LNP2-170 Automation Axis Robot, Linear Servo Motor

September 7, 2023

LNP2 series linear motors stage are lower in height, lighter in weight and stronger in rigidity. It can be used as beams for gantry robots, lightening the load on multi-axis combined robots. It will also be combined into a high-precision linear motor motion stage, such as double XY bridge stage, double drive gantry stage, air floating stage. These linear motion stage will also be used in lithography machines, panel handling, testing machines, PCB drilling machines, high-precision laser processing equipment, gene sequencers, brain cell imagers and other medical equipment.

At the same time, since there is no transmission error caused by the mechanical transmission structure, with the linear position feedback scale (such as grating ruler, magnetic grating ruler), the LNP series linear motor can achieve micron-level positioning accuracy, and the repeated positioning accuracy can reach ±1um.

(More details: https://www.tparobot.com/lnp-series-modules-with-iron-core-product/)

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