in non-automotive industries

Global growth for the robotics industry plus lower overall startup costs and technology upgrades is driving growth in non-automotive industries.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics July 18, 2019

Automated system generates robotic actuators

MIT researchers have developed an automated system that designs and 3-D prints robotic actuators, which are optimized and automatically created, which is almost impossible for a human to do.

By Rob Matheson
Robotics July 17, 2019

Using robots in agriculture will create jobs

The agricultural industry is looking to technology to solve its challenges such as a labor and food shortage and robots are an important part of that strategy.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics July 15, 2019

Tips for implementing robotic automation tools

Robotic automation can spur greater efficiency, deliver better results, lower costs and increase flexibility, but companies need to have the right tools to make the robot's application successful.

By Kristian Hulgard
Robotics July 13, 2019

Collaborative robots performing surgery

To assist surgeons in the operating room (OR), the medical field is using the advancements of AI and collaborative robots for risky and repetitive tasks.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics July 12, 2019

Training centers for collaborative robots launched

Universal Robots is opening authorized training centers (ATCs) to broaden users’ understanding of the collaborative robots' potential applications as well as cover a range of core and advanced collaborative robot programming skills.

By Universal Robots
Robotics July 6, 2019

Tiny motor designed to walk to carry out tasks

MIT researchers have developed a mobile motor that could allow future robots to assemble complex structures — including other robots.

By David L. Chandler
Robotics July 3, 2019

Your questions answered: Why collaborative robots need plug-and-play peripherals

Faster startup and redeployment are key reasons for using plug-and-play peripheral effectors and sensors with collaborative robotics.

By Early Ewing
Robotics July 2, 2019

Robot design class advancing research and development

Northwestern Engineering students are building robots that advance research through a class called Robot Design Studio, which challenges students to produce working robot prototypes.

By Alexandria Jacobson
Robotics June 30, 2019

Collaborative robots in the supply chain

Collaborative robots are being used in applications throughout the supply chain, from materials handling to assembly to order fulfillment and can even be used for processing returns and performing quality control checks.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics June 27, 2019

Four reasons why robotic automation is the future in manufacturing

Robotic automation is the future for manufacturers of all sizes and can help them save money and time and even create new jobs that weren't previously available.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics June 23, 2019

Researchers working on automating fleet of drones

A team of researchers at Iowa State University are looking to deploy fleets of drones, but it's trickier than it sounds due to unexpected weather events and cybersecurity concerns.

By Gregory Hale
Robotics June 21, 2019

Using AI to help robots remember

Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a method to combine perception and motor commands using the hyperdimensional computing theory, which could fundamentally alter and improve how robots translate what they sense into what they do through artificial intelligence (AI).

By Gregory Hale
Robotics June 21, 2019

Three industries benefiting from service robot applications

Service robots are growing thanks to improved technology and lower operational expenses. The medical, agricultural and defense industries are benefiting from their potential in a variety of ways.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics June 18, 2019

Robotics to drive increased production, efficiency for oil & gas market

GlobalData reports that oil and gas companies are turning to robotics to drive productivity and efficiency due to volatile prices.

By GlobalData
Robotics June 18, 2019

Algorithm developed to predict and inform robots where humans are headed

MIT researchers have developed an algorithm that accurately aligns partial trajectories in real-time, allowing motion predictors to accurately anticipate the timing of a person’s motion to make human-robot interaction safer.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics June 17, 2019

Five way service robots can help the agricultural industry

Service robots are becoming common in agriculture to fulfill an ever-expanding number of needs to overcome the labor shortage as well as the rising world population.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics June 13, 2019

Robot technology advances are improving automotive manufacturing

Technology developments such as collaborative robots and wearable robots are making automotive manufacturing more efficient and safer for the workforce.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics June 12, 2019

Robot sales decline from record 2018 numbers

Robot sales declined in the first quarter of 2019 from 2018 due to a decrease in orders from automotive component suppliers and several other industries.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics June 11, 2019

Researchers develop scanning eye for robots

Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems (IPMS) researchers have been developing and manufacturing micro-scanner mirrors, which provide robots an ability similar to human vision.

By Fraunhofer IPMS
Robotics June 6, 2019

Four robot gripper technology advances

Robots are working in specialized fields and dangerous applications and many of them are able to work safely and effectively thanks to gripper technology advances.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics May 31, 2019

Robots developed and designed for hazardous, extreme conditions

Robots have the ability to go where we can’t and perform jobs we shouldn’t including applications such as chemical refining and hazardous material handling and subzero palletizing.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics May 30, 2019

Why collaborative robots need plug-and-play peripherals

Faster startup, redeployment and return on investment (ROI) are among the key reasons for using plug-and-play peripheral effectors and sensors with collaborative robotics.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics May 28, 2019

Three manufacturing applications that benefit from collaborative robots

Collaborative robots can offer a lot of potential to manufacturing applications such as repetitive tasks, collaborative environments, and variable production runs.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics May 23, 2019

Benefits of logistics robots in manufacturing

Logistics robots stand are the fastest-growing and most widely adopted form of service robot and provide many potential benefits for manufacturing.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics May 23, 2019

Smart robotic system developed to sniff out pollution and toxic leaks

Duke University researchers are using the physics of airflows to locate gaseous leaks more quickly in complex scenarios for processing and chemical applications. See video.

By Ken Kingery
Robotics May 20, 2019

Top 5 Control Engineering articles May 13-19

Articles about human-robot interaction, using AI for real-time data, IEC 61131-3 programming languages, sustainable cybersecurity architecture, and universities driving robotics research were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from May 13-19. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics May 18, 2019

Robots’ role growing in construction and demolition applications

Recent innovations in professional service robots, however, are changing the way construction is completed around the world and is opening a manual-intensive industry to the potential benefits of automation.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics May 17, 2019

Robot ethics, movement key to future technology developments

Researchers at several universities are working on technological developments that are blurring the line between human-robot interaction and what they can ethically do for people.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics May 14, 2019

Standards committee finalizes test methods and metrics for collaborative robots

The RIA R15.06 Standards Committee has finalized Technical Report (TR) R15.806-2018 to address the test methods and metrics for measuring pressure and force associated with quasi-static and transient contact events of collaborative applications.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics May 10, 2019

Benefits of collaborative robots and AI in the food & beverage industry

Collaborative robots and artificial intelligence (AI) are being fused together to provide an even greater return on investment (ROI) for companies in the food & beverage industry.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics May 7, 2019

Artificial intelligence pipe welding system launched

ARC Specialties' Artificial Intelligence Pipe Welding System (AIPW) incorporates a collaborative robot arm from Universal Robots to carry out challenging welds in the oil & gas industry. See video.

By Universal Robots
Robotics May 6, 2019

Fenceless safety methods embrace human-robot interaction

Human-robot collaboration (HRC) is becoming more common, but humans still need to be aware of their machine counterparts. Companies have developed techniques to make it easier for humans and robots to safely interact and improve plant floor productivity.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics May 1, 2019

HELUKAT PROFINET Type R Torsion by Helukabel 

The HELUKAT PROFINET Type R Torsion cable from Helukabel is designed for robotic applications.

By Helukabel
Robotics April 30, 2019

Industrial and collaborative robots’ use in electronic manufacturing

As robotics have become more advanced, electronic manufacturers are realizing their potential and are using them for delicate applications.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 30, 2019

Annual robotics award winners announced

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA)'s annual Engelberger Robotics Awards were given to Catherine Morris and Dr. Howie Choset.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 26, 2019

Universities driving robotics research and development

Researchers at multiple universities are developing and researching potential uses for robots in industries such as inspection, medical, and automotive.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics April 24, 2019

Collaborative robots provide benefits for pharmaceutical applications

Collaborative robots offer pharmaceutical applications greater reliability, consistency, and precision and can improve safety.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 23, 2019

Particle simulator developed to help robots better predict and grasp objects

MIT researchers have developed a learning-based particle simulator, could give industrial robots a more refined touch and help them make predictions about interacting with solid objects and liquids.

By Rob Matheson
Robotics April 21, 2019

Inspection robot benefits for critical infrastructure applications

Inspection robots feature advanced vision systems and are in high demand in critical infrastructure applications and industries such as oil & gas and the petrochemical industries.

Robotics April 20, 2019

Three collaborative robot innovations

Collaborative robots have come a long way in the last several years and recent innovations such as embedded vision and machine learning have allowed them to do more.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 17, 2019

Professional service robot benefits for manufacturers

Professional service robots feature some degree of autonomy and mobility for unstructured environments and offer many potential benefits for end users.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 16, 2019

Benefits of collaborative robots for CNC machine tending applications

Collaborative robots are useful for CNC machine tending applications because they can be deployed quickly and can improve productivity on the plant floor.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 9, 2019

Improving industrial robot accuracy and precision

There are many tools and programs designed to make industrial robots more accurate and precise for demanding manufacturing applications.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics April 7, 2019

Benefits of using robots in agriculture

The agricultural industry is turning to robots to meet the soaring demand for consumers and replace traditionally manual jobs to improve production.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 5, 2019

Collaborative robot benefits for end users

Collaborative robots, which are designed to work alongside humans, are designed to be easy to use and program and offer end users flexibility on the plant floor.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 30, 2019

Five questions to ask before investing in robotic automation

Robotic automation can provide efficiency and productivity benefits, but companies need to effectively plan for automation to maximize the potential they can bring.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 29, 2019

Particle robots designed to work as a cluster

Researchers from MIT, Columbia University, and other research institutes have developed robots that connect in large groups to move around, transport objects, and complete other tasks.

By Rob Matheson
Robotics March 25, 2019

Top 5 Control Engineering articles March 18-24

Articles about low-power hybrid chips for robots, gaining the edge in automation, connecting quality and process data, manufacturing and process facility trends, and the Engineers' Choice Awards were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from March 18-24. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics March 22, 2019

Autonomous mobile robot shipments achieve record high in 2018

More than 20,000 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) were shipped in 2018 according to Interact Analysis, which is double the number sold in 2017.

By Interact Analysis
Robotics March 22, 2019

Four extreme applications robots are used for

Industrial robots can operate in extreme conditions humans cannot and are being increasingly used for extreme heat and cold environments as well as hazardous ones.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 21, 2019

Robot developed to open doors and pull on heavy objects

Researchers have developed small flying robots outfitted with advanced gripping technologies that can pull objects up to 40 times their weight. See video.

By Taylor Kubota
Robotics March 20, 2019

Industrial mobile robot standards being developed

Industrial mobile robots (IMRs) have a lot of potential for manufacturers looking to enhance productivity, but standards are needed.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 17, 2019

Collaborative robots’ future in manufacturing

Technology developments and high demand for collaborative robots point to a promising future for the technology as manufacturers find new uses for them.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 9, 2019

Five common automotive robot applications

Automotive robots bring many benefits to automotive manufacturers and increase companies' competitiveness on a global scale.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 8, 2019

Low-power hybrid chip makes small robots more capable

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology demonstrated robotic cars that use an ultra-low power hybrid chip to give palm-sized robots the ability to collaborate and learn from their experiences like the human brain does. See video.

By John Toon
Robotics March 4, 2019

Robotics sales achieve record-high in 2018

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) reported a new record for annual sales in 2018 with non-automotive sales continuing to surge and break new records.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 1, 2019

TM series collaborative robot by Omron Automation 

Omron Automation’s TM series collaborative robot is designed to seamlessly work with humans to enhance productivity and ensure safety.

By Omron Automation
Robotics February 25, 2019

Top 5 Control Engineering articles February 18-24

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By Chris Vavra
Robotics February 25, 2019

Robotics 101: An overview for beginners

Robots have advanced dramatically over the past few decades and are able to automate a wide range of tasks in an even wider range of industries inside and outside of the factory setting.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics February 16, 2019

Four types of collaborative robots for manufacturing applications

Safety monitored stop, speed and separation, power and force limiting, and hand guiding are the four major types of collaborative robots and each has a specific benefit for manufacturers.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics February 15, 2019

Core principles of collaborative robots

Robotic design: Built-in collaborative force/torque sensing, safety features, and improved precision enable faster integration in a wider range of future-proofed applications.

By Jürgen Von Hollen
Robotics February 12, 2019

Collaborative robots accelerate

Cover Story: Get answers about expansion of industrial robotics from an end-of-collaborative robot tooling company executive.

By Enrico Krog Iversen and Michael Majchrzak
Robotics February 12, 2019

Robotics and AI improve factories of the future

Cover Story: Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will improve product and service quality, create greater throughput, enhance employee safety, reduce variability, cut waste, and, most increase customer satisfaction.

By Dr. Keshab Panda
Robotics February 9, 2019

Robotics as a service gaining traction in manufacturing

Robotics as a Service (RaaS), which allows manufacturers to leverage the benefits of industrial and collaborative robots in their facility without having to buy them, is becoming popular.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics February 5, 2019

Demystifying robot offline programming

Cover Story: Software suppliers are disproving preconceptions about robot offline programming (OLP) being too complicated or not cost-effective. Several companies have developed software programs designed to make robots smarter, faster, and more flexible in a variety of challenging applications.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics January 31, 2019

Engineers program marine robots with algorithm to take calculated risks

MIT researchers have developed an algorithm that could help autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) explore risky marine environments, which could be beneficial for future offshore oil & gas exploration.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics January 27, 2019

Vision-guided robot technology benefits

Vision-guided robot (VGR) applications are useful for manufacturing applications and are quickly becoming commonplace as technology costs continue to drop.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 25, 2019

Robotics groups agree to strategic partnership

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) announced a strategic partnership with Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN) to elevate the awareness of the robotics industry in the Pittsburgh area.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 23, 2019

Collaborative and mobile robots will enhance productivity

Collaborative robots and mobile robots can enhance automation and productivity on the plant floor when their attributes are combined.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 16, 2019

Vacuum gripper benefits for collaborative robots

Vacuum grippers can be beneficial for collaborative robots, but the type of application and the potential costs associated with them need to be considered.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 15, 2019

Cybersecurity required for safe IIoT robots

For a robot to be safe, it must also be secure from cyberattacks in the age of Industrie 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Everyone in the information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) departments are responsible for ensuring this happens.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics January 7, 2019

Top 5 Control Engineering articles December 31 to January 6

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By Chris Vavra
Robotics January 5, 2019

Technology advances for the industrial robots of tomorrow

The robots of the future will benefit from technology advances such as increased human-robot interaction, increased mobility, and multi-robot coordination.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics December 29, 2018

Smarter robot grasping with sensors, software, and the cloud

Hardware and software advances such as improved sensors and the cloud have helped robot grippers enable safer, closer human-robot collaboration, ease of use, and flexibility for many different applications.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics December 23, 2018

Three industrial robot end of arm tooling trends

Industrial robot end of arm tooling (EOAT) trends include safer grippers and greater connectivity as companies face greater productivity and demand from their customers.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics December 17, 2018

As robotics industry grows, so do system needs

Solidifying best practices becomes the key to successful integration.

By Bob Doyle, Sofia Nordenstam
Robotics December 10, 2018

Industrial robot safety requires industrial risk management

Five ways to lower robotic system risks: Industrial safety, while a widely used term, is a misnomer; nothing is without risk. When something is declared safe in an industrial setting, those involved should think again about risk assessment and determine if the risk is acceptable.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics December 8, 2018

Electronic glove gives robots a sense of touch

Researchers have developed an electronic glove with sensors that mimic human skin, helping robotic hands achieve some of the manual dexterity humans enjoy. See video.

By Tom Abate
Robotics December 7, 2018

Six reasons why programming and maintenance are beneficial to a collaborative robot

Good programming and maintenance of a collaborative robot can provide manufacturers many benefits such as better return on investment (ROI), lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and more.

By Manan Banerjee
Robotics November 24, 2018

Drones designed to aid in search missions without GPS

MIT researchers have developed a system that allows drones to cooperatively explore terrain under thick forest canopies where GPS signals are unreliable, which could be useful in plant disaster and safety situations.

By Rob Matheson
Robotics November 18, 2018

Four challenges for aerospace robots

The aerospace industry is a tough, exacting industry. Robot users and integrators face challenges such as increased human-robot collaboration and the constant demand for precision and efficiency.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics November 14, 2018

Machines learning language like kids

MIT researchers have developed a semantic parser that learns through observation to more closely mimic a child’s language-acquisition process, which could greatly extend computing’s capabilities.

By Rob Matheson, MIT News Office
Robotics November 11, 2018

Four potential futuristic attributes of collaborative robots

Collaborative robots will continue to evolve and future research may allow them to become more interactive and adaptable to human behavior.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 27, 2018

Fenceless robots taking on new shapes and forms

Fenceless robots are taking on a number of different sizes and forms beyond the collaborative robot as robotic technology has progressed.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 25, 2018

Robotic machine vision systems help automotive manufacturers

Integrators have developed sophisticated robotic machine vision systems comprising numerous cameras mounted on a fixed frame to capture many images of an automotive product for quality assurance purposes.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Robotics October 21, 2018

Vision-guided robot trends impacting manufacturing

Vision-guided robots, from industrial robotic arms to autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), are a quickly growing segment of robotics thanks to trends like 3-D vision and increased adoption.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 19, 2018

Intelligent machines improving production, productivity

Companies are turning to intelligent machines and robots to improve plant-floor productivity and the bottom line. Humans get to avoid dull and repetitive jobs that can be difficult to fill.

By Chris Vavra, CFE Media
Robotics October 13, 2018

Benefits of robotic grinding and finishing

Robotic grinding and finishing is an essential part of manufacturing processes as manufacturers constantly pursue greater productivity and part quality.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 10, 2018

Hardware, technology developments are driving the robotic revolution

Robotics and drones will be making major inroads beyond manufacturing according to IDTechEx thanks to developments in transistors, memory, sensors, energy storage, and electric motors.

By Dr. Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, IDTechEx
Robotics September 18, 2018

Four robotic applications that benefit from artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are growing together, and several manufacturing applications such as assembly and packaging are benefiting from AI's developments.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics September 7, 2018

Trusting automation: When should robotics be used and when?

Technology Update: Survey says 16% Canadians and 26% of Americans say they would not use a driverless (robotic) car. At what point do you trust automated technology for what applications and why?

By C.G. Masi, Technology Communications
Robotics September 7, 2018

Exoskeletons, virtual technologies bring robotics, humans closer together

Innovators develop ways to make people more efficient using exoskeletons and virtual technologies to bring humans and robots together. Do you have what it takes to be a robo-worker?

By Tanya M. Anandan, RIA
Robotics August 24, 2018

Collaborative robots put people first

New developments and innovations are having an impact on the assembly line, the plant floor, and for the workers.

By Tanya M. Anandan, RIA
Robotics August 22, 2018

Winery automation in Northeast Israel

Technology knows no borders, as seen in the automated, modern winery packaging in Golan Heights, Israel. Motion controls, robotics, and automated packaging were among the highlights at this tourist stop.

By Frank J Bartos, PE, Control Engineering, retired
Robotics August 18, 2018

Five uses for industrial robots in aerospace applications

Industrial robots are being used to assist in the aerospace industry with welding, material removal, and transport applications to improve safety and efficiency.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics August 11, 2018

The importance of robot rentals in manufacturing

Robot rentals represent an important shift in the way robots are deployed in industrial and factory settings, particularly with the advent of collaborative robots.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics August 7, 2018

The future of collaborative robot grippers

Robotic automation has become more focused on collaboration with humans, which has caused companies to improve robot grippers for safety reasons.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics July 26, 2018

Aerial robot that changes in flight

Scientists from the Étienne Jules Marey Institute of Movement Sciences (CNRS/Aix-Marseille Université) are developing a robot capable of altering its profile during flight like a bird.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Robotics July 24, 2018

Four industrial robot implementation challenges for manufacturers

Manufacturers that implement robots on the plant floor face potential challenges such as safety concerns, a skills gap with their employees, and managing product workflow.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics July 17, 2018

Linear robotic applications in industrial settings

Linear robots are a type of industrial robot that move only in a straight line as opposed to rotating in all directions. There are advantages to using linear robots in applications that feature repetitive tasks.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics July 11, 2018

Four best practices in robotic grinding and finishing

Robotic grinding and finishing success can be tricky, but following best practices such as controlling the force of grinding and finishing systems and knowing what robot to use can help companies avoid some potential pitfalls.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics July 10, 2018

Robot designed for exploring hazardous, disaster zones

MIT researchers have improved the design of their Cheetah robot to be used for exploring disaster zones and other dangerous or inaccessible environments.

By Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office
Robotics June 29, 2018

Bionic robots developed and modeled after fish, spiders, and bats

Festo's 2018 bionic animals features a transforming spider that rolls or creeps, a robotic fish that autonomously maneuvers through acrylic water-filled tubing, and a semi-autonomous flying bat-like robot.

By Festo
Robotics June 26, 2018

Industrial robotic safety risk assessment tips

Assessing safety risks from industrial robots is important, but knowing where to start can be difficult, but the long-term benefits make it worthwhile.

By Robotic Industries Association
Robotics June 24, 2018

Robotics’ growing role in the industrial market

As robots become more sophisticated and useful, robotic technology will continue to be widely adopted in the industrial sector and will contribute to the industry’s growth overall.

By Chevonese Dacres, 7 Mile Advisors
Robotics June 21, 2018

Deep learning leading to second machine vision revolution

Deep learning machine vision software essentially allows machines to learn from data representations instead of task-specific algorithms, which could enhance capabilities on the plant floor far beyond what is currently possible.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Robotics June 20, 2018

Robots and AI creating more jobs in Asia

According to a report from the Asia Development Bank (ADB), more than 134 million jobs were created through the adoption of robotics and other connected systems, which stimulated higher productivity and economic growth.

By Chris Middleton, Vinelake
Robotics June 17, 2018

Six future trends in robotic automation

Robotic automation trends for the future include further IIoT adoption, increased cybersecurity measures, and increased use of collaborative robots on the plant floor.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics June 14, 2018

End-of-arm-tooling robot companies merge

Three collaborative robot companies, On Robot, OptoForce, and Perception Robotics, have merged together to become OnRobot, an end-of-arm tooling company with headquarters in Denmark.

By OnRobot
Robotics June 7, 2018

3-D vision-guided robotics creating new possibilities

3-D vision systems for vision-guided robotics (VGR) applications are creating entirely new possibilities and can be used to recognize objects, which allows for intelligent, real-time decision making.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics June 4, 2018

China’s robotics market is poised for rapid domestic, global expansion

China's robotics market is making major strides thanks to a generous business climate and a domestic market that is largely unautomated and ripe for potential. The industry is also taking aim beyond their borders and looking to expand to Europe and North America.

By Jessica Twentyman, Vinelake
Robotics June 3, 2018

Industrial robots’ role in Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0 will revolve around the interactions between man and machine and collaboration between the two is expected as cognitive computing will be better equipped to work alongside human intelligence.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics May 31, 2018

Collaborative robot developer receives annual robotics award

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) announced Esben Østergaard, the chief technology officer (CTO) of Universal Robots, as the recipient of the annual Engelberger Robotics Award for his development of collaborative robots (cobots).

By Universal Robots
Robotics May 22, 2018

Autonomous robot glider combines qualities of albatross and sailboat

MIT engineers have designed a robotic glider that can skim along the water’s surface, riding the wind like an albatross while also surfing the waves like a sailboat.

By Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office
Robotics May 20, 2018

Autonomous mobile robot benefits and innovations

Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are one of the latest and most innovative automation solutions on the market and have a greater degree of autonomy, which make them ideal for Lean operations.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics May 16, 2018

North American robot sales break record to start 2018

A record number of robots were shipped to North American companies in the first quarter of 2018, according to the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) with units shipped and shipment revenue achieving record levels.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics May 10, 2018

Collaborative robots are evolving, becoming safer

Collaborative robots are intended to share workspaces with human workers and are built to be safer partner than an industrial robot. Industry standards and robotic equipment are evolving to accommodate greater and greater levels of safety in the workplace.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics May 8, 2018

Create safe, efficient barriers for human-machine interaction

Automated machines and robots can create potentially dangerous hazards for workers who operate and interact with them, which makes it vital to create safe barriers that don't hamper or interfere with a company's operations.

By John Ritter, Rite-Hite
Robotics May 5, 2018

A man who knows where he is

Autonomy for a machine or a man is never possible because we're always interacting with an environment.

By Kevin Parker
Robotics May 4, 2018

Automation solutions for high-mix manufacturing

A high-mix plant produces many different parts, each of which has different processes and a total overhaul to automate processes is expensive, which makes the planning process for manufacturers very important.

By Manan Banerjee, Cross Company
Robotics May 3, 2018

Service robots used for more manufacturing applications

The market for service robots are projected to see strong growth for the foreseeable future and are being used for new manufacturing applications as they prove their profitability for companies.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 27, 2018

Autonomous mobile robot company acquired

Teradyne, Inc. announced the acquisition of Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) in a bid to expand into the collaborative autonomous mobile robot (AMR) market.

By Teradyne
Robotics April 26, 2018

Machine learning benefits for industrial and collaborative robots

Machine learning is advancing the capabilities of collaborative and industrial robots and allowing them to achieve more thanks to 3-D sensors and neural networks.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 19, 2018

Robotics’ impact on construction industry

Robots are being used more for certain applications to improve overall worker safety and handle some repetitive tasks in an industry that is known for a lack of automation.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 15, 2018

Five smart warehousing predictions

Warehousing and logistics is evolving from being a static component in the supply chain to an area ripe for smart transformation. Five predictions including robotics and predictive maintenance are highlighted.

By Chris Middleton, Vinelake
Robotics April 13, 2018

Smart collaborative robots for industrial tasks

Collaborative robots are getting smarter and easier to implement and train in any size facility and they might start taking market share from industrial robots as a result.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 10, 2018

Global robotics standards update

Keeping standards up to date with technology: Industrial robot safety standards remain in development to help lower risk for those integrating, implementing, using and maintaining robotics.

By Carole Franklin, Robotics Industry Association (RIA)
Robotics April 6, 2018

Industrial robotic automation types and benefits

There are many different types of automation applications that industrial robots are equipped to handle such as welding, material handling, pick and place, dispensing, and inspection.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 4, 2018

Artificial intelligence’s impact on the robotics industry

Researchers and manufacturers are looking to teach robots how to learn and handle complex tasks with artificial intelligence (AI), but their capabilities are quite a bit removed from what people believe robots are capable of achieving.

By Tanya M. Anandan, RIA
Robotics March 30, 2018

Robots’ impact on construction industry

Traditional challenges to automating construction tasks are slowly disappearing, and robots are leaving their mark on construction processes.

By Robotic Industries Association
Robotics March 23, 2018

Three artificial intelligence and robotics trends

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics can create a potent combination. AI has the ability to make robots smart, learn quicker, and use the cloud to reduce information load on physical servers.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 15, 2018

Benefits of pick-and-place robots for manufacturers

Pick-and-place robots have become a commonplace robotic application in today's facilities and are designed to provide advantages for manufacturers and relieve workers of monotonous, repetitive work.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 11, 2018

More robots, more jobs; fewer robots, fewer jobs

Think Again: Automation creates jobs: When more has been invested in robotics in the U.S., unemployment has fallen, and when less is invested in robots, unemployment has increased, said statistics cited by Association for Advancing Automation and others. See five tips for retaining millennials.

By Mark T. Hoske, CFE Media
Robotics March 2, 2018

Three factors driving robot integrator growth

Robot integrator growth is being fueled by the rise of industrial and collaborative robotics, an increase in workplace safety, and technological innovation.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 2, 2018

Exploring the updated safety standard for integrated manufacturing systems

ANSI B11.20-2017 increases worker safety with added processes for those working on or near integrated manufacturing systems (IMS).

By Christopher Soranno, Sick Product & Competence Center Americas
Robotics March 1, 2018

Collaborative robot applications for non-standard businesses

Industries that have never been interested in robotics are finding collaborative technology can help them reap benefits because collaborative robots are easier to program than typical robots and their impact is growing. Three questions for companies to consider are highlighted.

By Josh Westmoreland, Cross Company
Robotics February 28, 2018

Robotic picking and cleaning system developed

Engineers from MIT and Princeton University have developed a robotic system designed to assist in picking and sorting tasks, from organizing products in a warehouse to clearing debris from a disaster zone.

By Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office
Robotics February 24, 2018

Collaborative robot market growing

Collaborative robot sales are projected to increase dramatically and account for over a third of all robot sales by 2025, according to a report by the International Federation of Robots (IFR).

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics February 19, 2018

Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities for industrial robots

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities are making their way into industrial robotics technology as manufacturers look to make robots smarter and more collaborative in their day-to-day activities on the plant floor.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics February 10, 2018

New, innovative automation applications

Think Again: Startups, 3-D printing, drones, and automation in space are among the expanding uses for automation.

By Mark T. Hoske, CFE Media
Robotics February 9, 2018

Robots learning to manipulate new objects through prediction, foresight

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, are developing visual technology that allows robots to imagine the future of their actions to manipulate objects they've never encountered before.

By Gregory Hale, ISSSource
Robotics February 7, 2018

Nanobots made faster with electric propulsion technology

Scientists at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have developed a novel electric propulsion technology for nanobots, which allows molecular machines to move 100,000 times faster than with the biochemical processes used to date. This makes nanobots fast enough to do assembly line work in molecular factories.

By Technical University of Munich
Robotics February 5, 2018

Top 5 Control Engineering articles January 29 to February 4

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By Chris Vavra
Robotics February 3, 2018

Robotic machine tending benefits and applications

Robotic machine tending systems provide many benefits for manufacturers—chief among them are uptime and accurate repeatability and are used in applications such as welding, grinding, and injection molds.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 31, 2018

Robotic process automation implementation and market landscape

Robotic process automation (RPA) leverages artificial intelligence to configure computer software and the market is going through a lot of changes as larger integrators and vendors search for companies that will launch a breakthrough.

By Leroy Davis, 7 Mile Advisors
Robotics January 27, 2018

Robotic additive manufacturing technology for new applications

Additive manufacturing (AM) is disrupting the traditional way of manufacturing. AM transforms everything from the assembly line to logistics to the way personnel is trained. Combined, they are a powerful couple and manufacturers stand to gain major efficiencies.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 25, 2018

Dual-end effectors on collaborative robots can reduce cycle time

Dual-end effectors for collaborative robots can improve a company's cycle time and improve overall efficiency by removing some of the variability that comes from a human operator.

By Josh Westmoreland, Cross Company
Robotics January 23, 2018

Importance of ISO 13849-1 for machine, robotic applications

The ISO 13849-1 safety standard from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a universal standard meant to help build safety systems in machinery with sufficient reliability, which is vital for robotics, which present unique potential dangers to workers.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 19, 2018

Additive manufacturing, drones, use automation for humanitarian benefit

Using automation for humanitarian benefit was the focus of Dr. Julielynn Wong’s presentation at the 2018 A3 Business Forum. Additive manufacturing and drone technologies were highlighted to help those in remote geographical or economic situations, including space travel.

By Mark T. Hoske, CFE Media
Robotics January 18, 2018

Automation startups for robotics, vision, machine monitoring, and talent

Start-up automation-related companies at the 2018 A3 Business Forum include a lightweight robot arm, a vision-guide robot, robotic gripper options, simple machine monitoring, and talent assessment and development software.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics January 16, 2018

Building the future with robotic additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) is changing how engineers and part designers think and robots are enabling the technology by making AM machines and processing faster and more accurate than they would be on their own.

By Tanya M. Anandan, RIA
Robotics January 12, 2018

Computer systems predict objects’ responses to physical forces

MIT researchers believe they can help answer questions about what information-processing resources human beings use at what stages of development by building computer systems that approximate these capacities, which might generate some insights useful for robotic vision systems.

By Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
Robotics January 9, 2018

Connecting industrial robotics with IIoT on the factory floor

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) presents enormous productivity potential for manufacturers, but the true benefits can be difficult to realize for companies trying to be more efficient on the plant floor.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 8, 2018

Robotic process automation industry to disrupt traditional business operational models

Companies are using robotic process automation (RPA) tools to transform their information technology (IT) departments and improve workplace and operational efficiency and this is fueling the industry's growth overall.

By Ojaswita Kutepatil, Global Market Insights
Robotics January 8, 2018

Top 5 Control Engineering articles January 1-7

Articles about PID controllers, robotic machining in aerospace applications, CNCs and PLCs in the factory of the future, modular control systems, and process control building blocks were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from January 1-7. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics January 6, 2018

Robotic automation’s impact on packaging, processing industries

Robotic automation capabilities have expanded in recent years and enhanced capabilities, along with the increase in overall automation levels, is allowing processing and packaging plants to introduce new products on the same assembly lines.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics December 29, 2017

Robotic machining used for aerospace applications

Robotic waterjet systems use a mix of water and garnet that exits the waterjet to make precise cuts for an industry that demands perfection.

By Tanya M. Anandan, RIA
Robotics December 26, 2017

Robots’ benefits in the agricultural industry

Agricultural robots automate slow, repetitive, and dull tasks for farmers, allowing them to focus more on improving overall production yields, which will be vital as the world's population increases.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics December 25, 2017

Top 5 Control Engineering articles December 18-24: Engineers’ Choice finalists, 2018 System Integrators of the Year, robot implementation, more

Articles about the Engineers' Choice finalists, 2018 System Integrators of the Year, robot implementation success steps, collect and optimize data, and PLC software benefits were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from December 18-24. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics December 13, 2017

Industrial internet, robotics groups agree to liaison

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and the Robot Revolution Initiative (RRI) have agreed to a liaison to maximize interoperability, portability, security, and privacy for the industrial internet.

By Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)
Robotics December 13, 2017

Automation sales achieving highest levels of growth in 2017

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) reported sales records were set in the areas of robotics, machine vision, motion control, and motor technology for the first nine months of 2017.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics December 2, 2017

Companies need to address collaborative robot issues

Collaborative robots are a hot topic in manufacturing and their use will grow as companies implement Industrie 4.0, but companies need to consider safety issues and how collaborative robots complement their workforce.

By Suzanne Gill, Control Engineering Europe
Robotics November 29, 2017

Machine vision comes of age in automotive manufacturing applications

Machine vision developments such as 3-D imaging, barcode scanning, and improved traceability are allowing robots to take over operations on the plant floor and allow automotive companies to meet consumer demand for more customized products.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Robotics November 22, 2017

Manufacturers need to adapt, become more flexible

The rising demand for personalized manufactured goods means companies need a shop floor agile enough to meet fast-changing production line requirements.

By Rob Stoppek, Parker Hannifin
Robotics November 17, 2017

Electronics manufacturing driving industrial robotics market growth

Global robot sales have increased over the last several years and are expected to continue to increase through 2020. The electronics manufacturing industry has been a major reason for that as companies have started using robots for sensitive and challenging applications.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics November 4, 2017

Robotic cable management best practices

Robotic cable management is a fundamental part of robotic efficiency and poor planning can lead to severe problems for users.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 31, 2017

Collaborative robots and cybersecurity concerns for manufacturers

Some collaborative robots have cybersecurity flaws or weaknesses, which undermines the entire point of having a robot work together with humans in the first place. Manufacturers need to take the issue seriously and system integrators should ensure safe operating conditions.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 28, 2017

Almost 2 million robots to be installed by 2020, according to report

The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) World Robotics 2017 Industrial Robots report said that more than 1.7 industrial robots will be installed in factories by 2020.

By Alex Beall, The Robot Report
Robotics October 19, 2017

IIoT and robotics on the plant floor

Industrial robots are perfectly positioned to be equipped with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices as they are at the heart of the production process and can take measurements and record data about their own performance as well as overall throughput and a number of other things.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 17, 2017

Organization to study safety, health implications of occupational robots

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) launched the Center for Occupational Robotics Research, which will assess potential benefits and risks of robot workers and develop guidance for safe interactions between human and robot.

By National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
Robotics October 7, 2017

Robot safety standards for industrial mobile robots

The rise of mobile robots, and their simultaneous convergence with industrial robot technology, has left a huge gap in robot safety standards and the industry is working to quickly close that gap.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 6, 2017

Robotics, safety groups sign alliance partnership

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) signed an alliance partnership with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), which will foster technical exchange and information sharing among the three groups.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 5, 2017

Master welders teach robots their skills

The skills gap for welders is widening as the workforce gets older and retires. To address this problem, companies are turning to their master welders to teach robots how to weld because robots are more efficient than humans.

By Tanya M. Anandan, RIA
Robotics October 3, 2017

Three tips for improving automated robotic welding processes

Automated welding processes can be improved with simple preventive maintenance tips such as monitor wire feeding and extending contact tip life to help maximize the user's return on investment (ROI).

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics September 28, 2017

Robots designed with collaborative, traditional traits for improved efficiency, safety

Cooperative robots interact with operators, but do not necessarily work alongside them and are designed to offer the performance advantages of traditional industrial robots without the need for the traditional safety guarding arrangements.

By Oliver Giertz
Robotics September 26, 2017

End of arm tooling for robotics benefits and applications

End of arm tooling (EOAT) is a crucial aspect of robotic technology and gives a robot a specific functionality and can be changed to fit different applications or even be built to accommodate several processes at once.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics September 21, 2017

Robot applications that need a vision system

Vision-guided robots (VGRs) open up entirely new possibilities in manufacturing and industrial automation, but some applications benefit more from their presence than others.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics September 17, 2017

Collaborative robots used to fill human labor gap

Tennplasco, a plastic injection molding company based in Lafayette, Tenn., used collaborative robots on their assembly line to help fill their labor shortage, which remains a problem for manufacturers.

By Freddie Roberts, Vinelake
Robotics September 12, 2017

Mobile robotics market expected to grow

Heavy investments by mobile robot manufacturers to increase their production, as well as rising automation across various application segments such as automotive, manufacturing, defense and security, and others have led to increasing popularity of these robots among end users in these segments.

By Global Market Insights
Robotics September 10, 2017

Autonomous robot designed to keep pace with humans safely

Engineers at MIT have designed an autonomous robot with socially aware navigation that is designed to keep pace with foot traffic while observing these general codes of pedestrian conduct.

By Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office
Robotics September 5, 2017

Robotic simulation software benefits for manufacturers

Robot simulation software is making robotic automation a viable option for nearly any manufacturer. It's used during the quoting and concept stage to provide proof of design, proof of process, and to maximize a robot user's automation investment.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics August 28, 2017

Collaborative robotics’ benefits for manufacturing startup

The productivity and low cost provided by collaborative robots allow startup companies to scale production quickly without a major upfront investment.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics August 21, 2017

Robots solve assembly line production challenges

Inside Machines: An electronics manufacturer with double-digit product rejection rates used a collaborative robot that was controlled and monitored in a cloud-connected system to handle soldering, drilling, silicone dispensing, and light assembly. This helped rejects fall to near zero and increased production efficiency almost fivefold.

By Brian Dillman
Robotics August 20, 2017

Robotics can automate, improve construction industry

Construction is one of the least digitized, least automated industries in the world, which is making robots an attractive solution for construction companies as a result.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics August 17, 2017

Record sales reported in robotics, machine vision, and motor technology

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) reported sales records were set in the areas of robotics, machine vision, motion control, and motor technology for the first half of 2017.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics August 12, 2017

Robotic integration: easier, preconfigured, flexibility, programming

Questions and answers: Robots are becoming easier to integrate into other systems. More preconfiguration, greater flexibility, and best-practices in programming help.

By Jordan Schwarz
Robotics August 10, 2017

Warehouse, collaborative robotics expand vision guided robotics universe

Vision-guided robots have evolved into tools that can be used to automate all kinds of new tasks.

By Winn Hardin, AIA
Robotics August 7, 2017

3-D vision driving innovation for robots

Pick-and-place used to be an extremely difficult task for robots, but thanks to 3-D vision innovations, it is now a commonplace operation.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics August 5, 2017

Mobile robots projected to transform material handling and logistics industries

Mobile robots are expected to become a $150 billion market by 2038 according to a report by IDTechEx, but that growth will have some challenges as the industry changes and evolves.

By Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, IDTechEx
Robotics August 2, 2017

Readying robots and the workforce for Industrie 4.0

Industrie 4.0 is not a distant vision for the factory of the future. Already networks of robots are connecting to the cloud and contributing massive amounts of insightful data to simplify asset management and maintenance, maximize equipment and process efficiency, and improve product quality.

By Tanya M. Anandan, RIA
Robotics August 1, 2017

Robotic material handling market projected to grow over next five years

With the benefits of productivity, quality, and flexibility that automated processes provide as well as the need for them, the market for robotic material handling is set to explode, according to an Allied Market Research report.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics July 18, 2017

Collaborative robots designed for quicker ROI

Collaborative robots (Cobots) have the ability to provide quicker return on investment (ROI) than their heavier, more dangerous industrial counterparts.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics July 18, 2017

Robots learning to see, interpret 3-D objects like humans

Researchers at Duke University and Brown University have developed technology that is designed to allow robots to make sense of 3-D objects more like a human to better interpret and "see" data.

By Robin A. Smith, Duke University
Robotics July 12, 2017

IIoT and the rise of the cobots

Though traditional robots remain relevant, collaborative robots are starting to emerge more in the industry, as they should with their small size, low cost, and adaptability to offer.

By Jessica Twentyman, Vinelake
Robotics July 12, 2017

Industrie 4.0 reducing downtime in automotive industry

Companies in the automotive industry are using Industrie 4.0 to develop data platforms that are designed to reduce downtime in an industry where every minute counts.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics July 6, 2017

The benefits of robotics process automation

Process automation enhances business development with a vast return on investment.

By Deanna M. Murray
Robotics June 27, 2017

Collaborative robots in the laboratory

Collaborative robots' accuracy and efficiency make them a likely staple for life science research in the near future, particularly for sensitive applications.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics June 24, 2017

The impact of robotics technology on urbanization

Robotics technology is forecast to be deployed across multiple applications for infrastructure management, public administration services, information management, law enforcement, street and utility maintenance, etc., to develop smart cities all over the globe.

By Saipriya Iyer
Robotics June 19, 2017

Robot use in logistics and transportation industries expected to grow

Robots are designed to provide safety, efficiency and accuracy to logistics companies and the market for them is expected to grow exponentially in the next 5 years.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics June 10, 2017

Vision-guided robotics for pick-and-place applications

In order for vision-guided robots (VGR) to perform properly and efficiently, a machine vision system must be set up accurately to avoid potential mistakes.

Robotics June 6, 2017

Giving robots a sense of touch

Researchers at MIT are using GelSight, a sensor technology that is designed to use physical contact with an object, to help give robots greater sensitivity and dexterity.

By Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
Robotics June 6, 2017

Robot for coating, painting applications

Yaskawa's six-axis MPX3500 robot is designed for painting and coating applications including recessed, curved, or contoured surfaces and it can be floor-, wall-, or ceiling-mounted to provide layout flexibility.

By Yaskawa
Robotics May 26, 2017

Manufacturing industries are becoming more automated and efficient

Automation and artificial intelligence, are being used to make manufacturing, transportation, and food production, among a range of other industries, smarter, safer, and more efficient.

By Neil Churman
Robotics May 17, 2017

Modular electric robotic cars developed for cities

It is not science fiction anymore: a car with an adaptive and modular design that fulfills the personal requirements of a driver better than a usual car. The EO smart connecting cars aim to solve urban traffic problems.

By Mehmed Yüksel
Robotics May 4, 2017

Robotics orders, sales continue upward trend

North American robotics companies posted the strongest ever first-quarter results, with a growth of 32% in units over the same period in 2016 according to the Robotic Industries Association (RIA).

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics April 28, 2017

Automation and robots becoming faster, more sophisticated

Improving productivity and safety in automation and robotics were a major theme throughout Automate 2017 as companies demonstrated their latest technologies.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics April 7, 2017

Six-axis collaborative robot series

Stäubli's TX2 line of collaborative robots are six-axis machines designed to operate in high-volume manufacturing, Industrie 4.0 applications, and man-robot collaboration under all production conditions.

By Stäubli
Robotics April 6, 2017

Robot monitoring system for material handling applications

ABB Robotics' SafeMove2 robot monitoring system is designed to enable people to work safely alongside ABB robots with payloads ranging from 6 to 800kg.

By ABB Robotics
Robotics April 4, 2017

Mobile robot series for material transportation applications

Mobile Industrial Robots' MiR 200 is a mobile robot designed to quickly and cost-effectively automate their material transportation applications.

By Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)
Robotics March 31, 2017

Automation show features IIoT, robot developments

Automate 2017 at McCormick Place in April will have over 400 exhibitors displaying developments in robotics, discrete manufacturing, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and automation.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics March 30, 2017

Researchers developing 3-D printed skin for robots

An MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) team is developing a "skin" of sensors on a robot using 3-D printing as a potential cost-effective solution.

By Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
Robotics March 30, 2017

Robot grippers designed for collaborative robots

On Robot's two-finger RG2 grippers—available in both single and dual versions—are designed to mount on the arms of collaborative robots (cobots) without any external wires.

By On Robot
Robotics March 29, 2017

Automation event to feature robotics, Industrie 4.0 developments

The Association for Advancing Automation's (A3) of Automate 2017 event at McCormick Place will feature developments in collaborative robots and smart factory/Industrie 4.0 initiatives.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics March 29, 2017

Motors for robotic, medical applications

TQ Systems' RoboDrive motors are compact and feature strong dynamics and precision and can be used for demanding drive applications in the medical, robotic, and aerospace industries.

By TQ Systems
Robotics March 13, 2017

Standards revisions: robots and robotic systems

Automation standards update: The current version of the Industrial Robot Safety Standard, ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012, is a U.S. national adoption of the ISO 10218-2011, Part 1, Robots, and Part 2, Robotic Systems. Look for new versions of these documents in the 2020 or 2021 timeframe. Also see information on collaborative robots, loading and unloading stations, end-effectors, and lockout and tagout.

By Carole Franklin
Robotics March 12, 2017

Using automation to boost the economy

Automation is a key component of manufacturing and will be vital to the industry's future, but the human element will remain a key component in its growth as the market changes.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics March 11, 2017

Mexican robotics industry on the rise

Mexico's manufacturing industry has received a jolt as companies based on the country are investing more in robotics, which is helping lay the foundation for improved automation in the country.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 8, 2017

The drivers of flexible automation

Technology advances designed specifically for industrial automation have made it easier to design and implement flexible automation. And companies are seeing numerous benefits from using the new applications.

By Jeremy Miller
Robotics March 7, 2017

Four benefits of manufacturing automation

Manufacturing automation provides companies many benefits such as improved safety, lower costs, and the ability to help workers focus on high-level tasks that utilize their expertise.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics March 1, 2017

The consumerization of robots and its impact

The next industrial revolution will be powered by artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and especially robotics, and consumerization will be the primary driver for innovation.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics February 25, 2017

Robotics group presents annual award

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) announced the winners of the Engelberger Robotics Awards will be awarded to Dr. Gill Pratt from the Toyota Research Institute (TRI) and Dr. Daniela Rus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics February 15, 2017

Robots’ influence growing in the food, packaging industries

Customization and variability are at an all-time high and food producers must keep up with the trends while trying to anticipate the future and robotics' ability to provide flexible automation will be key in making the industry grow.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics February 9, 2017

Company develops robotic arm for retail, food and beverage industry

Ocado, a British-only supermarket company, is running a trial program with robotic arms in its automated warehouses for the picking and packing of shopping orders, and is hoping to have them replace humans for picking.

By Freddie Roberts
Robotics February 4, 2017

Robots are changing the global manufacturing market

Inside Machines: Robots will need to become more flexible and agile on the manufacturing floor as production becomes more specialized and as robotics start being used in the agricultural, medical, and automotive industries.

By Wilmer Zhou
Robotics February 1, 2017

Machine vision industry looking to 2017 as transition to positive growth

The machine vision industry looks to rebound after a tough 2016 and while there are promising signs on the horizon, some challenges both domestic and abroad still remain as companies look to make a major transition.

By Winn Hardin
Robotics January 31, 2017

Robotics industry reports record sales for 2016

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) reported record robot sales in 2016 in North America thanks to a strong fourth quarter and increased sales in the automotive industry.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics January 25, 2017

Competition announced for machine, robot startup companies

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) announced a call for startup companies in robotics, machine vision and motion control to enter the Automate Launch Pad Competition and eight semifinalists will be invited to the Automate 2017 show at Chicago in April.

By The Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics January 23, 2017

Robots becoming more independent and autonomous

Robot companies are working on making robots work together in teams as well as programming them so they have the freedom to operate on the plant floor with human or robotic assistance.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics January 20, 2017

Automation group launches trade association in Mexico

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) announced that it is forming a not-for-profit trade association, A3 Mexico, which is dedicated to supporting and promoting the Mexican automation industry.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics January 19, 2017

Robots are crucial to the always-on supply chain

Mobile robots speed material flow to fulfillment workstations and between manufacturing processes and help consolidate storage space and future-proof operations. Robotic mobility leads to traceability and predictability on the road to Industrie 4.0 and is crucial to developing a supply chain that never stops.

By Tanya M. Anandan
Robotics January 14, 2017

Open-source robotics provides users with more freedom

Robotics are moving to the Internet of Things (IoT) through open-source robotics, which allows users to customize a robot’s programming and design. And there are plenty of resources available that can help to simplify the process while enhancing customization.

By Paolo Carnovale
Robotics January 11, 2017

Robots and automation save jobs; standards help

Manufacturing competitiveness, expansion of embedded machine vision, and greater collaboration among humans and automation are hot technology topics, according to representatives for industry associations for robotics, machine vision, and motion control in advance of the annual A3 Business Forum.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics January 8, 2017

Agricultural industry needs to become more vertical and automated

The agricultural industry is undergoing a transformation as demand increases. The industry will need to be more vertical and automated and robots will play a role in ensuring that it becomes efficient and less wasteful.

By Frank Tobe, The Robot Report
Robotics December 26, 2016

Collaborative robots are a growing solution for system integrators

As the robotics industry is experiencing growth, realizing best practices from experienced robot integrators is the key to successful integration.

By Bob Doyle, Robotics Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics December 12, 2016

Top 5 Control Engineering articles December 5-11: DCS and PLC action items, robotic advances, Engineers’ Choice finalists, more

Articles about DCS/PLC action items, robotic advances, the Engineers' Choice finalists, PID and digital control efficiencies, and configuration implementation considerations were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from December 5-11. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics December 7, 2016

Robots advance with connectivity, collaboration, easier programming

Cover Story: Advanced robotic developments include improved designs for safety and specialized environments, collaborative applications, better integration with other systems, and augmented monitoring to reduce risk of downtime and lower maintenance costs. See photo gallery, links to five videos of robots.

By Emily Guenther, Mark T. Hoske, Chris Vavra
Robotics December 7, 2016

Collaborative robot serves ice cream

Kawasaki's duAro robot proves its flexibility by serving ice cream to attendees at 2016 Pack Expo International in Chicago in this 27-second demonstration.

By CFE Media
Robotics December 7, 2016

Robotic juggler displays motion control precision

See how Lenze motors and motion control hardware and software are put to good use in a 2016 Pack Expo International demonstration of an automated juggler, in a 12-second video clip.

By CFE Media
Robotics December 7, 2016

Robots collaborate with each other, humans

The Sawyer model robot from Rethink Robotics, right, uses a pneumatic actuator to lift a box, move it over a guide to open the box, and position the box flaps for taping the bottom in this 24-second collaborative robot demonstration video, which was taken at 2016 Pack Expo International in Chicago, in November.

By CFE Media
Robotics December 7, 2016

Coordinated, integrated, linear motion system

The Fanuc robot in the background of this 10-second video clip at Automation Fair 2016 knows which ball to pick up with embedded radiofrequency identification (RFID) chips embedded in each ball.

By CFE Media
Robotics December 7, 2016

Integrated automated guided vehicle, motion control demonstration

Hans Rodgers, district sales manager, SEW-Eurodrive, shows integrated motion control in this video from 2015 Pack Expo International in Las Vegas.

By CFE Media
Robotics December 1, 2016

Easier, safer robotic programming is among results from an expanding open-source robotics software group

Cover Story: ROS-Industrial, an open-source factory automation software project, will celebrate its fifth anniversary in January 2017 by expanding into Asia, increasing visibility in a major robotic competition, and is looking to improve workplace efficiency and safety with its programming.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics November 22, 2016

Agricultural robots about to undergo a transformation

IDTechEx forecasts that robotics in the agricultural market will reach $12 billion in sales by 2026, but the growth will be slow and gradual as robots gets smaller and cheaper.

By Dr. Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, research director, IDTechEx
Robotics November 22, 2016

Miniature optical encoders for industrial automation applications

US Digital has added 400 and 500 cycles per revolution (CPR) resolutions to its existing E4T line of miniature optical encoders, which are designed for robotics, medical and other industrial automation applications.

By US Digital
Robotics November 21, 2016

Driverless-vehicle options expand to include scooters

Self-driving scooter demonstrated at MIT complements autonomous golf carts and city cars and uses control algorithms that work indoors and outdoors.

By Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
Robotics November 2, 2016

North American robot sales set records for first nine months of 2016

Robot orders and shipments in North America set new records in the first nine months of 2016 due to strong growth in demand from automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and component suppliers.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 23, 2016

Service robots replacing human workers, according to report

IHS Markit reported that the market for professional service robots is forecast to increase very quickly over the next several years in many markets and will be doing jobs that are handled by humans.

By Dan Wilinsky, IHS Markit
Robotics October 15, 2016

Robotics industry: September fundings, acquisitions, failures

Additive manufacturing, exoskeleton robots, mobile robotics, and machine learning are among highlights in the September 2016 Robot Report with 13 fundings, six acquisitions, and four failures for robotic companies.

By Frank Tobe, The Robot Report
Robotics October 13, 2016

Roundtable on robotics: More, smarter robots

Advice on robotics: Where should robotics be used? How are collaborative robotics progressing? What’s the value proposition for robotics? And how is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) affecting the future of robotics? Get some answers from Concept Systems Inc., a system integrator with expertise in robotics, and a 2016 System Integrator of the Year.

By Michael Lindley
Robotics October 2, 2016

Robot series for CNC, machine tending applications

Mitsubishi Electric Automation's RV-F Series of 6-axis robots, the RV-35F, RV-50F, and RV-70F robots, are suited to the automotive, food and beverage, as well as electronic manufacturing industries.

By Mitsubishi Electric Automation
Robotics September 30, 2016

Workcell for welding applications

Yaskawa Motoman's ArcWorld C-30 workcell is designed for welding of small- to medium-sized parts that are typical in many job shop applications.

By Yaskawa Motoman
Robotics September 28, 2016

Six-axis robot for assembly, material handling applications

Yaskawa Motoman's MH12 six-axis robot is designed for assembly, dispensing, material handling, machine tending and packaging applications.

By Yaskawa Motoman
Robotics September 21, 2016

Foundry robot for material handling and machine tending applications

ABB Robotics' IRB 1200 Foundry Plus 2 is designed for material handling and machine tending applications and can reduce cycle times for precision die casting processes such as smart phone cases and other electrical components.

By ABB Robotics
Robotics September 19, 2016

Automation president testifies at Congressional subcommittee hearing on advanced robotics

Jeff Burnstein, the president of the Association for Advancing Automation (A3) , testified before the House of Representatives subcommittee on commerce, manufacturing, and trade on how the current state of robotics is impacting the economy as well as trade and commerce.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics September 16, 2016

Real-time insights needed for improving uptime, machine performance

Manufacturers can improve performance and operation through real-time insights, but know what kind of information is needed to benefit the specific user or department. Pneumatics is moving into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as smart technologies maximize uptime with predictive intelligence and condition-based monitoring, as explained in an IMTS 2016 presentation. See four real-time benefits.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics September 14, 2016

Hybrid machines, democratization key to growing additive manufacturing

The democratization of additive manufacturing (AM) and developing hybrid machines that can use AM and subtractive manufacturing (SM) can have a major impact in improving production cycles and the types of products that can be printed.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics September 11, 2016

August fundings, acquisitions, and failures in the robotics industry

The Robot Report reported 18 fundings, four acquisitions, and one failure involving robotic companies through the month of August 2016.

By Frank Tobe, The Robot Report
Robotics August 25, 2016

Miniature motor for medical, industrial applications

Portescap's Althonix 17DCT brush dc mini motor features an energy-efficient coreless design with an optimized self-supporting coil and magnetic circuit in a compact 17 mm diameter size and is designed for medical and industrial applications.

By Portescap
Robotics August 24, 2016

July fundings, acquisitions, and failures in the robotics industry in 2016

While mergers and acquisitions are down overall in the robotics industry, July had several major acquisitions with automation and AI-related companies among the most notable.

By Frank Tobe, The Robot Report
Robotics August 19, 2016

North American automation industry continues growth in 2016

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) reported that robot sales, motor and motion control, and machine vision sales showed positive signs of growth for the first half of 2016 and the outlook for all three industries is trending positive.

By The Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics August 5, 2016

Robot for arc welding, machine tending applications

ABB Robotics' IRB 1660ID is a robot designed for arc welding and machine tending applications and is designed to simulate predictable cable movements for reduced cable wear.

By ABB Robotics
Robotics July 24, 2016

Automotive company using the IoT to improve warehouse productivity

Automotive company BMW is using Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to increase warehouse efficiency and productivity as well as customer satisfaction and overall revenues.

By Malek Murison
Robotics July 23, 2016

June fundings, acquisitions, and failures in the robotics industry in 2016

There have been several major deals involving robotics companies in 2016 with Chinese companies pouring in a great deal of money to meet growing demand and a growing robotics industry.

By Frank Tobe, The Robot Report
Robotics July 22, 2016

Germany exceeds U.S. in IoT investment

A recent survey suggests that Germany is investing more in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) than the United States and that they are more confident about its future overall.

By Nicholas Fearn
Robotics July 21, 2016

Robotics company names president and CEO

Fanuc America Corporation named Mike Cicco has been named the company’s president and chief executive officer (CEO). Cicco will have responsibility for all of the company’s operations in North and South America.

By Fanuc America Corporation
Robotics July 20, 2016

Robot swarms: Developing efficient networks through ant colony behavior analysis

Researchers at MIT have analyzed ant colony behavior to develop better algorithms for industrial network communication, which could help improve collective decision-making among robot swarms and communication in ad hoc networks.

By Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
Robotics July 15, 2016

Robotic transportation: self-driving cars

Self-driving cars, autobots, are enabled by similar technologies as advanced industrial robots: machine vision, proximity sensors, advanced motion controls, variable frequency drives, motors, sophisticated programming, cloud connections, safety, and high-speed networks. Control Engineering Russia explained some robotic transportation advances and challenges in this version edited for Control Engineering.

By Sergey Koliubin
Robotics July 3, 2016

Robot monitoring system for collaboration between robots and factory workers

ABB's SafeMove2 includes a host of safety functions, including safe speed limits, safe standstill monitoring, safe axis ranges and position and orientation supervision.

Robotics June 8, 2016

Tool calibration method speeds implementation of 6-axis industrial robots

Inside Machines: A teach-position method calibrates tools used by six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) robots for peak efficiency and improves industrial processes.

By Eran Korkidi, M.Sc., and Mirko Borich, M.Sc.
Robotics June 1, 2016

Robotic vision systems: What is doable?

Although robotic vision is constantly evolving, there is still a technological gap between the interpretation of what a robot sees and what a human sees. What about 3-D versus 2-D vision?

By Mathieu Bélanger-Barrette
Robotics May 28, 2016

Artificial intelligence that programs itself to change the conversation

Siri CEO Dag Kittlaus demonstrated Viv, which is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that enables developers to distribute their products through an intelligent, conversational interface.

By Frank Tobe, The Robot Report
Robotics May 23, 2016

Robot series for manufacturing, automotive applications

Mitsubishi Electric's RV-F Series 6-axis robots are available in 35, 50 and 70 kg payloads and are designed for the automotive, food and beverage, and electronic manufacturing industries.

By Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc.
Robotics May 18, 2016

Filling the technology gap in the warehouse

Many startups and established companies are looking to fill the void after Kiva Robotics' technology, warehouse software systems, and robots were removed from the marketplace after they were acquired and absorbed into Amazon's business.

By Frank Tobe, The Robot Report
Robotics May 17, 2016

A history of robot programming languages

There are many different programming languages for robots and it can become overwhelming to keep them all straight. Understanding the history of robotic programming languages can provide some perspective on why it is so convoluted and where they all come from.

By Alex Owen-Hill
Robotics May 12, 2016

Arup Thoughts: Having a robotic co-worker in the future

Robots of the future will be able to interact safely and cooperate with human co-workers, as well as learn from them. This will have far-reaching implications for skilled and unskilled jobs as robots become more sophisticated.

By Lynne Goulding, Arup
Robotics May 11, 2016

Robots are ready to populate smart factories

Industrie 4.0 and the smart factories being built are heavily influencing robots that are being developed in the Czech Republic, which could have major changes on the labor market, according to Control Engineering Czech Republic.

By Lukáš Smelík
Robotics May 7, 2016

Mobile robotics company expands into North American market

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) announced that it has opened a U.S. office and its autonomous mobile robot, the MiR100, will be available to North American companies. The MiR100 is designed for small-task indoor transportation of items in the manufacturing and healthcare markets.

By Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR)
Robotics May 5, 2016

Algorithm for robot teams handles moving obstacles

MIT researchers have developed a decentralized planning algorithm for teams of robots that factors in not only stationary obstacles, but also moving obstacles.

By Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
Robotics May 5, 2016

Impact, innovate, integrate: Advanced robotics help manufacturing industries

Advanced robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, and other technologies and concepts will help the manufacturing industry move forward, according to innovators from Italy and the United States at the recent i3 Forum in Chicago.

By Emily Guenther
Robotics May 4, 2016

Robot sales set another record in North America

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) reported a total of 7,406 robots valued at $402 million were ordered from North American companies in the first quarter of 2016, as sales in non-automotive industries continues to rise.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics May 2, 2016

Interactive 3D-printed robot developed for educational purposes

Liberty Science Center in New Jersey has created an exhibition with a robot named SARA (Stevens Artistic Robot Animatron), which was created by students at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey.

By Stevens Institute of Technology
Robotics April 23, 2016

Manufacturing overcapacity constraining robot growth in China

The Chinese market for industrial robots continues to show signs of positive growth, but manufacturing overcapacity in many industries has the potential to limit robot market growth, particularly considering the poor short-term outlook of the Chinese economy.

By Mark Watson, IHS
Robotics April 22, 2016

Vision inspection system for testing and inspection solutions

ST Robotics' STVS-X is an advanced vision inspection system designed for automated and accurate handling, testing and inspection solutions of critical parts.

By ST Robotics
Robotics April 13, 2016

Improving robotics with model-based control

Inside Machines: Model-based control results in robotic systems moving faster and more accurately, with greater throughput. Such modeling can estimate torques and forces on the robot during movement and prevent excessive torque, increasing robot speed, reducing oscillations, and settling times.

By Mirko Borich
Robotics April 8, 2016

Coreless brush dc motor for battery-driven applications

Portescap's 24DCT range of Athlonix brush dc motors has an energy-efficient coreless design with a self-supporting coil and magnetic circuit and is designed for battery-driven applications such as medical and industrial pumps.

By Portescap
Robotics April 2, 2016

Cartesian robot system for motion profiles

Rollon Corporation's Motion Box is a pre-engineered cartesian robot system designed to deliver users six different motion profiles that suit more than 80% of all Cartesian motion applications.

By Rollon Corporation
Robotics March 21, 2016

Synchronous servo motors for positioning tasks

Lenze Americas' MCM synchronous servo motors are designed for a range of positioning tasks including robotics, packaging equipment and handling systems and feature IP65-rated protection class housings for food processing and other cleaning applications.

By Lenze Americas
Robotics March 1, 2016

Five ways to increase the implementation of collaborative robotics in automation

Collaborative robots have received increased awareness in recent years and implementing them on the factory floor can be done more quickly when using the five tips highlighted below.

By Lars Skovsgaard
Robotics February 16, 2016

Robot sales in North America set record for 2015

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) reported a total of 31,464 robots valued at $1.8 billion were ordered from North American companies in 2015, an increase of 14% in units and 11% in dollars over 2014.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics February 10, 2016

Robot series designed for fast, repeatable movements

ABB's IRB 910SC line of selective compliance articulated robot arm (SCARA) robots is designed for applications such as small parts assembly, material handling, component placement, parts inspection, and laboratory automation.

Robotics January 19, 2016

Open-source robotic software expands capabilities, communications, international influence

Inside Machines: ROS-Industrial, an open-source factory automation software project, expanded its influence in 2015 as additional US and European organizations became more engaged. The ROS-I Consortium Americas, led by SwRI, along with the ROS-I Consortium Europe, led by sister organization Fraunhofer IPA, are planning to expand into robotic 3-D printing and make inroads into Asia.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics December 18, 2015

Strong growth projected for industrial robot industry

The IFR's World Robotics Industrial Robots review predicts that robot sales will double to around 400,000 by 2018 with the Asian market comprising more than half of all global sales.

By Frank Tobe, The Robot Report
Robotics December 11, 2015

Design software for robot controllers

Matrox's Design Assistant 4's machine vision software now supports Denso's binary control access protocol (b-CAP) robot interface and is implemented as a set of client steps to connect to, request execution and disconnect from the server running on the Denso robot controller.

By Matrox Imaging
Robotics December 7, 2015

Robotic picking automates building mixed pallets

The Order Picking Robotic AGV (OPRA) from Bastian Solutions is robotic picking technology designed to automate the process of manually building mixed pallets.

By Bastian Solutions
Robotics December 3, 2015

Autonomous mobile robot connects islands of automation

Cimcorp Automation's Adam is an autonomous mobile robot for random origin to random destination transport of materials in lean manufacturing operations.

By Cimcorp Automation Ltd.
Robotics December 2, 2015

Robotic pallet transporter for automated, guided movement

Vecna RPR Robotic Pallet Transporter automates pallet transport and reduces the need for skilled human operators to travel throughout a facility moving goods; an operator can supervise several RPRs to coordinate pallet handling.

By Vecna
Robotics November 23, 2015

Industrial robot for material handling applications

ABB's IRB 8700 is a multipurpose industrial robot designed for material handling applications in the automotive, transportation and other heavy industries and it has a reach of 3.5 m and is capable of handling a payload of up to 800 kg.

Robotics November 12, 2015

Organization pays tribute to robotics pioneer

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) announced the launch of a website paying tribute to the late Joseph F. Engelberger, known as the "Father of Robotics," who passed away Dec. 1 at the age of 90. Annual awards have been given in his honor since 1977.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics November 11, 2015

Data evolution, innovations provide new solutions for companies, workers

The focus for industries today is an outcome-based, services-based world, according to Çağlayan Arkan, GM Worldwide Manufacturing and Resources, Microsoft in his presentation “Reimagining the Enterprise in the Digital Age.” Big data needs to translate into better use of data, he suggested.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics November 5, 2015

Research facility expanded for large-scale testing

The Heavy Article Test facility at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has been upgraded and is available for fabricating and testing structures such as full-scale airplanes, large-scale industrial robots and automation systems, and other large-scale testing activities.

By Southwest Research Institute (SwRI)
Robotics November 5, 2015

Universal programming software allows control of robots, servos, drives

The ability to program and control robots, servos, and drives with one software package is available with the Yaskawa Singular Control concept. Yaskawa’s MotionWorks IEC development platform uses IEC 61131-3 programming languages and motion function blocks that conform to PLCopen standards. The software was shown at Pack Expo 2015 in Las Vegas, demonstrating a Robotic Case Packing application.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics October 28, 2015

Robot sales in U.S. set another record

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) reported total of 22,427 robots valued at $1.3 billion were ordered from North American companies in the first nine months of 2015, which beats the record that had been set in 2014 over the same time frame.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 20, 2015

Drive software can suppress machine vibration

Advanced vibration suppression algorithms used in servo drives can achieve smoother motion, faster settling time, and more accurate positioning, providing vibration suppression, greater precision, and improved performance for industrial robots and other machines and motion systems.

By Dr. Markus Erlich
Robotics October 16, 2015

Robot series for palletizing applications

Yaskawa Motoman's MPL-series of robots are designed specifically for end-of-line operations and are available with an 80-800 kg payload capacity to suit a wide range of applications and are compatible with controllers for additional maintenance features.

By Yaskawa Motoman
Robotics October 3, 2015

Robotic application software module

Lenze's Fast application robot programming module for kinematics and multi-axis coordination.

By Lenze
Robotics September 16, 2015

CNC capabilities, simulations advance, with up to 30% time savings

Advanced controls and related software for computer numerical controls (CNC), used in planning and design through commissioning, can result in considerable time savings. One pilot project reduced three weeks work to three days.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics August 27, 2015

Better vision: Hyperspectral imaging technology research grant awarded

To increase the capabilities of robotic, food sorting, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) vision by 10x, state of Montana awarded research funds to Montana State University, Resonon, and Impulse Accelerated Technologies.

By Impulse Accelerated Technologies
Robotics August 25, 2015

Researchers develop musculoskeletal arm and robot models for rehab patients

Researchers at the University of Waterloo developed a musculoskeletal model of the human arm that provides the human action for an upper limb rehabilitation robot.

By Maplesoft
Robotics August 17, 2015

Top 5 Control Engineering articles, August 10-16: Future of oil prices, legal advice for integrators, IIoT at the IO level, more

Articles about the future of oil prices, legal advice for system integrators and manufacturers, IIoT at the I/O level, five common VFD myths, and industrial robot trends and types were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from August 10-16. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics August 11, 2015

Giving robots a more nimble grasp

Engineers at MIT have developed a method using the environment to give simple robotic grippers more dexterity. See related video.

By Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office
Robotics August 7, 2015

Robotics market in North America off to strong start in 2015

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) reported that $840 million worth of robots were ordered by North American companies in the first half of 2015, setting a new record high in sales.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics July 28, 2015

Founder of first robotics company honored on 90th birthday

Joseph F. Engelberger, a World War II veteran, engineer and entrepreneur who pioneered the robotics field by creating the first robotics company, Unimation, turned 90 years old on July 26.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics July 28, 2015

System challenges for networked, future-proof controls

In the world of manufacturing there is much talk of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the future era of Industry 4.0, where cyber-physical systems will revolutionize production. Location systems are becoming increasingly popular as a way to gain visibility into assembly processes and also to create virtualized device controls, especially for automotive assembly.

By Adrian Jennings
Robotics July 16, 2015

Electronic testing company completes acquisition of robotics company

Teradyne, a provider of electronic testing equipment, has completed its acquisition of Denmark-based Universal Robots for $285 million to help expand the company's global reach and provide them with a early access to an emerging market on the verge of rapid growth.

By Teradyne
Robotics July 16, 2015

Robotic telepresence company acquired by industrial autonomous robot company

Vecna Technologies has acquired VGo Communications Inc., which specializes in robotic telepresence products for healthcare, business, and education. Vecna provides autonomous robots for the manufacturing and healthcare industries.

By Vecna Technologies
Robotics July 16, 2015

Chinese manufacturing enters the era of robotics

According to the International Federation of Robotics, China has become the world’s largest industrial robot market with an annual growth rate of 54% and sales volume of 56,000 units in 2014. However, there is still room for growth, especially with the increasing need for a skilled workforce.

By Aileen Jin
Robotics July 15, 2015

How to choose a robot, figure robotic ROI

Cover story: So you want robots? Make smart robotic investments in a rapidly changing world. Consider the system using critical path analysis including robots, humans, and facility infrastructure as part of the same system. Modern sensor technology and safety systems have evolved to the point where robots can operate outside of cages, safely around people. Focus on the goal, not the hype, while figuring robotic return on investment (ROI).

By Daniel Theobald
Robotics July 14, 2015

Industrial robot trends and types

Cover story: Diversity of robotic trends, types, and programming advances make the use of robots attractive to consider in more applications and industries, and resulting innovations should benefit manufacturing. See 10 robotic software trends and 9 robot types.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics July 5, 2015

What’s hot in robotics? Four trends to watch

Four diverse trends are having a big effect on the robotics industry worldwide, and the global media and financial gurus are paying attention to the process.

By Frank Tobe, The Robot Report
Robotics July 3, 2015

Automating lathe machine tending for the automotive industry

At the Brembo factory in China, the Vicenza-based company, Vimacchine, has installed complete processing lines with integrated robots for the production of brake discs.

By Alessio Cocchi
Robotics June 9, 2015

MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump

MIT researchers trained a robotic cheetah it to see and jump over hurdles as it runs in experiments on a treadmill and an indoor track and was able to clear obstacles up to 18 inches tall while maintaining an average running speed of 5 miles per hour.

By Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office
Robotics May 20, 2015

Robot manufacturing plant opens in United States

ABB announced that it will start producing robots in the United States from a new robotics plant in Auburn Hills, Mich., making it the first global industrial robotics company to fully commit and invest in a North American robotics manufacturing footprint, ABB said.

Robotics May 18, 2015

Competing robotic warehouse systems

As sales via online retailers steadily increase, so too does the speed with which customers want their goods delivered. Amazon, eBay, and Google all have massive and speedy warehousing operations attempting to meet those needs.

By Frank Tobe, The Robot Report
Robotics May 17, 2015

Vision system designed for precise coordination for robot series

The ST-RVS vision system by ST Robotics is designed to measure to that can measure to 0.1mm and consists of a GigE camera and a C-mount lens with zoom, focus, exposure control, and LED lighting.

By ST Robotics
Robotics May 15, 2015

Dual channel brushless DC motor controller for AGVs, warehouse robots

Roboteq's FBL2360 is a controller capable of simultaneously driving two brushless dc motors up to 60 A each at up to 60V and is designed to be used with automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), warehouse automation robots, or any other high power brushless motor control application.

By Roboteq
Robotics May 13, 2015

2014 was another record year for robotics

After another record year for robotics, the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) estimates that about 225,000 robots sold in 2014, 27% more than 2013’s best-year-ever record.

By Frank Tobe, Robot Report
Robotics April 22, 2015

Robots and autonomous driving

The way that consumers interact with cars as well as the way that they operate cars will transform most functions in commuting, travel, communications, car ownership and many other as-yet unknown ways.

By Frank Tobe, Robot Report
Robotics April 20, 2015

Collaborative dual-arm robot has camera-based part location, lead-through programming

ABB's YuMi, is a collaborative dual-arm industrial robot and features include dual arms, flexible hands, a universal parts feeding system, camera-based part location, lead-through programming, and precise motion control, allowing it to work in close proximity with humans.

Robotics March 23, 2015

Automation show begins at McCormick Place

Automate 2015 will take place at McCormick Place's North Hall in Chicago, Ill., from March 23-26, 2015 and features more than 300 exhibitors supporting many industries including automotive, electronics, aerospace, and food and beverage.

By Association for Advancing Automation (A3)
Robotics March 22, 2015

Robot for distribution and fulfillment operations

The TM-100 robot from Harvest Automation is a mobile autonomous material handling platform engineered for distribution and fulfillment operations and is designed to integrate seamlessly with the user's current operation and existing workforce.

By Harvest Automation
Robotics March 17, 2015

Lightweight tabletop robot has 6.6 lb payload and 360 degree joint rotation

Universal Robots' UR3 robot is designed to operate in harsh environments with toxic or hazardous materials and features a 360-deg rotation on all wrist joints. The compact tabletop robot weighs only 24.3 lb and a payload of 6.6 lb.

By Universal Robots
Robotics March 16, 2015

Robot with elevated payload

The Smart NJ 650 by Comau has an elevated payload of up to 650 kg, a maximum horizontal reach of 2.70 m, and ISO 9283 repeatability from 0.15 mm. It can be deployed within the food and beverage industry, foundry operations, as well as many other industrial sectors.

By Comau
Robotics March 2, 2015

Top 5 Control Engineering articles, February 23 to March 1: Artificial intelligence for control engineering, Engineers’ Choice winners, selecting and applying VFDs, more

Articles about artificial intelligence for control engineering, the 2015 Engineers’ Choice winners, selecting and applying VFDs, remote access to a DCS system, and a secure automation system were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from last week, February 23 to March 1. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics February 26, 2015

Using PID for motion control, robotics

Advice follows on using proportional-integral-derivative (PID) tuning for motion control and robotics. High-end robotics with high dynamics and reasonably high accuracy of movement almost always require the use of these control algorithms for operation.

By John Brokaw
Robotics February 24, 2015

Motion control analysis of miniature gantries

Inside Machines: Looking at the static and dynamic characteristics of miniature parallel kinematic gantries can help determine selection of the best technology. Motion applications include 3D printing, screw driving, glue dispensing, and light assembly. Criteria include application requirements for travel, throughput, moving weight, smoothness of motion, and static precision.

By Boaz Eidelberg, PhD
Robotics February 21, 2015

Future of machine vision for robotics

Engineers from Ford Motor Co. and General Motors Co. discussed technology advances needed for next-generation machine vision to help robotics and motion control. Suppliers in the room were listening, suggesting that this wish list of automotive robotic machine vision capabilities may be among future features, according to a presentation at the 2015 A3 Business Forum. Faster machine vision setup and recovery, better 3D tools, and offline simulation were among advances mentioned.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics February 5, 2015

North America robot sales set record for 2014

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) reported that 27,685 robots valued at $1.6 billion were sold in 2014, which is an increase of 28% in units sold and 19% in dollars over 2013.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics February 5, 2015

Robots used in greenhouses to improve productivity

Metrolina Greenhouses used robots from Harvest Automation to help space plants and help improve worker safety and overall efficiency for the company.

By Harvest Automation
Robotics February 3, 2015

Industrial robot controller is smaller, has improved panel, better connections

ABB Robotics' second generation IRC5C is an industrial robot controller that is equipped with a clean operator panel, and improved cable connections for easier access and use.

By ABB Robotics
Robotics February 2, 2015

Top 5 Control Engineering articles, January 26 to February 1: Object detection, third-party DCS systems, high-performance HMIs, robotics, more

Articles about object detection, integrating third-party systems with a DCS, high-performance HMIs, open-source robotics programming, and learning PID loop tuning from an expert were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from last week, January 26 to February 1. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics January 26, 2015

Robotics group names 2015 board of directors

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) announced its board of directors for 2015 along with its executive committee during the A3 Business Forum in Orlando, Fla.

By Robotic Industries Association
Robotics January 12, 2015

Chinese robotics market expected to have 40% annual growth

The continuing growth of robotics industry in China shows no signs of slowing down. They are used mostly in industrial settings, but they will soon be deployed in the service industry, as well.

By Frank Tobe, The Robot Report
Robotics January 8, 2015

Robotics company receives more than $26 million in financing

Rethink Robotics received $26.6 million in SeriesD financing led by GE Ventures and Goldman Sachs, which brings the company’s total funding to more than $100 million since the company's founding in 2008.

By Rethink Robotics
Robotics January 6, 2015

Open-source robotic software platform, ROS-Industrial, augments efficiency, reach

ROS-Industrial, a group that provides open-source robotic software, expanded its influence in 2014 through companies and developers in the United States and Europe. The Linux-based software expects to expand to Microsoft platforms in 2015 and participate in an Amazon robotic picking challenge in May.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics December 9, 2014

Making mowers in America with robotics

Bad Boy Mowers is riding a surge of U.S. manufacturing innovation aided by robotic welding technology. Turnkey robotic cells have been responsible in part for keeping Bad Boy on track to double production every year. And as Bad Boy Mowers continues to grow, it can look forward to consistency because of the standardization of the robotic work cells.

By ABB Robotics
Robotics November 20, 2014

Giant dragonfly, jellyfish make waves

Festo, a manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components and controls for automation, had an attention-grabbing giant dragonfly and jellyfish on display at the Pack Expo in Chicago. See the video to watch the dragonfly in flight!

By Festo
Robotics November 18, 2014

Are agricultural robots ready to meet production needs?

The general trend worldwide in agriculture is moving toward precision agriculture and automation to meet global productivity demands. As agriculture moves closer to full automation, it remains unclear what role robots will play in the industry.

By Frank Tobe, The Robot Report
Robotics November 6, 2014

Fast robotic picking arms and palletizers increase production rates

New ABB Robotics palletizers and picker robots were displayed at the Pack Expo in Chicago. Among the highlighted features are their high-capacity processing and increased speed.

By ABB Robotics
Robotics November 5, 2014

Robotic load handlers increase packaging and assembly efficiency

Intelligrated, a North American-based material handling solutions provider, showcased new products at Pack Expo International 2014 in Chicago. On display were the Alvey 750 and 950 palletizers and the order-fulfillment service provider, the OLS Shuttle System, as well as a not-yet-available mobile robot with a conveyor on top.

By Intelligrated
Robotics November 3, 2014

Collaborative robot positioning system allows task switching without retraining

Rethink Robotics' Robot Positioning System is designed to allow the Baxter collaborative robot to manage and adapt real-world environments and switch between tasks without retraining.

By Rethink Robotics
Robotics October 27, 2014

North America robot sales set new records

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) reported that 21,235 robots valued at $1.2 billion were sold in the first nine months of 2014, which is an increase of 35% in units over the same period in 2013.

By Robotic Industries Association (RIA)
Robotics October 21, 2014

Software platform for robotics series

Rethink Robotics' Intera 3 is an upgrade to its software platform designed to double the performance and expand the abilities of Baxter to applications like machine tending and packing.

By Rethink Robotics
Robotics October 14, 2014

Vision system boosts productivity, reduces costs at automobile assembly plant

Automotive vision: On a Chinese automobile assembly line, two machine vision cameras take images at 15 frames per second, to identify the type of vehicle part being moved, ensure that four robotic arms will grab the part in the correct locations, and increase productivity by six times.

By Steve Zhu
Robotics October 14, 2014

Vision system products for automotive assembly

For a Chinese automotive assembly application, Check Automation System Company proposed using a Teledyne Dalsa Geva1000 vision system with Sherlock software, as well as Genie high-resolution 2 MB 1,600 x 1,200 pixel cameras.

By Steve Zhu
Robotics October 10, 2014

Fiber optic sensors for automation, medical, and robotic markets

Micronor's MR380/MR382 fiber optic signaling products are designed for the industrial automation, robotic and medical markets and both feature an optical sensor that connects to a DIN-rail mount Controller Module.

By Micronor
Robotics October 9, 2014

Finding solutions and students for engineering’s grand challenges

Training the next generation of engineers to solve the grand challenges of engineering was among topics addressed by Dave Wilson, the director of academic programs at National Instruments (NI), at the 2014 NIDays convention held at Navy Pier, Chicago, on Oct. 8. See his three tips to attract students to engineering.

By Anisa Samarxhiu and Joy Chang
Robotics October 7, 2014

EtherNet/IP module designed to shorten production cycles

Belden's LioN-R EtherNet/IP modules have added a quick connect feature, which is designed to contribute to faster overall production cycles for industrial applications where robots drive the automation process.

By Belden
Robotics October 3, 2014

Mechanical assistants with embedded CAN networks

Service robots are revolutionizing the agricultural sector. They sow, weed, fertilize, and feed animals with increasing autonomy.

By Cindy Weissmueller
Robotics September 30, 2014

Liquid robotics continues its growth-by-partnering

Sunnyvale-based Liquid Robotics continues growth by partnering formula by striking another collaboration, this time with Boeing.

By Frank Tobe, The Robot Report
Robotics September 24, 2014

Fingertip sensor gives robot unprecedented dexterity

A robot can grasp a USB plug and inserts it into a USB port after being equipped with an optical sensor.

By Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
Robotics September 17, 2014

Gripper designed for multiple automated manufacturing tasks

Empire Robotics' Versaball is a gripper archetype designed to flexibly adapt to multiple automated manufacturing tasks and grip a wide range of objects without reprogramming.

By Empire Robotics
Robotics September 11, 2014

Companies agree to collaborate on integrated manufacturing solutions

Fanuc Corporation and Rockwell Automation announce global collaboration on integrated manufacturing solutions.

By Control Engineering
Robotics September 10, 2014

Human-friendly dual arm robot designed for collaboration

YuMi is a collaborative, dual arm robot by ABB with the ability to feel and see. The robot’s force-sensing technology helps ensure the safety of YuMi’s human co-workers and it can handle delicate and fragile components in mechanical objects.

By CFE Media
Robotics September 8, 2014

Top 5 Control Engineering articles, Sept. 1-7: The first PLC, wireless propagation fundamentals, future of the PLC, more

Articles about the competition for the first PLC, wireless propagation fundamentals, the PLC’s future, automation in 2020, and the System Integrator Giants of 2014 were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from last week, Sept. 1-7. Were you out last week? Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics August 25, 2014

Inroads in perception

Google's recent acquisition of Emu Messenger is just one of many items in recent news about improvements in perception and artificial intelligence (AI).

By Frank Tobe
Robotics August 21, 2014

Robotic series for processing large parts

The MH50 II-series robots by Yaskawa Motoman have a flexible design and are designed for processing large parts and the extended reach models can eliminate the need for an external track in many cell layouts.

Robotics August 5, 2014

Motion control and robotics integration

Controls for line-based motion control can be separate or integrated with robotics, depending on technologies used, connected networks, and sophistication of those involved.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics July 29, 2014

Robotics market sets record for first half of 2014

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) reported a total of 14,135 robots, valued at $788 million, were sold in the first half of 2014 with 8,197 robots sold in the second quarter of 2014 alone. Robots save jobs, the organization said.

By Robotic Industries Association
Robotics July 29, 2014

Upside-down design and automation resolve age-old precision grinding challenges

Inside Machines: One Echo Hill Tactic 8 machine does the work of four centerless grinding machines, while improving gauging technology and keeping equipment cleaner, with advanced automation and an inverted machine design.

By Shane Novacek
Robotics July 29, 2014

Getting a grip on robotic grasp

New wrist-mounted device augments the human hand with two robotic fingers.

By Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office
Robotics July 28, 2014

Squishy robots

Phase-changing material could allow even low-cost robots to switch between hard and soft states.

By Helen Knight, MIT News Correspondent
Robotics July 2, 2014

Manufacturers can do a better job of planning for the future

Digital Edition Exclusive: A futurist said manufacturers could do a better job of planning, to lower risk and increase opportunities to gain competitive advantage. Proliferation of robotics, 3D printing, demographic changes, climate change, and government debt are among under-anticipated high-impact trends, suggested Richard Worzel, author of “Who Owns Tomorrow?” during his presentation at the online 2014 ABB Automation and Power World conference.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics July 2, 2014

Developments to watch: Mobile microrobots

Future robots much smaller than Lincoln’s smile on a penny may locate cancer cells, enter, and deliver anti-cancer agents, or self-assemble into a structure, providing science-fiction-like advances in medicine, manufacturing, and other industries. At present, power and control remain two significant challenges, according to Dr. Igor Paprotny, assistant professor, University of Illinois at Chicago, speaking at Sensors Expo on June 25.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics July 1, 2014

5 trends in wireless motion control

Robotics can be one of the beneficiaries of reliable wireless communications, according to a discussion with Rob Snyder, Rockwell Automation product manager, at RSTechED in Orlando.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics June 26, 2014

Wireless operation of industrial robots

Wireless robotic control: Wireless mobile devices are being used for data access, programming, and live manipulation of industrial robotics. This includes mobile apps for supervision, programming, commissioning, and operation of robots.

By Nicholas J. Hunt
Robotics June 2, 2014

Top 5 Control Engineering articles, May 26 to June 1

Articles about things noncontrol people should know about control engineers, improved supercapacitors for batteries and electric vehicles, new methods for harnessing waste heat, fixing PID, and vision-enabled robots were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from last week, May 26 to June 1. Were you out last week? Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics May 29, 2014

Two companies achieve robotic integrator recertification

Wolf Robotics and Motion Controls Robotics, Inc. (MCRI) achieved recertification for the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) Certified Robot Integrator program.

By Robotic Industries Association
Robotics May 29, 2014

Robots nearly reach record high for orders in 1st quarter 2014

The Robotic Industries Association (RIA) reported a total of 5,938 robots valued at $338 million were ordered by companies in North America in first quarter 2014, which falls a few hundred robots short of the record set in fourth quarter 2012.

By Robotic Industries Association
Robotics May 28, 2014

Smart motor controller for robot designers, AGVs

Roboteq's XDC2230 smart motor controller is capable of directly driving two dc motors up to 120 A each and the controller's two channels can be operated independently or combined to set the direction and rotation of an automated guided vehicle (AGV).

Robotics May 20, 2014

Vision-enabled robot replaces 4 conventional flame-treating robots

Inside Machines: Robot with machine vision replaces four conventional robots in this Fitz-Thors Engineering Inc. design for a tier 1 automotive supplier. The robot operates continuously, eliminating robot idle time with conventional cells. The new robot approach also eliminates proximity sensors, making it possible to handle a wider range of parts.

By Ron Pulicari
Robotics April 25, 2014

International robotics competition now underway

The organization For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) aims to introduce kids to the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) field in an engaging way. The U.S. FIRST robotics competition, which is now underway in St. Louis, aims to facilitate the sharing of ideas among kids in the STEM field.

By Jessica DuBois-Maahs, CFE Media
Robotics April 23, 2014

Desktop robot for focused plasma treatment

The JOT400 Plasma Cell by JOT Automation is a desktop robot designed for focused plasma treatment that cleans and removes tension from surfaces to achieve stable bonding.

Robotics April 10, 2014

Optical rotary encoder series have no bearings

Heidenhain's ERO 1200/1400 series of modular optical rotary encoders are bearingless and have axial motion up to ±0.02 mm and are also used on air bearing spindles, blood pumps, and servo motors in robotic applications.

Robotics March 31, 2014

Top 5 Control Engineering articles, March 23-29

Were you out last week? Miss something? Here are Control Engineering’s five most-clicked articles from last week, March 23-29, including articles about PLCs, smart field devices, MIT robotics, automation system retrofits, and IT investments.

By Jessica DuBois-Maahs
Robotics March 24, 2014

Robot builds on insights into Atlantic razor clam dynamics

Mechanical engineers at MIT have developed "RoboClam," which replicates a clam’s ability to burrow into soil while using very little energy.

By Helen Knight, MIT News Office
Robotics March 24, 2014

Top 5 Control Engineering articles, March 17-23

Were you out last week? Miss something? Here are Control Engineering's five most-clicked articles from last week, March 17-23, including articles about intermittent high-voltage fault, PLC, harmonics in electrical systems, OEMs, and robotic controls.

Robotics March 22, 2014

Dual-arm concept robot makes North American debut

ABB concept 14-axis robot for small parts assembly applications has two arms and is designed to work with human coworkers. Link to video.

Robotics March 18, 2014

PLCopen part 4 blurs the lines among PLCs, robotic, and motion control

Inside Machines: The PLCopen working group for motion control has standardized and logically defined all aspects of machine control programming, providing one of the best attempts of integrating PLC, robot, and motion control in an easy-to-understand language common among many manufacturers.

By Jamie Solt
Robotics March 7, 2014

No longer harbingers of the future, robotics are today’s technology

PMMI’s “Trends in Robotics Market Assessment 2014” shows dramatic increase in use of robotics.

By Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies
Robotics February 19, 2014

Use total cost to justify automation for reshoring

Video: Companies may be considering moving manufacturing abroad or reshoring manufacturing to produce closer to demand. Either way, ensuring that automation and other benefits and costs are factored in is critical to getting the numbers correct. Many companies may have missed criteria in their calculations, said Harry C. Moser, founder and president, Reshoring Initiative. Moser spoke at the January A3 business meeting and the 21st Annual Robotics Industry Forum.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics February 12, 2014

Herding robots

A new system combines simple control programs to enable fleets of robots — or other “multiagent systems” — to collaborate in unprecedented ways.

By Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
Robotics February 6, 2014

Machine vision tops sensors in flexibility for Ford body panel selection

Inside Machines: Ford improved flexibility by switching from sensors to machine vision for body panel inspection, increasing reliability, and improving quality and information flow. The noncontact machine vision inspection system avoids significant maintenance required with sensor replacement, easily accommodates new models and design changes, and reduces overall inspection costs.

By John Lewis
Robotics January 27, 2014

Growth expected in 2014 manufacturing sector

The 2014 manufacturing outlook is positive, according to Dr. Helmuth Ludwig, CEO, Siemens Industry Sector U.S., who discussed manufacturing trends, such as digital manufacturing and big data, and strategies for continuing challenges, such as developing engineering talent.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics January 24, 2014

Robotics group elects board of directors

The Robotics Industries Association (RIA) elected Stu Shepherd, the CEO - Americas, KUKA Robot Group, as the chairperson during the Robotics Industry Forum.

By Robotics Industries Association
Robotics January 22, 2014

PLC-based vs. proprietary robotic controls

Open robotic control: For facilities that already use programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for other machine control functions, integrating robotic control into a PLC may be a wiser choice than relying on the controller provided by the robot manufacturer. Here’s what to consider.

By Matt Wicks
Robotics January 22, 2014

Robotic control alternatives

Open robotic control: As robotic controls advance in capabilities, other options have been emerging for control, including open control software that can be used with multiple vendors’ robots, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and other non-robotic controllers.

By Control Engineering
Robotics January 10, 2014

Robots should be doing more than 2 or 3 tasks

If tools aren’t enabling more flexibility in use and expansion of robotics, then we need better tools. That’s what’s behind the ROS-Industrial effort from Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). How does setting up a factory in a day sound?

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics December 31, 2013

2014 FIRST Robotics Competition contestants learn this year’s robot task

Students are gathering at kickoff parties across the globe on Jan. 4 to begin planning and building their tele-operated robots, readying them for competition season and the FIRST Championship in April.

By Paul Grayson
Robotics December 30, 2013

Six-axis robot for machine, packaging applications

Yaskawa Motoman's MH12 six-axis robot features a curved arm for a wider range of assembly, machine tending, and packaging applicatoons and has thru-arm cable routing to reduce snagging or interference.

Robotics December 26, 2013

U.S. college team places in national robotics competition

The Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s humanoid robot placed seventh at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Robotics Challenge Trials in Homestead, Fla.

By Andy Baron, PR & Media Associate
Robotics December 25, 2013

Industrial PCs ease integration

Robotic integration: Hardware and software advancements, such as multi-core processors and industrial Ethernet fieldbus technology, are enabling engineers to integrate cost-effective robotic solutions with motion control, communications, and human-machine interfaces.

By Matt Lecheler
Robotics December 22, 2013

Smooth motion control strategies

Cover story: Integrated systems, efficiency, motion profiles: Automated guided vehicles integrate power, without batteries; Variable frequency drive configuration, high-efficiency operation, and permanent magnet motors; and motion based profiles, libraries ease integration.

By Control Engineering
Robotics December 21, 2013

Bellows grippers for fragile electronic and light assembly applications

The Festo DHEB series bellows grippers are designed to provide a safe and gentle means of handling fragile work pieces for electronic and light assembly applications.

Robotics December 19, 2013

Magnets, sensors create paths for automated guided vehicles

Application Update: An automated guided vehicle (AGV) can be built with as little as two components: a magnetic guide sensor and a dual-channel motor controller.

By Cosma Pabouctsidis
Robotics December 18, 2013

System integration certification programs help advance automation growth

Automation Integrator Guide: Two system integrator company certification programs, the Robotic Industries Association’s Certified Robot Integrator program and the AIA’s Certified System Integrator program, are helping to advance quality in automation system integration.

By Dana Whalls
Robotics December 17, 2013

Fanuc merges American operations into one company

Fanuc has consolidated all of their operations into one company that will be based out of Rochester Hills, Michigan.

By Fanuc Corporation
Robotics December 1, 2013

Motion based profiles, libraries ease integration

When determining the best standards, protocols, and solutions for motion applications, including robotics, it’s best to look at motion profiles.

By Matt Lecheler
Robotics November 12, 2013

Robot rings NASDAQ closing bell

Universal Robots' UR5 robot arm has been chosen as the first non-human to ever ring the NASDAQ closing bell to mark the launch of the ROBO-STOC Global Robotics and Automation Index.

By Universal Robots
Robotics October 25, 2013

Technology helps simplify welding teaching for robots

Kinetiq Teaching by Robotiq and Yaskawa Motoman simplies teaching and set-up times by allowing the user to guide the robot by hand to desired welding positions.

Robotics October 22, 2013

Waterproof hygienic robots for wash down applications

Codian Robotics' D4 HD Hygienic Robots are designed for pick-and-place operations and and are IP69K rated.

Robotics October 17, 2013

Future of CNC

Beyond next-generation computer numerical controls (CNC), there may be virtual reality for CNC programming, advanced CNC intelligence, and advanced automation and programming for additive manufacturing and robotic assembly of microstructures. Each article has more information and images online.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics September 27, 2013

Platform integrates PLC, motion control, and robotics

Beckhoff Automation highlights “The Power of One for the Packaging Industry” at Pack Expo 2013, showing the value in integrating high-performance PLC, motion control, and robotics capabilities with the Beckhoff PC- and EtherCAT-based control platform, TwinCAT software. A hand-sized Beckhoff embedded PC operated a high-speed SCARA robot and a multi-touch monitor simultaneously. (See photos.)

Robotics September 23, 2013

Packaging robots plug and play

Universal Robots expects to debut flexible, lightweight robot arms at Pack Expo. The Universal Robots handle packaging and palletizing in any company searching for user-friendly, affordable automation solutions. At Pack Expo, the Danish robot manufacturer will showcase how the robot arms use advanced force control to handle even the most fragile and delicate items.

Robotics September 17, 2013

Agricultural machinery and industrial robotics set to lead growth in China’s machinery market

IMS Research reports that agricultural machinery and industrial robotics are two of the fastest growing businesses in China and are expected to remain that way because of constant demand and rising product price. See two charts.

By IHS Inc.
Robotics September 7, 2013

3D design software top 10 features, simulation, visualization, electrical; helps with robot design

Dassault Systèmes announces SolidWorks 2014 enhancements including improvements in shape control, sketch enhancement, visualization control, sheet metal, features, simulation, and electrical project features. Rethink Robotics uses SolidWorks for development of content, design of parts for manufacturability, and to conduct design reviews, simulations, and stress analysis studies.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics September 4, 2013

When to automate: Conventional and robotic applications

For modular conventional, robotic, or hybrid motion control applications, ensure that systems can scale with an operation, handle evolving packaging styles, and be redeployed to alternate production lines for maximum flexibility and return on investment.

By Earl Wohlrab
Robotics August 23, 2013

A new approach assembles big structures from small interlocking pieces

MIT researchers invent a new approach to assembling big structures — even airplanes and bridges — out of small interlocking composite components. A robotic system for assembly is under development.

By David Chandler, MIT News Office
Robotics August 2, 2013

Robotics platform for STEM development

Yaskawa Motoman's STEM Robotics Platform is designed for education and workforce development and educators can build a package that best fits their course and classroom layouts.

Robotics August 1, 2013

Robot designed for health care facilities

The RoboCourier by Adept Technology is designed to deliver payloads of 50 lb for hospitals and health care facilities safely, increasing workplace efficiency.

Robotics July 31, 2013

Robot designed to handle payloads up to 8 kg at 100 cycles per minute

The 8 kg model of ABB Robotics' IRB 360 FlexPicker line handles up to 100 cycles per minute and has improved motion tuning as well as handle higher payloads.

Robotics July 31, 2013

Robotics sales reach record highs

The Robotics Industries Association (RIA) reported an increase in robotic company sales for the first half of 2013 thanks to strong sales in several non-automotive industries.

By Robotic Industries Association
Robotics July 30, 2013

Robotics boost accuracy, flexibility for automated test machines

Amber Precision Instruments augments speed and quality with 6-axis robot to replace a slow, inaccurate gantry motion subsystem. Setup time fell from 1 week to 1 day.

By Greg Hookings
Robotics July 26, 2013

PLM software reaches into robot simulation, programming

Intuitive, easy-to-deploy, simulation and programming software can minimize robot downtime and increase throughput, especially for small- and medium-sized manufacturers, according to Siemens PLM Software.

Robotics July 24, 2013

Simulate, teach, program, test, debug robot motion paths offline first

ImagingLab Robotics Library for Visual Components is a free interface for Visual Components 3DCreate, which is third-party NI LabVIEW software for simulating industrial robots, conveyors, sensors, and other manufacturing tools.

Robotics July 18, 2013

Robotic safety conference, Oct. 14-16

The 25th National Robot Safety Conference, which will be held from October 14-16, 2013 in Indianapolis, will focus on the first update to the American National Safety Standard since 1999.

By Robotic Industries Association
Robotics July 16, 2013

Machine vision boosts quality for mass-produced robotic workcells

Inside Machines: Feedback from machine vision adjusts robotic movement and enhances manufacturing quality. Vision-guided robots have greater position accuracy, providing closed-loop control.

By Nick Tebeau
Robotics June 11, 2013

Robots serve many industries

ABB Robotics Technology Days highlight broad range of automation technologies.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics June 3, 2013

DIN valve connectors have IP67 seals

Brad mPm DIN valve connectors by Molex are designed with IP67 sealing properties and strong cable retention for hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromagnetic devices.

Robotics May 31, 2013

Labor supply, demand bring changes to China manufacturing industries

Control Engineering International: Robotics and other automation are seen as competitive opportunities as labor costs increase in China, according to Control Engineering China.

By Henry Qiao
Robotics May 31, 2013

Automation website launched

Mitusbishi Electric has launched a website designed to highlight the various industries it works in including automation, robotics, and HVAC.

By Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc
Robotics May 22, 2013

Robot safety standard approved: robots, humans can collaborate safely

The American National Standards Institute has approved ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012, which addresses collaborative operation between workers and robots and soft axis and space limiting technology.

By American National Standards Institute
Robotics May 7, 2013

Dual robot controller

The MLX100 Robot Gateway by Yaskawa Motoman offers a PLC and robot integration that programs through the same PLC ladder logic code used for machines and conveyors.

Robotics April 30, 2013

Unified platform helps robotics for packaging

Application Update: Multinational maker of secondary packaging systems, Cama Group, standardizes robotics on a unified platform to deliver simplified, high-speed automation software and hardware including a programmable automation controller (PAC), I/O modules, motors, servo drives, ac drives, and operator interfaces.

By Mike Wagner
Robotics April 29, 2013

Robotics sales reach new record

The Robotic Industries Association reports a record high for robotic sales and orders in first-quarter 2013 thanks to increased orders in automotive and OEM suppliers as well as non-automotive companies.

By Robotic Industries Association
Robotics April 22, 2013

Next generation: Robots that see

Visual servo control: Vision used for robotic or machine guidance also can be used for in-line part inspection to enhance product quality with traditional feedback systems. See photos, video.

By Carlton Heard
Robotics April 9, 2013

Industrial laser scanner for anti-collision, presence detection

The TiM310 field detection laser scanner from Sick is designed for anti-collision and presence detection and has a 270° scanning range for field detection applications.

Robotics March 11, 2013

Stereo 3D camera

The Ensenso N10 stereo 3D camera by IDS is designed for vision applications that require 3D imaging and for safety inspections.

Robotics March 8, 2013

Borrow now to invest, expand, economist says

To prepare for the next five years of growth technology, companies should borrow and invest to become more competitive. See video summary, with more advice included below.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics March 7, 2013

Robots perform highly dexterous, complex operations

F-series industrial robots from Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. are designed for extremely dexterous, complex operations, including coordinated motion and automatic collision avoidance.

Robotics March 6, 2013

Career survival tips

Think Again: Automation design, economic, and career survival tips were among useful advice heard recently.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics February 26, 2013

Board of directors for robotics group announced

The RIA Board of Directors for the 2013-2014 term were announced during the Robotics Industry Forum.

By Robotic Industries Association
Robotics February 21, 2013

Humans and robots work better together following cross-training

Swapping of roles improves efficiency as well as robots’ confidence and humans’ trust. This development will be vital as humans and robots work more and more together on a day-to-day basis.

By Helen Knight, MIT News Office
Robotics February 21, 2013

Customizable CNC add-ons, control convergence

CNC solutions are finding life beyond a “me too” status. Standardized at the core, CNC approaches differentiate with highly customizable add-ons. Consolidation of controls can help.

By Matt Lecheler
Robotics February 14, 2013

Robotic function packages for entertainment, music

ABB Robotics' RoboScreen function packages include Autodesk Maya-based plug-ins and an optional mixing board to accurately synchronize a robot's movements with the motion program software.

Robotics February 5, 2013

North American robotics market sets new records in 2012

A total of 22,598 robots, valued at $1.48 billion were sold to companies in North America in 2012, beating the previous record of 19,337 robots sold in 2011, Robotic Industries Association said.

By Robotic Industries Association
Robotics February 4, 2013

Robots vs. jobs: Jobs win

Think Again: Smart applications of automation and robotics save and create jobs. Proposed Institutes for Manufacturing Innovation could advance manufacturing more quickly.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics January 28, 2013

ROS Industrial aims to open, unify advanced robotic programming

Video: Multiple robots can be operated within one open-source programming environment, explains Shaun M. Edwards, senior research engineer, robotics and automation engineering section, Southwest Research Institute.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics January 24, 2013

Baxter the robot

A robot for unskilled tasks that every plant has.

By Peter Welander
Robotics January 23, 2013

Tool calibration system for robots adjusts programming to compensate

The TCP-3D by Leoni is designed for all robots and uses an in-line system sensor to precisely detect a tool's position without the need for reorientation or recalibration.

Robotics January 15, 2013

Growth of China’s Industrial Robot Production

The production of industrial robots in Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) is forecast to grow at a compound average growth rate of 9.6 percent, more than any other region in the world.

By IHS Inc.
Robotics January 3, 2013

Precision geared product shipment growth to fall below 5% in 2013

Precision gearbox shipments, which accounted for more than 95% of the precision geared products market in 2012, increased by more than 70% from 2009 levels due to pent-up demand for servo-driven machinery and increased access to capital.

By IHS Inc.
Robotics December 28, 2012

Adaptive robot for manufacturing

Baxter by Rethink Robotics is a robot that can perform repetitive production tasks on the work floor and can adapt to its situation by sensing the environment around it.

Robotics November 30, 2012

Motion module for profile programming

The QD77MS by Mitsubishi Electric is compatible with multiple controllers and drives and can simplify programming complex motion profiles to reduce engineering costs.

Robotics November 12, 2012

EC: In-Sight 7000 Series

Machine and Embedded Control - Machine vision, barcode readers: The In-Sight 7000 series is a series of vision systems designed for industrial inspection, location, defect detection, guidance, alignment and measurement applications, which feature powerful vision tools, all in a compact, industrial IP67 package. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice Award winner.

By Control Engineering
Robotics November 12, 2012

EC: TwinCAT 3

Software - Control design: Next generation PC-based control software that integrates standard IEC 61131-3 programming languages, C/C++, Visual Studio, Matlab/Simulink technologies and more. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering
Robotics November 12, 2012

EC: QD77MS Simple Motion Control Module

Motion Control: Even with minimal motion programming experience, engineers can program complex motion profiles with Mitsubishi Electric Automation's QD77MS Simple Module for use with their iQ PAC platform. This is a Control Engineering 2013 Engineers' Choice Award winner.

By Control Engineering
Robotics November 7, 2012

Leader Under 40: Keith Mandachit

Electrical Engineer, Huffman Engineering Inc. - BS Electrical Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology

By Control Engineering
Robotics October 29, 2012

Robot prize competition open for 2013

NASA and the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) have opened registration for the competition, which will be held at Worcester, Mass., in June 2013.

By Control Engineering
Robotics October 4, 2012

Intuitive visual control provides faster remote operation of robots

Research teams from Georgia Tech and the Georgia Tech Research Institute are looking to enhance a human's ability to perform precise tasks while controlling a robot. The technique, Uncalibrated Visual Servoing, is designed to be faster and more precise than previous methods.

By Source: Georgia Institute of Technology
Robotics September 27, 2012

Manufacturing handling systems: 4 quick design tips

Tips and Tricks: 4 practical tips can prevent overly complicated designs and help streamline sourcing and commissioning of handling systems.

By Richard Vaughn
Robotics September 20, 2012

Robotic layer picking system

New tooling system by RMT Robotics is capable of layer picking 95% of all consumer goods case configurations.

Robotics September 4, 2012

Paper mill robot applies labels

Case study: New labeling robot installation at paper mill completed in 12 hours. Kuka Robotics and Optima Control Solution deliver maximum reliability for an automation system integration project.

By Hristina Stefanova
Robotics August 30, 2012

Tire palletizing robotic system sale in China

RMT Robotics sold a tire palletizing system to its Korean partner, Hanwha TechM. Installation is scheduled for first-quarter 2013.

Robotics August 16, 2012

Robotic packaging automation cell

The Adept ClamPAC by Adept Technology is a packing automation cell is a standardized modular system designed to reduce the cost of ownership that comes with grippers and graspers for a specific range of products.

Robotics August 16, 2012

Integrated drive programming handles firmware downloads, configuration

Integrated programming environment takes care of drives, movement and path control, visualization, and I/O handling, along with single-axis positioning, linked-axis movements, CNC, and robotics for faster design and start-up of motion system applications.

By Robert Muehlfellner
Robotics August 15, 2012

Autonomous robotic plane flies indoors

New algorithms allow an autonomous robotic plane to dodge obstacles in a subterranean parking garage, without the use of GPS.

By Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
Robotics August 14, 2012

Machine vision, ID-reader network integration

Integrate Ethernet-based machine vision and image-based ID readers into factory networks for more direct communications and less expense. See photos, examples.

By John Lewis
Robotics July 20, 2012

Robotic Industries Association to adopt ISO functional safety standard

The RIA R15.06 robotic safety standard committee decided to adopt the ISO robot standards as the new ANSI/ RIA R15.06 standard without additional North American materials. Supplements are planned to provide guidance in the U.S. and Canada. New elements include collaborative robot systems, and new terms.

By Roberta Nelson Shea
Robotics July 3, 2012

Demand for robotics jobs continues to grow

According to Wanted Analytics, demand for workers with robotics skills has grown 29% over 2011, but there remains a lack of workers with the needed skill sets.

By Wanted Analytics
Robotics June 25, 2012

New group of RIA-certified robot integrators

RIA announces Ellison Technologies Automation, Intelligrated Systems Inc., and Progressive Machine & Design will receive the new Certified Robot Integrator designation

By Source: Robotics Online
Robotics June 15, 2012

Where, when to apply pneumatic actuation

Back to Basics: Knowing why, where, and when to apply pneumatic actuation improves performance and efficiencies and lowers cost

By Mike Guelker, Troy Sanders
Robotics June 15, 2012

Multipurpose 6-axis robot

The IRB 120T by ABB Robotics is designed to have faster cycle speed than the IRB 120 and is designed for pick and place applications that require extensive reorientation.

Robotics June 13, 2012

Pneumatic valve terminal

Product Exclusive: Festo’s new VTUG Pneumatic Valve Terminal delivers high-performance in a compact, low-cost unit, with many control options for machine builders and end users seeking greater flexibility.

By Source: Festo
Robotics June 6, 2012

Fellowship helps Cornell researcher improve personal robots

Ashutosh Saxena, assistant professor of computer science at Cornell University, has been named one of seven Microsoft Research Faculty Fellows for 2012. He hopes to use the fellowship to develop robots that can perform mundane household tasks and learn from past experiences.

By Chris Vavra
Robotics May 30, 2012

Clearpath Robotics design technologies and software

Software modeling is important for robotics. Clearpath Robotics uses Maplesoft’s MapleSim, an intuitive multidomain modeling and simulation environment including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, thermal, and signal-flow systems.

By Paul Goossens
Robotics April 9, 2012

Self-sculpting sand: Algorithms could help with micro robotics

New algorithms could enable heaps of ‘smart sand’ that can assume any shape, allowing spontaneous formation of new tools or duplication of broken mechanical parts. This may help with rapid prototyping, and, eventually, lead to machining where the parts are the machine tools and the resulting products.

By Larry Hardesty, MIT News Office
Robotics March 21, 2012

Rotary encoder for robotics, automation

Heidehain EBI 1135 absolute inductive rotary encoder can provide feedback for position and speed control of servo drives.

By Heidehain
Robotics February 8, 2012

Machine Safety: ISO 13849-1 compliance is mandatory for robot applications, ANSI/RIA/ISO 10218-1&2: 2011

Are you aware that our consensus standard for robots (RIA 15.06) has changed and now calls out normative compliance requirements to ISO 13849-1: 2006? How many machine safety domestic standards have made this transition? Does anybody know? (See related link added June 4.)

By J.B. Titus
Robotics February 4, 2012

Cleanroom robot redesigned for compact situations

ABB Robotics' ISO 5 (Class 100) Cleanroom version of the IRB 120 robot is a multipurpose 6-axis robot designed as a more compact solution to the existing model of the IRB 120 that has already been released.

Robotics February 1, 2012

Robotics division joins ROS-Industrial Software Repository

Motoman Robotics Division joins with the Southwest Resesarch Institute (SwRI) in leveraging robot operating systems' framework to enhance research in industrial applications, using a common architecture.

Robotics January 16, 2012

2011: Year of the Robot

Engineering at 30 Frames: Over the course of 2011, robots have stepped out of assembly lines to fill roles not commonly attributed to androids: flying, bowling, and now… dancing?

By Gust Gianos, Control Engineering
Robotics December 30, 2011

Panel mount controller for larger robots

The ABB Robotics IRC5 panel-mounted controller's (PMC) functional has been extended for robot model from IRB 2400 to the IRB 7600.

Robotics December 30, 2011

Exploring robotics for the factory of the future

Control Engineering Europe’s Suzanne Gill reports on a European Commission co-funded project that is testing the idea that industrial robot technology could provide a good base for machining, being both flexible and cost-efficient. Researchers are engineering robots to perform CNC operations.

By Suzanne Gill
Robotics December 27, 2011

Company plans electro-mechanical manufacturing expansion for early 2012

Lenze Americas plans to open a 100,000 square foot facility in Glendale Heights, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, for manufacturing operations for Lenze gearboxes, motors, and geared motors, more than doubling Lenze’s North American electro-mechanical manufacturing capacity.

Robotics November 10, 2011

Technology Days robotic event draws nearly 1,000 people

The 2011 ABB Technology Days in Auburn Hills, Mich., demonstrated new robotic-related technologies and ideas for system integrators and end-users. More that 40 robots helped teach more than 1000 people.

Robotics November 10, 2011

Robotic intelligence expected to improve with faculty grant

Faculty members at the University of Arizona received a $3 million grant for the next five years to expand research on a self-teaching robot.

Robotics November 1, 2011

Creating a robot for bowling

While the action of throwing a bowling ball may appear very straightforward, developing a high level of control is very nuanced and can require years of practice.

By Peter Welander, Content Manager
Robotics October 5, 2011

PLC-controlled robotic case packing, unpacking

Intelligrated demonstrates Alvey Robotics operating on industry-standard PLC controls for improved line integration.

Robotics October 5, 2011

Inverter, Powerlink industrial Ethernet, IP67 bus controller, PC touchscreen controls machine

B&R Industrial Automation offers the Acoposinverter P84 with an integrated Powerlink interface from 0.37 to 500 kW; Ethernet Powerlink is widely used for hard-real-time motion applications; B&R's new Powerlink X67 bus controller with IP67 protection; and thermoformer machine uses one industrial touchscreen PC as an HMI and for machine control, were among Pack Expo Las Vegas 2011 announcements.

Robotics October 3, 2011

Autonomous snowplow, controls, feedback

Dunwoody College of Technology students made an autonomous snowplow for an Institute of Navigation engineering competition, installing a control system for steering/propulsion and creating a feedback system using sensors and optical encoders. System integration challenges included PLC parameters and motor integration. See photos, diagram.

Robotics October 1, 2011

Robotic educational package for schools: Robot, controller, software

ABB Robotics' package includes the IRB 120, the company's smallest robot, the IRC5 Compact Controller, and 50 licenses for RobotStudio.

Robotics September 29, 2011

Software extends motion control application into robots

Beckhoff Automation’s TwinCAT Robotic Control platform allows motion control and PLC functions on one PC platform. Video: Dr. Josef Papenfort explains the concept of TwinCAT, its initial development, plus some recent improvements.

Robotics September 22, 2011

Increased expectations for linear motion products industry, robotics

IMS Research reports that Foxconn's intentions to increase industrial robots in Chinese factories up to 1 million by 2013 is expected to provide an immediate boost for manufacturers in industrial automation.

Robotics September 21, 2011

Incremental encoders have compact design, IP65 rating

Sick's DDS36 and DDS50 incremental encoders have compact design and IP65 enclosure rating. The DDS36 has a 36 mm housing and the DDS50 has a 50 mm housing.

Robotics September 19, 2011

PC-based Control, Robotics Help Packaging

PakTech uses PC-based control and robotics for affordable performance, 99% efficiency, and 20% cabinet space savings to get a better handle on multicontainer packaging. See photo gallery.

By Shane Novacek
Robotics September 12, 2011

Lab teaches robot to put down objects properly

Cornell University researchers, using a 3D camera, have taught a robot how to put down simple household objects accurately in office and home scenes.

Robotics September 7, 2011

AATExpo, Design and Manufacturing Midwest, Green Manufacturing Expo, others

Assembly and Automation Technology Expo (AATE) will be at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois, Sept. 20-22, 2011, with seven other design and manufacturing related shows: AeroCon; Design & Manufacturing Midwest; Green Manufacturing Expo; Medical Design and Manufacturing; MidPack; PlastTec Midwest; and Quality Expo.

Robotics September 7, 2011

Industrial-grade adaptive gripper for robotics

Motoman Robotics offers an adaptive gripper from Robotiq with three articulated fingers and four operation modes, for robotic machine tending, fixture load/unload, high-mix part handling and kitting, and other industrial applications.

Robotics September 2, 2011

Rotary encoders add profile for robotics and production

Heidenhain increased Profibus rotary encoders' functionality, supporting a profile used for robot control and production technology.

By Heidenhain
Robotics September 1, 2011

Industrial Ethernet integrates machinery, robotics

How a robust industrial Ethernet network can include machines and robots, while providing high performance, uptime, and enterprise-wide connectivity. Link to table of Ethernet protocols, more advice.

By Mike Miclot
Robotics August 29, 2011

Robotic case and layer picking system for beer, other applications

RMT Robotics' new gantry-based case and layer picking system for the beverage industry will be introduced at the 2011 National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) in Las Vegas. See example diagram and caption.

Robotics August 26, 2011

2-wire DC inductive proximity sensors

Omega Engineering new inductive proximity sensors are designed with a range of up to 20 mm and can withstand shock, vibration and environmental resistance, the company said.

Robotics August 24, 2011

Weldon Solutions open house, robotic demonstrations, automation integration

Weldon's July open house in Pennsylvania celebrated its 10-year partnership between the system integrator and Fanuc robotics. Live, interactive demonstrations showed how new technologies streamline automation integration for high-speed picking, machine tool load/unload, automated CNC grinding and material removal.

Robotics July 20, 2011

Robotic palletizing products, simplified programming software

New software designed by ABB Robotics simplifies programming and reduces installation costs, as shown in a palletizing demonstration.

Robotics July 8, 2011

Global Perspective: Robotic suction cup analysis

Deformation analysis optimized use of suction cups under combined load for robotic product handling with vacuum gripping heads.

By Marcel Horák, František Novotný
Robotics July 8, 2011

Industrial robot for metal fabrication, welding shops

ABB Robotics offers an industrial robot designed for small and medium size metal fab and welding shops, in a quick-start package.

Robotics July 6, 2011

Amtech Drives has new president

Industry veteran Charles F. Geraldi is chosen to head Amtech Drives' North American division.

Robotics July 3, 2011

Top Control Engineering articles, June 2011

Most visited articles at during June 2011 included robotics, HMI optimization, interactive plant performance, energy efficiency, Ethernet protocols, award-winning products, among other articles.

Robotics June 27, 2011

Integrator Update: Robotic controls double throughput

Concept Systems resolves coffee roaster infeed problems, doubles throughput with new robotic controls, 3D vision, and application-specific effectors.

By Michael Gurney
Robotics June 24, 2011

National Robotics Roundtable applauds President for robotics initiative

President Obama announces investments in robotics to create jobs, improve U.S. competitiveness.

By SOURCE: National Robotics Roundtable
Robotics June 24, 2011

ISA88 Part 5 workgroup reviews PackML status, ISA88 TR02 document

Wiki page is under development as a reference and guide to help people understand the evolution of PackML and how best to apply the latest concepts.

Robotics June 10, 2011

Back to Basics: Selecting sensors, machine vision

Ask these questions as a starting point when considering a detection, inspection, or measurement solution using sensors, a smart camera, or a more sophisticated machine vision system. See checklist.

By Kevin Ackerman
Robotics June 10, 2011

Control Engineering: Recent Feature Articles

Recent Control Engineering feature articles include: Control Loop Monitors Help Optimize Controller Performance, Choosing the Right Motion Control Architecture, Changing Face of Robotics, Optimizing your HMI, and How to Select a Motion Control Network. Click here to connect to each and to other most-read postings.

Robotics May 29, 2011

Changing face of robotics

Mechatronics and symbolic model formulation techniques are driving innovation in the robotics field, from humanoid robots to autonomous cars, and beyond. See photos.

By Dr. Tom Lee
Robotics May 25, 2011

Integration of Stäubli robots with uniVal drives on Powerlink networks

B and R controllers can now operate robots from Stäubli with Powerlink interface, an Ethernet protocol, that allows generic motion control programs.

By SOURCE: B and R Industrial Automation
Robotics May 6, 2011

Rugged, absolute multiturn encoder, with Profibus output

Sick A3M encoder with integrated Profibus output is a rugged, absolute multiturn encoder with 31-bit output (14-bit single turn and 17-bit multi-turn), where the absolute positions are native to the encoder, without an internal power source.

Robotics April 29, 2011

FIRST Robotics World Championship, related links

Did you feel that something was happening, that there was a shift in robotics people toward St. Louis, MO, this week? I sure did. Here are links and information to the FIRST Robotics World Championship, along with connections to prior coverage.

Robotics April 19, 2011

Hannover Messe: Festo robotics, valves, motion control, software

Festo debuted products, presented growth at the 2011 Hannover Fair, including robotics pneumatic valves, motion control, and software to help automation design.

By Festo
Robotics April 7, 2011

Machine vision standards play increasingly important role

In adoption of technology, machine vision standard plays increasingly important role experts say.

Robotics March 24, 2011

FIRST Robotics Team 1717 builds a dream robot shop

FIRST Robotics Team 1717 started out like many robotics teams: without the proper facilities in which to work on their FIRST Robotics Competition robots; what they did differently than most teams was that they raised the money to build their dream workshop.

By Paul F. Grayson, 4-H Leader, 4-H Robotics Club of Traverse City
Robotics March 10, 2011

How can robots get our attention?

Research helps robots function more in tune with human coworkers by picking up on nonverbal cues: Georgia Institute of Technology. Smarter software and machine vision could make industrial robots safer and more efficient.

By SOURCE: Georgia Tech
Robotics February 23, 2011

Motion Feedback: Rotary Encoder Selection

Consider accuracy, position or velocity control, speed stability, power loss, and bandwidth, and other attributes when selecting a rotary encoder or encoder technology.

By Tom Wyatt, Heidenhain
Robotics February 14, 2011

FIRST Robotics Team 3767: Teamwork life lesson

FIRST Robotics Team 3767 gets a life lesson applicable for any project: Work as a team or die, derived from a 10-minute motivational explanation from guest speaker U.S. Army Sgt. Nathan Weemhoff.

By Paul F. Grayson, 4-H Leader, 4-H Robotics Club of Traverse City
Robotics February 9, 2011

FIRST Robotics Team 3767: One day in week 4 of the build session

FIRST Robotics Completion teams all across the USA (including FIRST Robotics Team 3767, which I am mentoring) are at week 4; 2 weeks are left of the FIRST Robotics Competition build session. Here’s what we built and how we did today in robotics class and after school.

By Paul F. Grayson, AIMing for Automated Vehicles blog
Robotics February 7, 2011

DeepQA project, the machine code-named Watson, artificial intelligence, Jeopardy! and robotics

IBM’s DeepQA project’s computer, Watson, will compete on the Jeopardy! game show on Feb. 14-16, against two human champions, testing a computer system’s ability to answer natural language questions. In addition to raising interest in engineering education, advances in artificial intelligence and natural language programming will continue to improve industrial computers, human-machine interfaces, robotics, and automated guided vehicles.

By Paul F. Grayson
Robotics February 4, 2011

Rod Locks offers high precision, low backlash, optional operational feedback

Nexen’s RLSS Series Rod Locks is reliable holding forces up to 5,000 lb with low backlash.

Robotics February 3, 2011

Automation Technologies take center stage at Automate 2011

Integration of automation, robotics, machine vision demos featured at Automate 2011 in Chicago, March 21-24, 2011.

Robotics February 3, 2011

Robotic sports: What is going on?

FIRST Robotics district competition, Logo Motion, will be at Central High with 40 teams, March 4 and 5, in a competition designed to inspire young people to choose careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Robotics February 2, 2011

Compact controller extends to larger robots, bringing small footprint functionality

The IRC5 Compact controller is now available on six models, including four 6-axis robots for arc welding, material handling and assembly applications.

Robotics January 31, 2011

ADAM mobile robot RAPs

RMT Robotics implement audio playback to make working with ADAM robotics safer, informative.

Robotics January 17, 2011

Cover Story: Balancing PLCs, PACs, IPCs

Do you need a PLC, PAC, or IPC for your next control application? Will programmable logic controllers (PLCs) evolve into programmable automation controllers (PACs) or industrial PCs (IPCs)? Whatever the name, get the best features and software for your control applications.

By Krzysztof Pietrusewicz, PhD, and Łukasz Urbański, MSc, W Pomeranian Univ of Tech
Robotics January 17, 2011

FIRST Robotics Team 3767: Competition, scoring, and awards

Here's what counts in the FIRST Robotics 2011 event and scoring. See also a list of 28 award categories. Link to other posts giving an inside view of FIRST Robotics Team 3767.

Robotics January 13, 2011

Top product suppliers join Rockwell Automation product referencing program

Four product suppliers have joined Rockwell Automation’s Encompass third-party product referencing program which offers customers access to complementary products to help best solve application challenges.

Robotics January 7, 2011

Integrated PLC, robotic controller eliminates need for 2nd PLC

ABB’s PLC mounted inside controller cabinet door offers cost, space savings, ease of use, powerful performance for robotic production cells.

Robotics December 22, 2010

AIMing for Automated Vehicles blog test drives NI LabVIEW Robotics

A Control Engineering blogger working on automated vehicles test drives National Instruments LabVIEW Robotics and learns a few new things about automation and control hardware and software for robotics. Learn the new tricks this "old dog" learned.

Robotics December 8, 2010

Robots, 4th generation: arc welding, material handing, machine tending

ABB IRB 2600, 12 to 20 kg payload class, expands ABB Robotic's midrange robot portfolio, in a family of fourth-generation robots, to increase productivity in arc welding, material hndling, machine tending, and other manufacturing processes.

Robotics November 15, 2010

Automated guided vehicles – answers; Alyssa is Robot Club president

Here are some questions from a reader, Sara Torres, about automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and my answers; do you agree? Alyssa Hartman is the 4-H Robot Club president; she's majoring in...

By Paul F. Grayson
Robotics November 1, 2010

EC: Pronto4 Agnostic Autonomy System Series 4

Motion Control - robotics: Kairos Autonomi Inc., Pronto4 Agnostic Autonomy System Series 4. The Pronto Agnostic Autonomy System is a robotics applique hardware kit that converts existing automobiles and other ground vehicles into robotic systems. This is a Control Engineering 2011 Engineers' Choice (EC) Honorable Mention.

Robotics October 27, 2010

Pack Expo: New robots, software and a compact controller

Including ABB System Integrator partner exhibits, more than 20 ABB robots and robot systems are expected at Pack Expo 2010.

Robotics October 11, 2010

Robotics, motion control, PLC on one PC platform

Beckhoff Automation TwinCAT Kinematic Transformation software extends TwinCAT's standard machine sequencing and motion control capability to Delta- and SCARA-type robot mechanisms.

Robotics September 23, 2010

Did you see? RoboCup 2010 robotic soccer tournament

RoboCup 2010 robotic soccer tournament was held in conjunction with the 14th annual RoboCup International Symposium. See videos. Scope included robotics and artificial intelligence. Companies involved included 3M, Cisco, Festo, and National Instruments.

Robotics September 16, 2010

Recycling Robots

An engine plant discovers how easy it is to recycle and repurpose existing robots when manufacturing demands change. See table, photo.

By Dave Fox, CIM Systems Inc.
Robotics August 12, 2010

ABB displays military robotic automation concepts, capabilities

Military Vehicle Exhibition, Aug. 11-12 in Detroit, MI, look at ways to apply industrial robotic technology to automate military supply chain, logistics and field operations.

Robotics August 6, 2010

AIMing for Automated Vehicles blog: U.S. DoD wants energy efficient robots; robots on parade

Realizing the cost of energy on the front lines, the U.S. Department of Defense is now making energy efficiency a priority for combat systems, including robotics, says Control Engineering blogger, Paul F. Grayson, in an Aug. 6 post. Also see how a robot nearly missed its parade float.

Robotics July 30, 2010

Motion logic and robotics controller has flexible profile

Rexroth MLC motion logic controller with Version 10 firmware is based on a powerful one-gigahertz PAC controls platform that provides high-performance motion logic and robotics capabilities.

Robotics April 1, 2010

Linear bearing advantages

Back to Basics: Linear crossed bearings can deliver more precise motion control than spherical bearings, along with higher loads and greater rigidity.

By Naoki Yamaguchi, NB Corporation of America
Robotics March 2, 2010

Cognex new surface inspection software extends quality to more applications

Cognex VisionPro Surface is said to combine a revolutionary new visual defect detection and classification technology with a simple user interface to enable accurate defect detection, classification, and surface texture assessment during manufacturing processes.

Robotics February 26, 2010

Robot maker Motoman, 3D software provider Dassault Systemes offer digital manufacturing software to colleges

Colleges and universities in North America may see more Delmia Digital Manufacturing simulation software after a partnership between Motoman Inc., an industrial robot maker, and Dassault Systemes Inc., 3D and PLM software provider.

Robotics February 26, 2010

Photo gallery: 5 ABB IRB 7600 robots take the stage with Bon Jovi for band’s historic Circle Tour

Industrial robots from ABB Robotics dance with Bon Jovi for at least 60 concerts on "The Circle Tour," which opened Feb. 19 in Seattle, WA. Five Robotic Arts RoboScreens are part of the show.

Robotics February 19, 2010

ABB Robotics: New articulated robot, linear gantry combination

By combining a new articulated robot and linear gantry, ABB Robotics says it provides significant performance advantages and cost savings to a variety of applications, including machine tending, material handling, and assembly.

Robotics February 1, 2010

Insectlike ‘microids’ might walk, run, work in colonies, says Purdue University

Miniature, insectlike robots might have more dexterity than previously thought and scavenge energy from surroundings, says a Purdue University researcher.

Robotics February 1, 2010

Advantages of FPGAs

FPGA design tools are increasingly available, allowing embedded control system designers to more quickly create and adapt FPGA hardware.

By Renee Robbins, Control Engineering
Robotics January 12, 2010

Small robot designed for cost-effective material handling and assembly of smaller parts

ABB Robotics has introduced its smallest ever multipurpose robot, the IRB 120. The new six-axis robot has all the functionality and advanced design features of ABB's larger robots in an economical, lightweight model.

By Renee Robbins
Robotics January 1, 2010

Sensors for High-Speed Applications

System design incorporating sensor technology can make in-process and inspection systems faster. Experts in printing/converting, tire/rubber inspection, robotic palletizing, and more provide engineering advice.

By Renee Robbins, Control Engineering
Robotics November 12, 2009

Who’s using industrial drives?

Users in Europe, Middle East and Asia (EMEA) continue to be the leading consumer of industrial drives, but Asia Pacific users seem the most interested in obtaining the power and energy savings associated with VFD use.

By Renee Robbins
Robotics October 1, 2009

Omron Electronics has system integrator partner program

System integrator program fosters key partnerships to deliver cost-effective solutions using Omron controls, company says.

Robotics July 16, 2009

Apollo moon launch, landing 40th anniversary: Lunar X Prize robots, NASA Constellation will return

As NASA celebrates the 40th anniversary of the first moon launch and landing with videos, audio podcasts, photos, articles, and history on the Apollo mission page, Control Engineering looks at current and future robotic, instrumentation and automation technologies applied to lunar exploration. Links, images follow.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics July 1, 2009

Automation reduces scrap for plastics manufacturer

A pre-engineered six-axis robotic system for blow-molded bottle handling improves operator safety and manufacturing efficiency.

By Scott Lang
Robotics June 11, 2009

Machine vision: Italian integrator gives robots vision and gains precision

Evolut, an integrator of automated robotic production systems, has installed more than 1,100 robotic systems—many of which employ machine vision to find and identify parts.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics June 4, 2009

System integrators: Top 20 engineering specialties in the 2009 Automation Integrator Guide

Control Engineering Automation Integrator Guide includes information from 1,878 system integrators, 62% of which count programmable logic controllers among their engineering specialties. Human-machine interfaces were next, followed by automation and control engineering, rounding out the top three.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics June 1, 2009

Kinematics Equations for Control of Robotic Systems

Controlling the motion of a robotic system often requires knowledge of the relationships between the end effector orientation (often referred to as tool tip or commanded reference frame or commanded coordinate system) and the orientation of the physically controlled actuators or motors that ultimately manipulate the end effector (also commonly referred to as the controlled reference frame or co...

By Jason Goerges, ACS Motion Control
Robotics May 14, 2009

Robotics: Software trial could help engineers build skills

Bright spots of robotic sales could make free development software even more useful.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics April 1, 2009

Engineering hope

Patch broken or damaged nerves and re-establish the brain-muscle-sensory control loop. Detect cancer as it forms. Create a robotic exoskeleton that helps a paraplegic walk. Create a computer with human thought capabilities. Wipe out illiteracy. Predict the future. Wirelessly power and share resources among electronic devices, including artificial hearts. Are you sharing engineering inspiration? Post your comments.

By Mark T. Hoske, Editor in Chief
Robotics February 24, 2009

Testing, time-based control help CIP based networks; ODVA meets Feb. 24-26

ODVA and TÜV Rheinland collaborate on conformance testing in Japan; white paper offers help on IEEE 1588 time-based network control; ODVA CIP networks conference convenes.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics February 23, 2009

Everything needs calibration

Tutorial: When it comes to extreme high-accuracy motion control, such as marking the fiducials on precise linear encoders used to make integrated circuits with critical dimensions at the few tens of nanometers level, temperature variations are often considered the most serious issue. These encoders have to be made with picometer precision.

By C.G. Masi, Control Engineering
Robotics February 1, 2009

Motors, Drives and Motion Control Award Winners

DrivesAF-6 Series Drives General Electric AF-6 Series Drives are used to reduce overall energy costs and accurately control motor speed. GE introduced the new series for applications up to 1,350 hp with many features already built-in, like PLC controllers and RFI filters, while still lowering total cost. The user interface can shorten set-up to minutes with full text features to make programming easier.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics December 16, 2008

Automation helps packagers: Webcast, research, 3-part article series

Despite current economic challenges, packagers increasingly rely on automation to stay competitive, according to a three-part research series of research, articles, a related blog and a Webcast from Control Engineering and its sister publication, Packaging Digest. Discussions continue online with a Packaging Automation Webcast available for viewing as of Dec. 16.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics December 15, 2008

Recognizing the Best Integrators in the Business

Automation system integrators are a diverse lot, but they can generally be described as engineering contractors that design and implement computerized control systems for their clients’ industrial machinery, manufacturing lines, and automated production facilities. Examples include control, robotic, and test system integrators as well as automated machine builders and some multi-discipline...

By David Greenfield
Robotics December 13, 2008

Engineering student projects: Exoskeleton helps dogs

Purdue University engineering students designed an exoskeleton to help dogs with hip dysplasia. Other mechanical engineering projects include...

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics December 11, 2008

Machine vision product research: Positive attitudes, outlooks, new products

2008 machine vision research results and advice from survey takers follows, along with links to 16 machine vision products and the machine vision online resource guide.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics December 1, 2008

Machine Vision Eyes a Healthy Tomorrow

Industrial machine vision Product Research - Machine vision continues to play a major role in automation and control as products offer better, more reliable performance, ease of use, and state-of-the-art features such as smart vision sensors. Investment in well-designed, carefully-planned systems remains strong, and the future points to increasing application of—and spending for—this important and growing technology.

By Jeanine Katzel, Control Engineering
Robotics November 24, 2008

Motors, drives and motion control: Moving ahead at Solar Power International trade show

Flexible automation shines brightly for solar-cell manufacturers.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics November 24, 2008

Machine control: Robots go like a child in a sweetshop

An innovative robotic packaging line has replaced manual picking and packing for Italian traditional handmade confectionery company Zaini to produce a vast range of chocolates, confectionery, sugar-free sweets, and seasonal items (such as Christmas confectionery, Valentine hearts and Easter eggs). The biggest challenge for ABB Robotics, PRB Packaging Systems, and Zaini was to...

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics October 23, 2008

Autonomous vehicles: Robots deliver advanced command and control

U.S. military increasingly uses unmanned autonomous vehicles to explore buildings, defuse bombs, and more. NASA uses robotic mobile vehicles to take soil samples and send us photos from Mars and elsewhere in our solar system. They require a careful balance of power, performance, weight, and size; commanding and controlling these robots hinges on.... (See five photos and related links.)

By S. Boskovich, Autonomous Vehicle Corporation (AVC)
Robotics October 23, 2008

Robot vision: Software library aids robot navigation

Braintech releases library of vision-guidance program modules.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics September 27, 2008

Controls: Numerical control demo, PLC history panel at ISA Expo, controller book

Controllers can be studied in ISA’s fourth edition of its popular book; they can be viewed this week at the STEP numerical control demo in East Hartford, CT; and will be discussed in a series of presentations at ISA Expo on Oct. 16.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics August 14, 2008

Preview: Mitsubishi iQ controls sequence, motion, process, CNC, robotics; has connectivity

Mitsubishi Electric Automation previews its new iQ Automation platform (available January 2009) at PackExpo and International Manufacturing Technology Show. OEMs and end users asked for….

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics August 13, 2008

Learning: Fluid power, robotics for plastics, machine tools

Multi-media learning opportunities include tutorials on fluid power, robotics for plastics manufacturing, and a teaser for a Siemens IMTS release targeting higher machine tool efficiency. Link to podcasts, Webcasts, and video offerings.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics August 1, 2008

Have use for 10,000 robots?

What would you do with 100 or a few thousand or 10,000 small robots that operate more or less autonomously, exchange information, and decide what’s best to do next based on information passed to them by their neighbors? An 11-year I know mostly listed chores that he found mundane and didn’t want to do himself. This is the August 2008 Control Engineering "Think Again" editorial.

By Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief
Robotics July 8, 2008

Learn automation, machine control, with online videos

Videos from various sources can provide instruction for machine builders and system integrators. Links are provided to the following ...

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics June 5, 2008

Top 50: Engineering specialties among system integrators

More than half of the system integrators in the 2008 Automation Integrator guide say they have expertise with three engineering specialties….

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics May 1, 2008

Vision for Process Control

Machine vision is generally better than human vision in inspection and control tasks that are fast, precise, and repetitive. To be effective, a machine vision system also needs to control “hands” to move parts into its field of view, to sort parts, change process settings, or guide assembly.

By Ben Dawson & Wes Philbrook, Dalsa IPD
Robotics April 28, 2008

Fun engineering: FIRST Robotics Championship

At the 2008 FIRST Robotics Competition in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome, mental agility was on display, as future scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and software programmers competed for....

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics April 24, 2008

Green robots: Motion control, machine vision, robotics for solar cell production

Adept Technology announced that its automation software, robotics and system products have been selected by SLS Solar Line Saxony as standard products for their automation equipment for solar cell production. SLS was established as a joint venture between Roth & Rau AG and USK Karl Utz Sondermaschinen to accelerate the production of standard technology products for the solar-cell maker.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics March 27, 2008

Motion platform for robotics, CNC, position

Generic motion control combines the worlds of robotics, CNC, linked axis movements and single axis positioning.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics March 19, 2008

SME: More on lean manufacturing, robotics, rapid prototyping

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) offers information on lean, rapid prototyping, advance robotics, leadership, and composites manufacturing.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics March 11, 2008

Robotic milking: Sensors, robotics help cows, farmers, quality

Milk production increases, cows seem happier with robotic milking, a new method of farm management. Advanced sensor techniques and an integrated farm management program provide state-of-the-art tools for a highly efficient milking process and milk quality control.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics November 29, 2007

Vision guided robots: Adept Technology gets $5 million order

Adept Technology Inc. received a $5 million order for Adept Quattro robots from a major European machine builder. More than 100 Adept Quattro s650 robots will be deployed globally over 12 months for a proprietary high-speed, vision-guided handling application. The model was selected in part for its 1.3 meter work envelope, high-speed vision-guided performance, and conveyor tracking intelligence—enabling higher yields and expanded capacity while encompassing minimal floor space, Adept says.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics October 18, 2007

Pack Expo 2007: Yaskawa expands support for industry standards

Las Vegas, NV—Yaskawa Electric America released MotionWorks IEC Mechatronic Control System, compatible with the IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen control programming standards. International standards are important for OEM customers, says Yaskawa. Standards improve communication compatibility for system integrators working in multi-vendor environments and make complex control systems more accessible for maintenance technicians who have to keep them running and operators who have to use them.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics July 16, 2007

CETV – Schneider Robotic Case Packer Palletizer

Schneider Robotic Case Packer Palletizer With Schneider Packaging Equipment’s Robotic Case Packer Palletizer, cases are automatically erected, then loaded with product coded and palletized all utilizing one robotic arm. Operators stack case blanks and supply the labeler from outside the guarding enclosure. Visit to learn more about their complete End-of-Line packaging solutions.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics June 28, 2007

System development: Platform offers determinism in COM Express form factor

Orlando, FL–At the company’s annual user conference here during the week of June 25, Freescale Semiconductor introduced an all-in-one platform for industrial markets featuring Power Architecture technology and delivered in the COM Express form factor.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics February 1, 2007

Material handling, motion-related sensors

Trends and technologies in material handling were among the topics under discussion at ProMat 2007, Jan. 8-11, at McCormick Place, Chicago. Motors, drives, and motion control-related technologies—including proximity sensors, robotics, and conveyors—were among prime movers. The Material Handling Industry of America (MHIA) organized the show, which had a conference, exhibits, and tech...

By Staff
Robotics February 1, 2007

Industrial enclosures: Research, 14 products

Protecting investments in power electronics, instrumentation, and control components with enclosures is a huge concern across many industries, according to original Control Engineering research. The "Product Research Enclosures" article, in the February print issue, includes information about features and trends, along with products from Hoffman, Rittal, Hammond, and Bud Industries. (To read it, go to and look under 2007, February, "Product Research Enclosures." The article should be posted by mid-month.) Two additional graphics and summaries of 14 additional enclosures products and companies follow. Leading applications for enclosure use, survey respondents, said, were SCADA (48%); machine control and CNC equipment (40%); and motion control and robotics (38%); see related graphic.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics January 9, 2007

Promat 2007: Material handling, motion, related sensors

Program the Sick CQ28 proximity sensor with a pushbutton or a control wire teach-in function. Chicago —Trends and technologies in material handling are among the topics under discussion this week at ProMat 2007 , Jan. 8-11, at McCormick Place.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics November 14, 2006

In motion: New association serves motors, drives, controls interests

Ann Arbor, MI —A new trade association launched recently intends to serve the interests of motors, drives, and controls companies. The Motion Control Association (MCA) says it will promote the use of mechanical and electronic (mechatronics) motion control technology, which the group says currently accounts for more than $44 billion in annual sales. 'The numerous leading companies assisting with the formation of this new motion control organization envision MCA promoting the use and understanding of motion control technology by becoming a leading resource, and by providing a strong coordinated voice in the motion technology field,' said association president John Mazurkiewicz, product marketing manager for Baldor Electric. The association said it plans to develop and coordinate industry standards, provide educational programs, host an executive-level business conference, and become the leading resource for motion control technology. The group launched a global Web resource— —last month.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics November 6, 2006

Motion system for multi-axis applications

CMS Cartesian motion system from Bosch Rexroth now includes IndraMotion for Handling, said to make it easier to specify, install, and control Cartesian robotics systems.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics October 17, 2006

Science and youth: FIRST nanotechnology challenges kids and volunteers

FIRST Lego league inspires young people to pursue careers in science and technology. Manchester, NH —Volunteers are recognized as an integral and vital part of the way in which young people connect to the real world, and volunteering to promote science can be particularly rewarding. Volunteers are being sought as FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) launches its biggest-ever FIRST Lego League (FLL) season with the unveiling of the 2006 Nano Quest Challenge. FLL is an international program for 9- to 14-year-old children created in a partnership between FIRST and The Lego Group in 1998.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics September 19, 2006

IMTS 2006: Off-line robot simulation software

Roboguide from Fanuc Robotics America Inc. helps engineers develop and test a complete robotic application in a simulation environment without needing to develop a prototype work cell. Chicago, IL and Rochester Hills, MI— Roboguide technology for off-line robot simulation software from Fanuc Robotics America Inc .

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics September 4, 2006

Robots for high-speed applications

Kuka KR5 Scara robot family from Kuka Robotics Corp. is intended for high speed applications that entail long-reach tasks.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics September 1, 2006

Non-auto robotics markets fare better; U.S. 2nd only to Japan

Cyclical downturn in robot sales to the North American automotive industry helped reduce first-half 2006 new orders received by North American-based robotics companies by 38%, according to the Robotic Industries Association. RIA also estimates that some 162,000 robots are installed in U.S. factories, placing the U.

By Staff
Robotics September 1, 2006

Small, remote-controlled robot searches to destroy explosives

Seeker series R-500 robot is designed for repeated use in reconnaissance and surveillance to identify and destroy improvised explosive devices (IED) and other threats. The robot is part of the next generation of the seeker series from the technical solutions group (TSG) of Advanced Mechanical Technology Inc.

By Staff
Robotics July 27, 2006

System integrator experiences cosmic ‘inflation’

EA-developed SCARA robot trims extraneous material from manufactured parts. Astronomers tell us that during the first few nanoseconds, the universe expanded at a fantastically rapid rate—an episode they call “inflation.” System integrator Eclipse Automation (EA) reports experiencing its own inflation event. In a little less than four years, this custom-automation business has expanded from four owners working from the proverbial garage-sized shop to 95 employees building state-of-the-art manufacturing systems in 30,000 square feet spanning two buildings, with another expansion up to 60,000 sq ft scheduled by the end of September 2006. Exceptional service is key to the company’s phenomenal growth, according to Bob King, marketing and sales engineer at EA.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics March 23, 2006

North American robotics market: Record year 2005 for orders, shipments

Recent news from the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) should be welcome in the manufacturing sector. North American robotics companies posted record new orders in 2005, surpassing the previous high of 1999, according to RIA’s report “T he Robotics Market: Year 2005 Results and Trends. ” Some 18,228 robot units valued at $1.16 billion were ordered by North American manufacturing companies—an increase of 23% in units and 17% in dollars over 2004.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics March 1, 2006

Hannover Fair = 10 in 2006

There's a lot of technology to "update" at a confluence of 10 thematically integrated trade shows in one location, as will be the case at Hannover Industrial Fair in Germany, April 24-28, 2006. Visitors will be afforded a wide sweep of state-of the-art technology at this event, billed as "the world's leading trade fair for industrial and automation technology"—as well as the ability to co...

By Frank J. Bartos, P.E.
Robotics February 28, 2006

Robot gauging speeds cycle time

Quick set-up gauges from Control Gaging are mounted on a Fanuc M 710i B robot from Fanuc Robotics America Inc . Ann Arbor, MI —New concept for production gauging in lean manufacturing environments integrates precision gauges into part transport automation to provide automatic measurement of part size during the part load/unload cycle. Quick set-up gauges from Control Gaging can now be mounted on gantry and robot end-effectors to enable measurement of a part while in the grip of automation devices.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics September 21, 2005

EPIC SBC targets machine-to-machine applications

EPX-GX single board computer (SBC) from WinSystems targets machine-to-machine applications (M2M) that require a processor, wide variety of I/O, and connectivity. Boston, Massachusetts —EPX-GX single board computer (SBC) from WinSystems targets machine-to-machine applications (M2M) that require a processor, wide variety of I/O points, and connectivity. Introduced last week at the 2005 Embedded Systems Conference in Boston, the new SBC supports 11 on-board I/O functions with even more I/O expansion options via PC/104 modules.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics August 1, 2005

Presence Detection Crosses Industry Borders

Advances in sensor technology have been a driving force in factory automation, most would agree. Interfacing the real world and analog/digital input to control processes has never been more applicable to a wider range of automation functions than it is today. Automating discrete manufacturing applications has, arguably, lagged behind process industries.

By Dick Johnson
Robotics May 1, 2005

Machine Vision Looks Well Beyond Inspection

Depth and diversity of applications show machine vision's strength beyond its dominant use for inspection. Also, overall purchases are expanding. About 35% of respondents expect machine vision purchases to increase over the next year, with about 54% expecting about the same amount spending, according to research by Control Engineering/Reed Research Group.

By Mark T. Hoske
Robotics March 24, 2005

News round-up: Machine vision contracts, OMAC plans, PLCopen data project

Braintech reported new orders for vision-guided robotics software through its ABB alliance: ABB purchased five eVisionFactory (eVF) software packages recently for the ABB TrueView Vision Guided Robotics System.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics February 24, 2005

Motion-control toolkit from ICS Triplex ISaGRAF incorporates IEC 61131-3 programming

>ICS Triplex ISaGRAF has recently announced a new motion-control toolkit designed to offer advanced development tools for efficient motion-control applications “within the IEC 61131-3 programming environment.”

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics November 15, 2004

SBC for I/O-intensive uses

EPX-C3 single board computer supports 9 functions and more I/O expansion options via PC/104 modules.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics November 1, 2004

Real-time advances for machine control

The notion of "real-time," or determinism, can apply to sensing, logic, actuation, and communications that connect the three. In sensing, it means measuring and acquiring data about a process quickly enough to accurately reflect reality: taking samples too slowly can distort understanding. In devices and software performing logic, real-time decisions happen when information is collected fast e...

By Mark T. Hoske, editor-in-chief
Robotics August 27, 2004

Robotic Workspace Technologies approves acquisition by Innova

Fort Myers, FL—Innova Holdings Inc. and Robotic Workspace Technologies Inc. (RWT) report that RWT’s shareholders have approved its acquisition by Innova.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics May 27, 2004

Freescale Semiconductor: New ColdFire devices range to motor and embedded control apps

Freescale Semiconductor, a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorola Inc., has just introduced four new ColdFire families (MCF547x, MCF548x, MCF523x, and MCF527x) that incorporate more than 20 different processors.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics March 15, 2004

Control Engineering offers new book: Control System Power and Grounding Better Practice

Oak Brook, IL—Control System Power and Grounding Better Practice, by David Brown, David Harrold and Roger Hope, is a new book published by Control Engineering, Elsevier/Newnes and Reed Business Information.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics June 25, 2003

Control Engineering Machine Control eNewsletter for June 2003

National Instruments- New Breed of Industrial Controller National Instruments Compact FieldPoint is a new breed of embedded industrial controller. It combines the best features of a PC and mixes it with the reliability and ruggedness of a PLC. Compact FieldPoint provides the high level PC type features such as a floating point processor for custom calculations, an embedded interactive web server for easy control and monitoring, removable Compact Flash for data logging, and multiple serial ports for third party device communication in a small, industrially rugged form factor that easily withstands high shock and vibration environments. Click here to download your free white paper. JAI and Pulnix have vision to unite First 3-D Vision Guided Robotics system for GM Products: bulbs, PLCs, sensors, software Cognex withdraws lawsuit against Matrox Control Engineering news: Powered Ethernet, OPC, settlement Online services: Back issues, search and find what you need JAI and Pulnix have vision to unite JAI and Pulnix joined forces in machine vision with JAI's recent purchase of all Pulnix shares, intellectual property, camera technology, and regional sales and support offices in Japan and Australia.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics May 1, 2003

Control Engineering Machine Control Enewsletter for May 2003

National Instruments- A New Breed of Industrial Controller National Instruments Compact FieldPoint is a new breed of embedded industrial controller. It combines the best features of a PC and mixes it with the reliability and ruggedness of a PLC. Compact FieldPoint provides the high level PC type features such as a floating point processor for custom calculations, an embedded interactive web server for easy control and monitoring, removable Compact Flash for data logging, and multiple serial ports for third party device communication in a small, industrially rugged form factor that easily withstands high shock and vibration environments. Click here to download your free white paper. Machine vision expands beyond the traditional, says imaging group 19% was median gross margin for 31 machine vision companies in 2002 Help shape our 2004 coverage in machine control, give feedback 12 machine control products in 10 inches Light reading for the beach: real-time, robotics, adaptive control Ask for free literature, on PLCs for instance, or connect directly OMAC, laser welding, faster material removal, wireless hydraulics Quick REMINDER: Update your Buyer's Guide listing Machine vision expands beyond the traditional, says imaging group ''Machine Vision is at a critical juncture in the evolution of technology, no longer constrained to the traditional markets or applications,'' says the new president of the Automated Imaging Association (AIA), John Stack.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics March 1, 2003

Control Engineering Software eNews for March 2003

NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS - Get the most out of your control system. Maximize your system's power and capability today by integrating advanced control technology with NI LabVIEW and Compact FieldPoint. Download a FREE white paper on Building Distributed Monitoring and Control Systems with LabVIEW. Or learn more about building PID Embedded Control Systems through a FREE online tutorial.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics March 1, 2003

Are You Going to Hannover Fair?

Apologies to Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel who popularized the song "Scarborough Fair" in the mid-1960s—and to the unknown writer and caretakers of this English folksong from late medieval times—but it was an irresistible tie-in with Hannover Fair 2003. And there's even some historical connection.

By Frank J. Bartos
Robotics January 1, 2003

To fieldbuses, intelligent devices, enterprise-level and beyond!

Industrial networks are continuing to evolve beyond communication, and are overlapping virtually all areas of control and automation. Three main factors are driving this genesis: applications are tying plant-floor networks to higher-up administration, enterprise, control and/or monitoring systems; devices are being equipped with intelligent functions, including networking capabilities; and hard...

By Jim Montague
Robotics October 1, 2002

Education Everywhere

You want answers? You can't handle this many answers—if only because ISA 2002 will have so much going on during its four-day run, Oct. 21-24, at Chicago's McCormick Place South.

By Jim Montague
Robotics September 26, 2002

Vision guided robots uses multi-camera 3D technology

North Vancouver, BC, Canada - Braintech Inc . According to Babek Habibi, president and coo of Braintech, ''The MC3D suite of technologies enables guidance of robots in applications involving large parts or objects with a mixture of visual landmark features. Some prominent industrial examples include guidance of industrial robots to automotive body panel and chassis components to perform robotic welding, sealant and adhesive deposition, glass decking, and automated assembly and inspection.'' Control EngineeringDick Johnson, Senior Editor

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics August 30, 2002

Nyquist opens subsidiary in Singapore

Eindhoven, Netherlands - Nyquist Asia is the newly formed subsidiary of Nyquist Industrial Control now open for business in Singapore. The subsidiary will handle sales, support, and services for the company's NYCe3000 Motion Control systems in the Asia-Pacific region-and specifically China-which Nyquist considers significant for potential growth. Peter Wong, manager of Nyquist Asia, believes that Singapore's location and culture offers an excellent gateway to the region and for business growth in the Asian OEM machine building market. "Especially in China, there is an enormous growth potential because of the developing economy.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics July 2, 2002

Adept Technology combines more of motion and vision technologies

San Jose, Calif.— Integration of motion control and vision capabilities continues at Adept Technology Inc. .) During a pre-announcement visit to Control Engineering , Joe Campbell, Adept's marketing vp, also discussed developments in motion control and robotics, including what he calls the "gray distinction between motion and control worlds." Mr. Campbell sees big shifts in the industry from a convergence of the robotic and motion-control sides of the business.

By Control Engineering Staff
Robotics January 1, 2002

Controllers: Heartbeat of Production

This is the first of a two-part series focused onindustrial controller capabilities. Part two will appear in the February 2002 issue of Control Engineering. Much of the controller capability information derives from an online questionnaire controller suppliers were invited to complete. The entire controller capability matrix is located at www.

Robotics December 5, 2001

Control Engineering’s monthly newsletter for Embedded Control – November 2001

In this issue: Embedded control channel Microsoft Windows XP Balancing Technology and life Opto 22 Motorola extends 32-bit processing Transmeta announces new Crusoe chip Microchip embeds CAN Cool products and news Question of the month Introducing Embedded Control Move over 'PC-based Control,' welcome 'Embedded Control.' As the control and automation market continues to evolve, technologies developed and honed by PC-based control suppliers are finding their way into a diverse range of platforms sometimes far from the 'white box' PC envisioned by the pioneers. PC-based control is not dead, in fact, it continues to have significant impact on the control technology options available. It has become virtually impossible for suppliers to go to market without some open technologies pioneered by the PC-based control champions. The hardware platform may be PC, but just as easily it could be Compact PCI, VME, PC/104, or custom single board computer. Back to top Microsoft Introduces Windows XP One of the more publicized recent product launches was the Microsoft Windows XP launch.

By Gary Mintchell
Robotics September 10, 2001

Special Show Coverage

Newly reunified ISA 2001, Sept. 10-13, in Houston, Tex., will feature more than 700 exhibitors, technical and emerging technology conferences, applied motion control and sensors-for-measurement symposia, and product pavilions.

Robotics September 10, 2001

Mutual Attraction

Newly reunified ISA 2001, Sept. 10-13, in Houston, Tex., will feature more than 700 exhibitors, technical and emerging technology conferences, applied motion control and sensors-for-measurement symposia, and product pavilions.

Robotics September 1, 2001

Toolbox overflows for control programmers

Software programming no longer entails sitting before a blank screen and either entering contacts and coils or typing arcane commands and keywords that become long strings of spaghetti in ladder or text. Today's tools aid program organization and provide powerful command sets that make complex control easier and faster to accomplish.

Robotics June 1, 2001

E-business, usual technologies mix at Hannover Fair 2001

Hannover, Germany —E-business, industrial information technology (IT), system solutions, microsystems, and mechatronics were joined in the spotlight at Hannover Fair 2001 by its traditional themes of factory automation, robotics, drives, and motion control. Approximately 260,000 visitors attended the six-day run, April 23-28.

By Frank J. Bartos, executive editor
Robotics February 1, 2001

Application frameworks aid complex control system programming

Control system software is getting more complex. Controllers have faster CPUs and are increasingly networked, creating a whole new level of system complexity. To create software for these complex, distributed systems, software developers are starting to use application frameworks, which are domain-specific software architectures.

By Brett Murphy, VP, Real-Time Innovations
Robotics February 1, 2001

Cimetrix’s software picked for Siemens’ equipment

Cimetrix Inc. was selected Jan. 16 by Siemens' Electronic Assembly Systems division to supply its Code motion control software for use with Siemens' new Siplace electronic placement and assembly equipment. Cimetrix supplies advanced motion control and communication technology for robotics, SMT, semiconductor manufacturing, packaging, and assembly markets.

By Staff
Robotics October 1, 2000

Distributed Control Goes Discrete

Process control has been distributed for quite some time. In fact, the concept is immortalized in the TLA (three-letter acronym) "DCS." Discrete control, until recently, depended on an architecture featuring one large PLC with large racks filled with I/O modules. The view across a discrete manufacturing plant is usually blocked by large centralized control enclosures packed with PLC I/O r...

Robotics November 1, 1999

Graphic Interfaces are Programmers’ Friends

Programming editors and languages are increasingly loaded with powerful functions. Faster, more powerful controller microprocessors and Microsoft's Windows-based graphic environment have combined to allow programmers to accomplish complex tasks.PLC programming was originally strictly Boolean. A statement would be something like "If (limit switch contact) A closes OR (motor starter contac...

Robotics July 1, 1999

Operator Interface Market Outlook Healthy

The North American market for industrial electronic monitors and operator interface terminals totaled $606 million in 1998, and should reach over $946 million in 2003, increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.3%. This estimate and forecast is from a recently published market study by Venture Development Corporation (VDC) conducted in cooperation with Control Engineering. The report, 'North American Markets And User Needs for Operator Interfaces & Monitors In Discrete & Process Manufacturing Applications, 3rd Edition', makes a comprehensive and detailed assessment of North American markets for industrial electronic alphanumeric and graphic monitors, and alphanumeric, graphic, and PC based operator interface terminals used in discrete and process manufacturing applications. Product Definitions Monitors are display-only devices connected to a host computer or controller.

By J. Timothy Shea
Robotics May 1, 1999

Motion Control Tunes into AI Methods

Techniques include such names as fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, and expert systems. "Artificial intelligence" (AI) is the family umbrella that loosely links these techniques and separates them from traditional computing methods. Each mimics some aspect of intelligence—human problem solving, learning, knowledge, or evolution.

By Frank J. Bartos, Control Engineering
Robotics November 1, 1998

New products ignite Sensors Expo

Hundreds of new products debuted at the recent Sensors Expo here. Some of the most innovative included:

By Staff
Robotics March 1, 1998

Industrial Process Robots

Elgin, Ill— Reis Robotics' new line of articulated-arm, six-axis robots feature payload capacities from 6 to 130 kg, and the ability to automate many industrial operations, such as material handling, machine tending, welding and cutting, gluing, coating, and spraying. Special aspects include ac drive technology with a digital, error-tolerant absolute measuring system to eliminate the eff...

By Staff
Robotics January 1, 1998

FLIR Systems, Honeywell, Industrial Devices, PC Soft, Robotic Workspace, SST, Visio, Wonderware

Recent major mergers, acquisitions, agreements, and contracts in the control and automation fields include the following:FLIR Systems Inc. (Portland, Ore.) acquired AGEMA Infrared Systems (Stockholm, Sweden) for about $80 million to create one of the world's largest infrared imaging companies.Honeywell Inc.

By Staff

A letter from the editor

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