Automation industry rod type low noise electric actuator

September 7, 2023

With its compact design, precise and quiet ball screw driven, the ESR series electric cylinders can replace traditional air cylinders and hydraulic cylinders. The transmission efficiency of ESR series electric cylinder developed by TPA ROBOT can reach 96%, which means that under the same load, our electric cylinder is more energy-efficient than transmission cylinders and hydraulic cylinders. At the same time, since the electric cylinder is driven by ball screw and servo motor, the repeated positioning accuracy can reach ±0.02mm, realizing high-precision linear motion control with less noise.

ESR series electric cylinder stroke can reach up to 2000mm, the maximum load can reach 1500kg, and can be flexibly matched with various installation configurations, connectors, and provide a variety of motor installation directions, which can be used for robot arms, multi-axis motion platforms and various automation applications.

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