Netilion Water Networks Insights

Endress+Hauser February 22, 2022

The innovative, cloud-based monitoring solution from Endress+Hauser paves the way to comprehensive optimization and automation for water networks—from anywhere at any time.Heartbeat Technology provides safety in custody transferIn water custody transfer, infinitesimal inaccuracies in flow measurement can create significant billing discrepancies. Although frequent testing can reduce the occurrence of these errors, it historically required removing flowmeters from service for testing and calibration. Frequent removal is often impractical, particularly on large water pipelines over a few feet in diameter. Addressing this challenge, Endress+Hauser’s integrated Heartbeat Technology testing functionality provides verification of flow meter measurements with the push of a button. Users can view these automatically generated verification records in NWNI. NWNI provides systemwide visualization and recordkeeping, improving regulatory, reporting, and custody transfer accuracy. These tools help water agencies streamline operations, improve decision-making, and increase revenue streams.

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