CL26 Series steel disc coupling with locking assembly

Candy Controls January 13, 2022

The CL26 is a steel disc coupling with a locking assembly shaft attachment. It features a steel body with thicker plate springs than classic disc couplings, and each shaft end is locked to the coupling through a shrink disc and screw connection. The combination of a steel body, thicker plate springs, and a stronger connection to the shafts increases rigidity and torque transmission while still maintaining zero backlash and flexible shaft characteristics. Available in a single or double disc version, an additional set of plate springs in the double disc version increases coupling’s ability to accommodate misalignment. In comparison to clamp and keyway systems, the locking assemblies coupling delivers an even pressure distribution while being entirely backlash free. Angularity errors between the two shafts, as well as shaft endplay, are corrected by the central stainless steel spring plate. Its compact design and high response and torque capacities make it ideal for servo motor applications.

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