Position sensors with 400° temperature range

NewTek Sensor Solutions November 15, 2023

NewTek Sensor Solutions offers several LVDTs with an extended 400°F temperature range for use in applications where temperature spikes are possible. The high-temp, AC-operated position transducers ensure reliable position measurement without failure in applications with fluctuating temperatures where standard-temperature sensors can fail, due to deteriorating insulation and intermittent connections.

For example, standard-temperature position sensors used on steam valves may unexpectedly fail when the valve is in motion due to temperature spikes caused by steam leaks. Failures also can result from hot gas outbursts or temporary exposure to opened furnace doors. Replacing these standard units with a higher temperature LVDT stops failures, eliminates bad readouts and reduces downtime associated with maintenance. Industries often specify high-temp LVDT position sensors for displacement measurement as insurance against units failing due to unexpected temperature spikes, which can be very common in industrial settings.

The construction of a high-temp AC-LVDT also offers greater temperature flexibility in displacement measurement than other position sensing technologies such as potentiometers and magnetostrictive sensors.  Potentiometers rely on mechanical contact to provide position feedback, so components can wear and be affected by heat, making them noisier and less reliable over time.

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