Process Safety

Process Safety October 3, 2022

Key strategies for improving alarm design and management

Coupling strategic engineering techniques with integrated management software helps unlock best-in-class alarm solutions. See five rules of alarm relevancy, three examples.

By Asad Malik and David Lee
wastewater vials
Process Safety August 25, 2022

Synthetic polymer can remove dyes from wastewater

North Carolina State University researchers have demonstrated that a reusable synthetic polymer can remove dyes from water.

By Laura Oleniacz
Process Safety July 20, 2022

Implementing a hierarchy of automation safety

A layered approach for addressing industrial automation safety provides optimal results.

By Joshua Draa
Image courtesy: Brett Sayles
Process Safety July 10, 2022

Linking PSM, NFPA, and ISA/IEC 61511 for fired equipment

Many facilities rely on prescriptive applications to manage fired equipment, which may not always be sufficient.

By Chris Neff
Adam Kern is a process safety engineer at Matrix Technologies. Courtesy: Matrix Technologies
Process Safety March 23, 2022

Some straight talk on process safety

Will increased connectivity change the definition of a process?

By Adam Kern
Seven keys to a compliant PSM training program for Ammonia refrigeration
Process Safety January 11, 2022

PSM compliance training according to OSHA

To ensure the safest environment for employees, review current PSM training to verify that it meets OSHA requirements

By Ken Philo
Courtesy: Maverick Technologies, a Rockwell Automation Company
Process Safety December 1, 2021

Reduce downtime and risk with effective alarm management

A more intelligent design that can deliver the right alarms at the right time is critical in reducing downtime and risk for operators.

By Richard Slaugenhaupt
Courtesy: Cincinnati Incorporated
Process Safety November 5, 2021

Gap in workplace safety processes, strategies

Companies lack a well-defined roadmap to implement safety improvement measures, according to data from a Sphera report.

By Sphera
Courtesy: Cincinnati Incorporated/Steve Rourke, CFE Media and Technology
Process Safety October 13, 2021

Fall protection remains biggest workplace hazard

OSHA's most-cited workplace safety standards finds fall protection in the top spot for the 11th straight year with respiratory protection a distant second.

By National Safety Council (NSC)
Courtesy: Robert Coelius, Michigan Engineering
Process Safety October 12, 2021

Wastewater virus removal study receives grant

University of Michigan researchers are studying how well current treatment methods remove viruses from wastewater, which might reduce the complexity of upgrading water treatment facilities.

By Zach Robertson