Flexible power system family

ABB Power Conversion February 21, 2024

OmniOn Power has expanded its recently announced BPS power system family with its new BPS-Flex, providing advanced controller features in a compact, cost-efficient footprint. The power system offers a broad range of power, from 2 to 18 kilowatts (kW), depending on the number of shelves and rectifiers used and if battery backup is mandatory or not.

The configurable, -48V power system can include up to two 1RU rectifier shelves and a primary distribution panel. Supplemental distribution panels can be added as well, if required. The primary distribution panel can be configured with an optional low voltage battery disconnect, and the power system is available with a variety of fuse and circuit breaker options including pluggable DC breakers, GMT fuses, and up to 30A small-form breakers.

The BPS-Flex incorporates OmniOn’s BP-series rectifiers, which deliver high power densities of 45.85 watts/in3 and peak efficiencies exceeding 96%. The power system utilizes OmniOn’s Pulsar Edge controller, which features ethernet connectivity to facilitate remote network management and to provide monitoring and control for the rectifiers, batteries, and distribution.

The BPS Flex is ideally suited for use in 5G macro/small cell power plants, fiber/cable backhaul, and for distributed antenna systems (DAS).

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