Alternative solid-state battery materials advance offshore wind applications

Nuvvon October 18, 2023

Nuvvon is partnering with Rutgers EcoComplex and its WindIgnite Offshore Wind Supply Chain Accelerator Program to advance their mutual goals of renewable energy storage and sustainable development.

Through the partnership, Rutgers will focus on developing and commercializing Nuvvon’s innovative solutions in energy storage that contribute to the development of a sustainable offshore wind supply chain and address the world’s pressing environmental challenges. Nuvvon has the technology to store energy generated from wind for use during periods of peak demand and when generation levels are low.

Nuvvon’s next-generation solid-state energy battery materials and batteries are ideally suited for energy storage applications due to cheaper cost per unit energy compared to current technology lithium-ion batteries. These batteries also can pack more energy into a given volume or weight. Unlike liquid electrolyte batteries, Nuvvon technology is fire resistant for safe use close to buildings, simplifying the supporting local grid network.

“Nuvvon is determined to be in the vanguard of this energy revolution in its home state of New Jersey, providing batteries and battery materials to support wind and solar energy generation,” said Jonathan Lex, Nuvvon Inc.’s Chief Operating Officer. “We identify with Rutgers aims for energy justice with fair access for all to cheaper energy.”

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