linear actuator LSA14 (NEMA 6)

Nanotec Electronic March 27, 2023

With the LSA14, Nanotec introduces its first linear actuator with 14mm flange (NEMA 6). As one of the smallest linear actuators with stepper motor on the market, this compact unit is ideal for applications with space restrictions, such as medical or analytical instruments, or lab automation and optical applications.


This external actuator has a resolution of up to 5 µm per step and allows precise positioning. In combination with an anti-backlash nut, the LSA14 provides high accuracy without backlash. Despite its miniaturized design, the new actuator provides a maximum force of 15 N.


Nanotec offers various motor controllers and custom solutions for the LSA14, such as coated screws.


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About Nanotec

Nanotec was founded in 1991 and is now among the leading manufacturers of motors and controllers/drives for industrial automation and medical engineering applications. The company has been based in Feldkirchen near Munich/Germany since 2011. With some 270 employees in Germany, Bulgaria, the US and China, Nanotec serves customers around the world.

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