Softbrains May 31, 2022

PlantWorx is cloud-based software designed to significantly reduce Instrumentation Engineers time by over 60% (in comparison to not using automated tools) while managing changes instantly across all design documents. A user populates PlantWorx database with the devices in the P&I Diagrams and wires it up to the Controller IO modules through Junction Box and Marshalling racks if used. The User has options to select if Junction Box and Marshalling racks are required in the Project. All Instrumentation drawings – Instrument Index, Junction Box Schedule, Junction Box Consolidated, Cable Diagrams, Loop Diagrams, Terminal Diagrams for Junction Box, Marshalling Rack and Control Panels, PLC/DCS Input-Output list, and Data / Specification Sheets are produced instantly. Typically for a 500 instrument project, all these drawings are produced in just few minutes. PlantWorx follows ISA standards for device nomenclature. Features include Automatic Device tags, Cable tags, CGS and MKS measurements systems, initialization of process parameters based on process areas/loops, 4 User Defined Fields for Instrument Index, Client Customized templates for Loop Diagrams and Data Sheets, over 100 Inbuilt Data Sheets similar to ISA format. Outputs in Excel/PDF format.

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