CLP0312FP fanless open-frame power supplies

May 9, 2024

OmniOn Power has expanded its CLP-series of fanless, open-frame power supplies with the CLP0312FP, a highly efficient, compact solution that provides up to 300 watts (W) of power in a 2-inch by 4-inch footprint.

The power supplies feature a universal input voltage range of 90-264Vac, a 12V output voltage, and can achieve efficiencies greater than 92%. They also meet the required Class B emission standards for conducted and radiated emissions.

The CLP0312FP helps to meet the growing need for high-power density in applications like the latest networking equipment, including optical line terminals, switches, routers, and private base stations. In addition, its fanless operation, high power derating, and reliability – nearly one million hours of mean time between failures – make it well suited for sealed enclosures such as outdoor telecom equipment.

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