Quik-Cal™ LVDT Signal Conditioner Sets a New Standard in Reliability and Ease-of-Use as Part of Signal Processing System

NewTek Sensor Solutions January 3, 2023

NewTek Sensor Solutions offers the most advanced and user-friendly signal conditioner that pairs with AC-operated linear and rotary position sensor to deliver reliable feedback in DC voltage, current and digital outputs for use in factory automation, materials testing, packaging, and dimensional gaging applications.


Offering an intuitive set-up of AC-operated LVDTs and RVDTs in process control systems, the signal conditioner features LED front panel null indicators and push buttons to set zero and full-scale output positions. With simple setup instructions printed on the unit’s label and color-coded removable terminal blocks, the NTC-6000 is configurable in just minutes even by non-technical personnel. Units offer automatic excitation synchronization for multiple unit systems.


The smart NTC-6000 Signal Conditioner diagnoses and indicates LVDT failures, disconnects or short circuits for fast resolution of problems. Cybersecurity lockout and tamper detection ensures its safekeeping in locations without supervision.


The LVDT signal conditioner incorporates a two-wire RS-485 digital communications port and offers hot swapability so setup can be saved and reloaded via the RS-485 port. Digital outputs can include CAN Bus, Modbus, RS-485, and more.


Units are ideal for use with AC-operated linear and rotary position sensors in harsh environments including high pressure, extreme temperature and radiation. A ratiometric version measures the difference of the output over the s

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