September 13, 2022

The MX-System from Beckhoff is a flexible, space-saving and intelligent automation hardware system that can completely replace conventional control cabinets, creating entirely new levels of efficiency in plant automation. Control system installation processes that normally took 24 hours or more can now be completed in just one hour. As a modular control cabinet replacement that can also be decentralized on the machine if required, the MX-System saves engineering, assembly, installation and maintenance efforts. This promotes highly efficient processes for the manufacturers and operators of machines and systems – from the planning, setup and installation of the MX-System through to the maintenance of MX-System-equipped machines. The basic concept of the MX-System is to standardize the electrical and mechanical interfaces for all electronic and electromechanical components. This novel approach results in two interfaces: The data interface integrates each functional module into an EtherCAT network and supplies it simultaneously with 24 V DC and, if necessary, also with 48 V DC.A second interface has been defined as standard for the low-voltage range. These interfaces distribute the mains voltage of up to 480 V AC and a DC voltage of up to 600 V for the drive system. This standardization means all functionality traditionally found in a control cabinet can be mapped in a backplane system.

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