Flow and energy measurement system

January 2, 2023

The System-1000 Flow and Energy Measurement System is a dual channel Btu Meter that provides highly accurate thermal energy measurement in chilled water, heating hot water, condenser water, and domestic water systems. Energy measurement is based on signal inputs from matched precision temperature sensors and any of ONICON’s inline, insertion, or clamp-on style flow meters.

The System-1000 can perform up to two thermal energy calculations simultaneously, and it allows for the addition or subtraction of two flow rates to solve challenging flow measurement locations. The System-1000 utilizes calculated thermal energy data and uses electrical energy data via analog input to calculate the real-time coefficient of performance (COP) for a CHW system. The flexible design provides energy, flow, temperature, and efficiency data on the local display via BACnet MS/TP or IP, and via analog and pulse outputs. Auxiliary pulse and analog inputs are also available to allow other devices to provide rate and total data to the serial network.

Applications include:

  • Chilled water and heating hot water systems

  • Total chiller performance and efficiency

  • University campus monitoring

  • Central plant monitoring

  • Domestic water including recirculation lost

  • Thermal/Ice storage systems

  • Lake, solar, geothermal, ground sourcing energy monitoring

  • Performance contracting energy monitoring

  • Commercial office tenant billing

  • Institutional energy cost allocation

  • Glycol/Water or other mixtures

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