CMMT MP multi-protocol drives CMMT-AS and CMMT-ST

Festo June 30, 2023

Festo introduces the CMMT MP family of multi-protocol servo drives. Every drive in this family is configurable as EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFINET, and Modbus TCP.

Using this single-family multi-protocol strategy, machine builders supporting multiple communications protocols can reduce servo-drive inventories. A unified drive family improves engineering productivity through familiarity with a single platform, simplifies tech support, and gains a robust supply chain for competitively priced servo drives. Festo showed the power of multi-protocol units by reducing its own part numbers from 24 to 8.

To choose the protocol for a CMMT multi-protocol servo drive, engineers log into the drive using the free online productivity tool Festo Automation Suite, select the protocol of choice from a drop-down menu, and configure the unit.

The Festo CMMT family includes CMMT-ST-MP compact DC servo drives. The drives are rated up to 300 W and are popular with builders that require a small, high quality, readily available drive. CMMT-AS-MP compact AC servo drives are rated up to 6 KW. Remarkably small 9- and 12-KW CMMT-AS-MP units are slated for sale later this year.

Festo’s development of CMMT MP drives presented the company with the opportunity to update internal electronics of CMMT units with the latest components. Current components are easier to obtain than older ones and help to eliminate supply-chain woes, as well as improving performance and reliability.

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