Air extend/spring retract gage head sensors

NewTek Sensor Solutions September 14, 2023

NewTek GAR Series Spring-loaded Gage Heads are used in automated dimensional gaging applications as part of the inline inspection processes, when it is ideal for the sensor probe to move out of the way between readings. The probes of these LVDTs extends when taking dimensional measurements, and then retract to their original position to avoid damage to the sensor or next conveyed product.

In manufacturing conveyor lines, these air extend/spring retract gage heads conduct tolerance checks as part of quality assurance measures. The LVDTs provide dimensional feedback to verify if parts have any variance in size and other physical properties. Tolerance checks are important to maintain product quality from lot to lot throughout manufacturing cycles. Machine manufacturers and quality control departments often use these sensors for “go/no-go” inspection of complex mechanical parts.

The GAR Series Gage Head Sensors check dimensions when their probes contact the measured object. In operation, low-pressure air (10 – 40 psi) extends the sensor shaft. Probe contact force is regulated by the air pressure. With the removal of air pressure, an internal spring retracts the probe to allow room for automated parts to move along the conveyor without damaging the probe or next product.

These AC-operated LVDT position sensors interface with LVDT signal conditioners that provide AC excitation while retrieving the sensor’s unconditioned position output for conversion into analog or digital output.

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