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Simulators, Optimizers July 20, 2021

Control Engineering July 2021 Issue

The July 2021 issue of Control Engineering focuses on PLC programming, PID programming, I/O modules, system integrator tips and more.

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Courtesy: CIMdata
Simulators, Optimizers July 14, 2021

Simulation and analysis market grows in 2020

In spite of COVID-19, simulation and analysis (S&A) revenues more than doubled in 2020 to $7.5 billion, according to a report by CIMdata.

By CIMdata
Courtesy: Peter Galan, a retired control software engineer
Simulators, Optimizers July 12, 2021

Top 5 Control Engineering articles July 5-11, 2021

Articles about simulation and computer-aided design, IEC 61131-3 structuring, edge computing, IIoT networks and control system cybersecurity were Control Engineering’s five most clicked articles from July 5-11, 2021. Miss something? You can catch up here.

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Simulators, Optimizers July 7, 2021

Programming standardization unifies, improves operator experience

Integrated automation suites provide control system programmers with the tools to manage standardization across multiple automation projects, creating consistent operational experiences enterprise-wide. See 10 advantages of an integrated programming suite that saved 30% programming time at one customer.

By John DeTellem
Courtesy: Siemens Digital Industries, New Products for Engineers Database
Simulators, Optimizers July 3, 2021

Essence of digital enterprise: Three types of digital twins

Use of factory digitalization is expected to result in nearly double the production capacity, 20% less product launch time, 20% increase in personnel utilization and 40% increase in space utilization.

By Stone Shi
Courtesy: Siemens
Simulators, Optimizers May 20, 2021

Complex machine validations performed with multiphysics simulation

Intelligent performance engineering provides improvements in simulation, design and connectivity for machine builders.

By Rahul Garg
Courtesy: Patti Engineering
Simulators, Optimizers May 5, 2021

Five technologies that can help manufacturers evolve after COVID-19

There are many currently available technologies that can help keep manufacturers productive right away as everyone adjusts to the new normal.

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Mechanical engineering professor Carlo Scalo and his research team use supercomputers to develop models that efficiently simulate vortex flow phenomena. Courtesy: Rebecca McElhoe, Purdue University
Simulators, Optimizers January 22, 2021

Turbulence model developed to help aircraft capable of handling extreme scenarios

Purdue University researchers have developed a modeling approach that simulates the entire process of a vortex collision at a reduced computational time, which could help aircraft responds appropriately.

By Kayla Wiles
Courtesy: Siemens
Simulators, Optimizers December 16, 2020

How modern simulation software addresses intralogistics challenges

Cover Story: Advanced simulation software provides optimization insight, enabling distribution and fulfillment centers to address issues and optimize efficiency. See video.

By Colm Gavin
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media
Simulators, Optimizers April 23, 2020

Simulation needs to overcome perceived complexity and trust issues

Industry experts offered views about the benefits simulation technologies might offer in the process and manufacturing sectors.

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