Active Cooling Solutions (ACS) Platform

Phononic March 19, 2023

Active Cooling Solutions platform, a full-service, sustainable solution to solve end-to-end cold chain fulfillment needs for the grocery industry. Building on the recent success, learnings, and proof points from more than 20 commercial installations, the ACS platform offers a complete cold chain fulfillment solution that allows retailers flexibility and scalability to meet the ever-changing needs of their business and the always-shifting behaviors of consumers. The ACS platform launch includes critical hardware, accessories, and data-driven services and support optimizing e-grocery fulfillment:

  • ACS Actively-Cooled Tote (ACT) 2000 TM: the premiere fulfillment solution for precise and secure cooling and freezing with accessories including plug-in carts for optimized picking, staging and curbside pickup; vertically powered storage racks to minimize storage footprint; integration into robotics automation; IoT data connectivity features, and turn-key installation and support.
  • ACS Connected Services: provides real-time monitoring of temperature data, tote utilization and tote traceability, ensuring critical food safety and the highest food quality and maximum operational efficiency alongside complete cold chain documentation.
  • ACS Last Mile: the first all-electric tri-temperature delivery vehicle, realizing zero emissions and unprecedented sustainability for grocery retail. The most sustainable and cost-effective way to store chilled, frozen and general merchandise all in one vehicle.

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