AR App for Bredel Hose Pump

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions July 22, 2022

WMFTS has launched the Bredel hose pump augmented reality customer application, designed to reduce maintenance time with clear step-by-step visual guidance.The easy-to-use app is the second in a series of AR apps from WMFTS developed for post-sales support so users can quickly identify the tools required for Bredel hose pump maintenance tasks or spare parts. The app has been considerately designed so users do not need previous experience of AR to easily access key information and understand pump maintenance procedures via animations on the app. The user’s understanding of the pump will improve by utilizing this visual, digital technology.By laying AR visual instructions over a user’s own pump, the app helps a customer’s understanding of a task and saves time previously spent consulting printed product manuals. Earlier this year, WMFTS launched its AR app for its Certa Sine pump. Both apps were developed in-house by WMFTS’ new Digital Transformation department.

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