Magnetic solutions for electric transportation

Arnold Magnetics September 15, 2023

Arnold Magnetic Technologies Corporation, a subsidiary of Compass Diversified and manufacturer of high-performance magnets highlights its design optimization and manufacturing capabilities for electric motors and their applications. Arnold presents customers with answers to electric transportation’s most pressing design and manufacturing challenges. One of which is electrical motors’ high-power density challenge.

Electric motors for traction drive motors typically demand higher power densities than regular induction motors used in the industrial market. This leads transportation motor designers to use a permanent magnet based topology. Permanent magnet electric motors rely on rare earth metals to generate that power. The availability of these materials relies on uninterrupted supply chains in a select few parts of the world. Arnold’s permanent magnets include RECOMA 35E—the world’s most power-dense Samarium Cobalt magnet. It is specifically created for the most demanding environments, including high speed (100,000 RPM+), high temperature (above 200°C), and highly corrosive environments, as needed in the aerospace, motorsports and industrial sectors.

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