EWT-PA series two-piece flex split conduit

AutomationDirect October 25, 2023

AutomationDirect has added EWT-PA series flexible, non-metallic, two-piece split conduit from Murrplastik. This flex split conduit provides an easy solution for routing pre-terminated cables, eliminating the need to dismantle/reassemble the installed connectors. The EWT-PA series conduit consists of dual overlapping tubes that are easy to open yet provide mechanical protection and eliminate unintentional exposure of the cabling bundle inside. This conduit is ideal for cable installations on cobots, gantry systems, or any retrofitting application. Also included are connectors and accessories to help with conduit installation. All connectors consist of two pieces that easily snap together with little effort. Mounting accessories allow mounting of the conduit with one simple push/snap into place. A wire insertion tool makes the installation of cables into the conduit quick and easy.

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