4Xxtreme Electrical Enclosures

Custom Stainless Enclosures November 6, 2023

The 4Xxtreme electrical enclosures which features the following cost of ownership saving advantages: Custom Stainless Enclosures Patented Double Seal Enclosure technology increases their enclosure’s ability to withstand the harshest environments. Gasket Failure is the number one issue when it comes to water getting into enclosures. The problem is, by the time a user realizes they have a problem, the damage has already been done. Most enclosure manufacturers use a “Pour in Place” or “Foam in Place” (FIP) gasket system which can have a temperature rating as low as 140 ℉ (60℃). The “FIP” gasket is the least expensive gasket system an enclosure manufacturer can use. In harsh wash-down environments this can lead to gasket failure within as little as six months, the harsher the environment the faster these “FIP” gaskets start to crack, absorb water and fall off.

Easy to maintain “Push On” field replaceable gasket system     

Custom Stainless Enclosures easy-to-use field replaceable “Push On” gasket system is the simplest gasket replacement system in the industry. Custom Stainless Enclosures standardized on a Blue EPDM gasket, however, also available are Nitrile and Blue Silicone gaskets depending on our customers installation requirements.

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