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Process Safety

Courtesy: ControlSphere Engineering
PLCs, PACs August 4, 2020

Control Engineering hot topics, July 2020

Control Engineering's most clicked articles in July 2020 included stories about programmable logic controllers, re-entering the workplace after COVID-19, data management, ladder logic, and more. Miss something? You can catch up here.

By Keagan Gay
University of Wisconsin-Madison grad student Rebecca Alcock is playing a leading role in a large-scale, U.N.-backed effort to help developing countries amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Courtesy: Rebecca Alcock, University of Wisconsin-Madison
PPE July 29, 2020

Engineering student helps organize PPE production, COVID response in developing countries

University of Wisconsin-Madison grad student Rebecca Alcock is playing a leading role in a large-scale, U.N.-backed effort to mobilize production of personal protective equipment (PPE) and more in developing countries around the world amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Tom Ziemer
Researcher Emmeline Blanchard from the Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory University places items into an ozone disinfection chamber for testing. Courtesy: Georgia Tech University
PPE July 22, 2020

Ozone disinfection could make PPE reusable for workers

Georgia Tech researchers found that ozone gas could provide a safe means for disinfecting certain types of PPE that are in high demand for shielding workers from COVID-19.

By John Toon
Alcami Tech Center and Laboratory Wilmington, North Carolina. Courtesy: CRB
Labs, Research July 20, 2020

Lab design techniques to accelerate COVID-19 test processing

Testing is a crucial component of our global response to COVID-19 and producing enough tests processing the results quickly to the public is a challenge we currently face.

C-level executives of the World Health Organisationa and Lloyd's Register Foundation speak at the Virtual Edition of the Global Manufacturing and Industrialization Summit (GMIS). Courtesy: GMIS
Safety Standards July 14, 2020

Manufacturing accidents still too common, say officials

Increase digital technologies and existing tools to decrease too-common occupational accidents, say officials from the WHO and Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

By Global Manufacturing and Industrialization Summit (GMIS)
Courtesy: Ben Cyr and Dr. Sara Rampazzi, University of Michigan
Sensors, Vision July 7, 2020

Wireless sensors for N95 masks could enable more accurate decontamination

University of Michigan researchers are developing tiny wireless sensors for recycled N95 masks could verify, in real time, whether the respirators are being exposed to proper decontamination conditions

By Zach Champion
Courtesy: Breen Machine Automation Services
System Integration July 5, 2020

Five tips for effectively drawing electrical schematics

Industrial automation schematics drawings communicate design intent from the engineer to the assembler, troubleshooter and maintainer. See five tips on making electrical schematic drawings better.

By Jon Breen
Some health care professionals are experiencing a shortage of personal protective equipment, such as N95 respirators. Courtesy: David Staack, Texas A&M University
PPE June 30, 2020

Researchers develop method to recycle PPE using radiation

Texas A&M University researchers have developed a method to make PPE masks reusable by sending them through an electron beam facility to get rid of contaminants.

By Laura Simmons
Courtesy: Dewberry
Process Safety June 26, 2020

COVID-19’s impact on wastewater treatment facilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major effect on wastewater treatment facilities from many perspectives including maintenance, operations and safety.

By Patrick Radabaugh
A Purdue University team has come up with an approach to extend the shelf life for an N95 PPE mask being used by health care and other essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media
PPE June 23, 2020

Researchers develop approach to make N95 masks last longer

A Purdue University research team is working on extending the shelf life for an N95 mask, a crucial piece of personal protective equipment (PPE), by making the elastic band last longer.

By Chris Adam