DIT-5200L Noncontact Differential Impedance Transducer

January 13, 2023

Capable of subnanometer resolution with high sensitivity (up to 10v/mil, 39 mV/μm) and outstanding  linearity (up to 0.1% full range), this product provides a powerful solution for a diverse set of applications that demand exacting precision. The DIT-5200L is a commercially-based, fully analog product built to IPC A-160 Class 3 standards. Depending on the program requirements, it also offers the opportunity for commercial-off-the-shelf up screening. The I/O is on a 9-pin mini-D connector, and the input power connections are reverse voltage protected. The product’s signal conditioning electronics are packaged in a die cast aluminum box with MCX style sensor connections, and the overall package size is just 7.7 cubic inches. The product is CE marked when purchased in the original enclosure. The electronics can also be supplied as a bare PCB for installation inside the user’s enclosure, and custom configurations can be designed for OEM application requirements upon request. Under the hood, the product features high precision eddy current balanced bridge technology. In an eddy current differential system, the two coils in the inductive bridge are housed in two separate sensors. Rather than one active coil and one reference coil, both sensors contain active coils. These two sensors are typically placed on opposite sides of either the target or the target pivot point.

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